23 Sexiest Celebrities With Ugly Significant Others

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Photo credit: Prphotos

9. Pierce Brosnan & Keely Shaye Smith

James Bond should be able to get any woman he wants, but the 60-year-old is sticking with his overweight wife, Keely Shaye Smith.

The couple met in 1994 when she interviewed him for Entertainment Tonight at a charity benefit.

Despite the fact that Brosnan had pledged that he would not marry again after losing his first wife to ovarian cancer, the pair tied the knot in 2001.

However, it wasn’t as easy trip down the aisle. The couple, who already had two children together, postponed their wedding three times, citing his career, his son’s devastating car accident and her second pregnancy as reasons. When the wedding finally happened it was an exquisite affair at a 13th century Catholic Church in Ireland.

Though she was thin and lean when they started dating, Keely has long struggled with her weight, ballooning over the years. In fact, 007 needed to introduce more intensive workouts into his own routine to balance out her influence on his eating habits.

Brosnan, who is still healing from the devastating loss of his adopted daughter to ovarian cancer last year, has been spotted out and about lately riding bikes and relaxing on the beach with his less-than-glamorous wife and is very vocal about how much he loves her.

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  1. Apparently, only outward beauty counts, huh? What a shallow, UGLY article. Time to find a new line of work if this is the best you can do.

  2. Odd article. In a number of cases neither one in the couple was ugly. In other cases they were both ugly, and yet in others they identified the wrong one as being ugly. Bottom line is someday if they live long enough they’ll all be ugly from the dreaded geriatric syndrome so this article is a moot point.

  3. This is the meanest story that I have ever seen. I looked at each couple and over half of them I could not figure out who YOU think was the “UGLY” one was. I would love to see a picture of the writer of this article to see how ugly they are on the outside. Of course, we ALL know how ugly this person is on the INSIDE.

  4. Tori Spelling and Sara Jessica Parker are the attractive ones in their relationships? Someone needs their eyes checked. BTW: Pierce Brosnan’s wife is NOT ugly; she’s just heavy-set. I find THAT to be offensive.

  5. What a piece of trash article.. it may be fashionable these days for people to go around and bully and call names on facebook and other stupid media but this is just down right disrespectful and shows where we are headed as a society..which is no where…must we sink even further beyond the abyss.

  6. This article is so mean…I can’t imagine how it would feel to be the spouse of one of these people and see an article like this…amazing

  7. Hah. I was about to rant about how inappropriate this article is. Guess I don’t need to add to it. Some faith has been restored in my fellow humans.

  8. Seriously! This is not okay. People can go on all they want about freedom of speech, but people have the RIGHT TO BE RESPECTED! This article was shallow and disrespectful and that my friend is ‘ugly’.

  9. Are you kidding me> Sarah Jessica Parker has to be one of the most unattractive women I’ve ever seen! Please people! So far, none of the people you’ve portrayed in this are what anyone would call UGLY!!!!! Really???? You want to see some UGLY people? You should come to my neighborhood and see some of the “Butt Ugly” people around here. They’re not only ugly on the outside but on the inside too!

  10. First thing that came to mind before I even saw the pics is the wording. These people are not ‘ugly’. This standard of “the beautiful people” is awful.
    And guess what Mr. Author…without their money for plastic surgery et al, these stars would be on your ugly list too. THEY know the true meaning of love and beauty.
    You need to watch Twilight Zone Season 2, Episode 6.

  11. This is ridiculous. Has the writer ever considered the fact that some people find inner beauty much more appealing?

  12. I suspect none of the “beautiful” halves of these couples would consider their counterparts ugly. I am far from beautiful, but my husband thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world (after Jennifer Aniston, of course). This author is a “bully”

  13. SJP and that chick from 90210 are by far the ugly ones not their husbands… who the hell besides women find either of those two beautiful… not even at last call… been disgusted by SJP since way before sex and the city. couldnt look any more like a witch if she tried, and tori spelling even as a kid i was disgusted by her big googly eyes and always hated that she was on 90210 just because her dad was the exec. she did not fit in at all let alone would be one of the big love interests of all the guys. yeah right!!!

  14. I think Keely Shaye Smith is beautiful! What the hell is wrong with this evil writer? I just bet whoever he or she is, is so shallow that they have to try to pick these people apart to make themselves feel better, or maybe just to stir up a controversy! Ignorant people like this think that no one is good enough for themselves. They would themselves only be caught dead with someone they thought was gorgeous. So that they might look better. Who is this writer anyway?

  15. As for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, to me he is the better looking one physically. I always thought he was adorable. And Parker didn’t pass on her “good looks” to her children. They are all adopted!

  16. My girlfriend’s very attractive… and I look like I ran the 40 yard dash in a 50 yard gym.
    Thank goodness I’m not famous, or else I would have wound up in this article.

  17. Omg these people are soooo ugly! I bet half of the people in the comments who are attacking the author for being shallow are only doing that because they are ugly too! Don’t worry ugly commenters, apparently there are dumb celebraties out there who may still marry you!

  18. I think she is beautiful! It is great to see a celebrity with real love for his spouse rather than a shallow superficial fling with whoever catches his eye for the week.

  19. Not a big deal, they see something more important than just looks. The world is made up of all kinds of people, they don’t need to be all “beautiful people”.

  20. Pierce Branson seems like a man that is as beautiful on the inside as outside. His wife was thinner, younger etc. when they married. Through the years, having children, tragedy and constant pics showing her weight & how could he love her overweight? You should all be ashamed! When you truly love someone naturally they aren’t going to stay the same as their wedding pictures. However in loves eyes they never change. It’s hurtful to say the mean things about her weight. All of the other couples who decides who is beautiful or handsome enough? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since until science changes this fact we ALL age. Nobody keeps the body of a 20 year old at 50. Hopefully when you all marry it isn’t for something as shallow as looks! Maybe Mr. Branson actually does love his wife at her current weight as much as when she was thinner. Give them a break. William H. Macy is a hellofa handsome man.

  21. These people aren’t even ugly, they have unattractive features, but don’t we all. Like James Bond’s wife, who is simply overweight. Are you kidding she is a nice looking woman. And how dare they call out Lorde’s boyfriend because he’s asian. Lorde is pretty unattractive herself. Gosh people we are all ugly to someone!

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