23 Sexiest Celebrities With Ugly Significant Others

 Photo credit:  / Prphotos

Photo credit: Prphotos

9. Pierce Brosnan & Keely Shaye Smith

James Bond should be able to get any woman he wants, but the 60-year-old is sticking with his overweight wife, Keely Shaye Smith.

The couple met in 1994 when she interviewed him for Entertainment Tonight at a charity benefit.

Despite the fact that Brosnan had pledged that he would not marry again after losing his first wife to ovarian cancer, the pair tied the knot in 2001.

However, it wasn’t as easy trip down the aisle. The couple, who already had two children together, postponed their wedding three times, citing his career, his son’s devastating car accident and her second pregnancy as reasons. When the wedding finally happened it was an exquisite affair at a 13th century Catholic Church in Ireland.

Though she was thin and lean when they started dating, Keely has long struggled with her weight, ballooning over the years. In fact, 007 needed to introduce more intensive workouts into his own routine to balance out her influence on his eating habits.

Brosnan, who is still healing from the devastating loss of his adopted daughter to ovarian cancer last year, has been spotted out and about lately riding bikes and relaxing on the beach with his less-than-glamorous wife and is very vocal about how much he loves her.

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  • foolproof

    How mean, Keely Shaye Smith is very pretty, just overweight. Her husband clearly adores her. And Clive Owen’s wife is quite pretty. Just mean, this story is…

    • BoilerFan

      I agree. It’s a very “mean” story. Just goes to show how superficial people can be, especially in the entertainment industry. Physical beauty ultimately fades. At that point, a relationship based primarily if not exclusively on that outward beauty is almost certainly doomed to fail. Relationships based on more than just the physical characteristics of the couple–personality, intellect, shared interests, etc.–are much more likely to succeed over the long term. Somebody needs to remember to take their “nice pills” tomorrow morning.

  • dialogue1

    You got it wrong with Tori and Dean. He’s better looking than her. I wouldn’t say that Tori is beautiful even after her plastic surgeries. She was/is the bigger star but not the better looking one.

    • kikojones

      You are too kind: the last time Spelling went to the doctor the proctologist put his finger in her mouth.

      • joy karen

        what do YOU know about the word, “kind”; clearly YOU are way too beautiful to ever be kind………

        • kikojones

          I know that I would never call her out on being unattractive if it weren’t for the fact that folks in the media keep incessantly calling her beautiful when she’s almost painfully ugly.
          As for me, I’m an ugly mofo, but unlike Spelling no one is blindly and constantly saying otherwise about me in the press all the time.

          In other words, you won’t see me picking on unattractive celebrities unless I’m being bombarded with quotes about how beautiful they are when even Stevie Wonder can see they’re not.

          • Rose!

            Make me laugh. Poor little rich girl.

      • Barry

        joke only, cause I think Tori is a good person and good looking woman too: ,,, When she was born, Dr slapped both ends and said, “Siamese Twins”.

        • Dave Algonquin

          Tori is anything but a good person.

        • Wemustdobetter

          tori is a homewrecker

      • susanjlamia

        rotten mean comment.

  • dialogue1

    Wrong again concerning SJP and Matthew Broderick. She does NOT look better than him.

    • Marcello Costarica

      I thought it was the other way around, she’s so ugly she got hit not with the ugly stick but the ugly telephone pole !!!!

      • joy karen

        judging from your above post, your mother must be devastatingly beautiful, so must all your sisters be beauty contest winners, and your children must certainly be models as they are probably the most beautiful children anywhere. you are certainly very lucky.

      • Dan A

        It looks like SJP was on top of the ugly tree, fell off and hit every branch on her way down!

        • susanjlamia

          mean mean mean.

        • Johnny Utah

          then she hit the ground and galloped away…..

    • zombietech

      South Park got it right when they referred to her as a “Transvestite donkey witch”

      • joy karen

        yet, SJP always speaks so well of YOU………….

        • Becca Phillips

          Stop trying so hard.

    • Tanya Hellard-Cruz

      SJP looks like a horse.

      • joy karen

        and YOU look like a ……?……..

      • Johnny Utah

        seriously. I thought Matthew Broderick was taking publicity shots at the track 😉
        didn’t know he was married, whenever I saw pictures of him & his wife, I just thought he had a gambling problem.

      • yesnomaybe

        Tanya Hellard-Cruz
        It’s amazing to me that you would make such a cruel comment about another person’s appearance – and your image of choice is of a child. Quite an interesting paradox.

        • Candice

          No matter what, everyone is going to have their own opinions on how people look. They may not be the same as yours, but I don’t see how someone using a child as their image is “an interesting paradox.” They could be using their child/grandchild’s pic because they love them and are so happy to have them. That’s not interesting or a paradox…it’s normal. Many people use their children or grandchildren as profile pics.

          • yesnomaybe

            That may be, but I wouldn’t use a child’s pic if I’m putting negative energy out there. Images matter, or we wouldn’t be talking about people’s looks on this website. If my daughter’s pic is showing, there will be a positive comment attached to it. If I want to say something negative, I will have a separate profile with a different pic. Just saying…

      • Lauren

        😉 I THINK I get the irony and sarcasm here. Clearly some repliers took you quite seriously, but my first impulse upon reading was that you were not — simply taking to task the person(s) who posted this in the first place. I could be wrong.

    • The Chocolate Chips

      I thought that one was rather strange … (the Tori Spelling one seems a bit off too, eh?)

      but really the whole thing is just terrible. makes one glad not to be a celebrity.

      • B. F. G-M

        Tori Spelling great looking!!! Her dad bought here a place on 90210.

      • Becca Phillips

        Agreed. Quite a jaw on that one lol but overall I agree, this constant defamation of celebrities who have “ugly” spouses or kid stars who grew up “ugly” is just a reflection of our superficial society.

    • B. F. G-M

      SJP is not glamorous, Hollywood chooses their likes and pushes them onto us.

      • dialogue1

        That’s exactly what they do. This is why some stars are overrated while others are underrated.

    • Keren Jeanne


    • etonni

      I think this article is garbage, but I agree, I never thought of SJP as visibly attractive. She wears clothes well, has wonderful confidence, is talented and appears to have a great spirit about her. I guess that makes her beautiful.

      • Had2Respond

        Yes exactly… I see her aura…She is not classically pretty but I find her attractive and girly when I watch sex & the city… I remember my boyfriend at the time having a conniption about her being so ugly and in a show titled with sex in it so it pique my curiosity all those years ago and I became a fan. BTW, she has one of the best bods in Hollywood ever!

    • Becca Phillips

      Thank you! XD

  • VoiceofReason

    Vicious, petty, and mean.

  • Madonna clark

    Maybe his wedding vows mean something to him.And his wife weight don’t.Who people love marry and chose to stay with.After the babies come out and the weight stays on.Is their personal choice.His wife is beautiful and he beautiful.for showing the world.They are a couple despite What others think.Every woman is not a size 2.And I am glad.She is comfortable with the skin she is in. And every man don’t trade his wife in.For a new model like a car or put her down like a dog.Because People think she can’t hunt no more.Fake people live fake lives.They are keeping it real.And my prayers are with them for the loss of his daughter.

    • Orpheus75


    • Megan Hussey

      Keely Shay isn’t glamorous, huh? Gorgeous hair=check. Impeccable fashion sense=check. Glorious eyes and skin and she’s way past 25-check. Intelligence, kindness and social consciousness=check. Hottest husband ever, in every way=check. Sounds pretty glamorous to me.

  • Marcello Costarica

    Are you kidding me ? Sarah J Parker has the ugliest horse face of any woman I ever saw, the only two uglier women in the world are Whoopie Goldberg and the actress who played the wicked witch on wizard of oz, Mr. Ed looks prettier than Parker !!!

    • Stacey Noel

      Must be a Christian.

      • Keren Jeanne


    • joy karen

      but what does your GIRLFRIEND think?

  • debtiffany

    Wow, I’d like to see the family of the person writing this story. They must be perfect!

  • Mom2Kids

    The only thing ugly here is the spirit of the author. 😛 Most people are not so shallow.

    • Sylvia Jordan

      I totally agree. I don’t see a picture of you up here, so we can make the judgement call on your appearance. How mean and shallow.

      • Nancy Webb Mullins

        Ok .I am looking at the photos and all of the sudden I realize I am wondering which one is the ugly one ..Terrible for people to decide who is ugly and who isn’t for whatever reason ..Thank God that everyone is different and are all still beautiful.

        • Leilani Garrett

          Great response!! Thanks for the sanity.

        • Dee Eades

          yea. They are not ugly people it’s those who judge them and call them ugly who are the true ugly people.

          • Beatrix Muircastle

            and even if they were its not our job to say anything.

          • Mickus

            Sad little kiddie comeback

          • lakotahope

            Yeah, I guess Frankenstein is considered wonderfully posed and very handsome…But, Good doesn’t exist without evil and Beauty doesn’t exist with ‘ugly’. All perceptions are legitimate and allowed under the law of subjectivity…..

          • PJ

            lol…it’s like your whole comment belongs on the grounds of a kindergarten class at recess time.

          • lakotahope

            I had to keep it sublimely simple….Just so All would come away with a hint of sarcastic understanding

          • Marna McAlexander

            How very second grade of you.

          • Magpie12972

            And, once again, as has been stated, everything is subjective…. dependent on the person talking… if we didn’t have an opinion, there wouldn’t be a need for all the meetings, gatherings of the minds, legislators, republicans, democrats… you get my point, right! Everyone has an opinion and everything needs to be discussed before a decision can be made…. you get my point, right!

          • BluePotion

            lakotahope it is still cruel whether that is true or not.

          • Dee

            lakotahope, you’re a moron. Frankenstein was the scientist, not the monster. Maybe try to keep it factual as well as simple.

          • Canada Rules

            Dee is correct he was called Frankenstein’s Monster.

          • lsbrew

            except in the case of Sara Jessica Parker.

          • Terri

            Shame on you…what makes you think you’re sooo goodlooking….JERK

          • Terri

            Didn’t know there were exceptions in “STUPIDITY” Isbrew….You should be ashamed of yourself..what makes you think you’re so goodlooking?? Take a good look in the mirror..You will find a MORON staring back

          • chris

            And Tori Spelling, who could only get a role because her dad put her in his films or productions

          • karyn

            I remember when Matthew Broderick was the better looking of the two. She has aged gracefully.

          • Cate

            Amen. She has always been ugly.

          • Mike Currid

            Stop hating.

          • Magpie12972

            You mean green is in this week… green with envy that is….

          • GetRealOrGetLost

            So absolutely true. Only the shallow don’t “get” that this is NOT just an opinion.

        • Joyce Hall

          Nancy, I do so agree with you.

        • pamela pate

          i agree i was wondering who is the ugly one also

        • Debrah2002

          Same here. Several times I was taken by surprise by the writer’s choice of which was which. And thank God there are stars out there who can still see true beauty, in spite of their immersion in the celebrity culture.

        • SonyaIlli_

          Well said Nancy….was wondering exactly the same thing…are these people for real???? Who are they to judge on the appearance of others….beauty itself is very subjective and this author is beyond stupid and shallow..he or she is just plain disgusting!!!

        • Melanie Adams

          i felt the exact same way! there were several couples on this list that did not have an ugly person in it! and a couple of the women who were considered the “ugly” one were just overweight as far as i could tell. this article is pretty disgusting, but i must say, i did pick this article out of several, that i could have read. it would be hypocritical of me to condemn this as shallow since i did want to see who was on the list. lol celebrity gossip is a guilty pleasure for me and sometimes i get pretty disgusted with myself and this whole arena. but most of the time it’s just plain entertaining! lol

        • Magpie12972

          omg… that is exactly what I said… until I read the article under the pictures, I didn’t know which one they were talking about…. thank you.

        • Tamar Stanford

          I had that same experience….I could not see an ugly person at all

      • Mom2Kids

        Why does it matter what I look like? My worth as a human being is not determined by my outward appearance. This is why I teach my children it’s more important to be sweet than beautiful. It’s refreshing to see the “beautiful” people look past what this author calls “ugly” to see their mates for who they are on the inside.

        • Lauren

          Yes! Thank you.

        • Lioness Rochon

          @Mom2Kids, @Frank Castle—I think Sylvia Jordan was talking about the author, not Mom2Kids. At least I hope so. I only clicked on this article to berate the author for being so hateful & encouraging others to be hurtful & superficial. Thank God my Husband of 20 years didn’t leave me when I was diagnosed w/a brain tumor & put on 60 pounds due to the medications I had to take. (Thank God that now, 3 years later, the tumor is benign, I’m off the meds, & although I still have weight to lose, I at least look like myself again.)

          • ali

            I bet your husband thinks you are more beautiful than ever, and i also bet he’s right!!:)

          • Carla Stutte-Barreiro

            I am glad you are better and I hope you stay in remission. You are an example to us all

      • Frank Castle

        My, JUDGMENTAL aren’t we!

      • Mickus

        He doesn’t force himself on tv and into ppls minds either…….. So they can take a bit of crap because we do every time we have to hear about the wankers

      • Cate

        Judgment does not have an “e” after the g.

    • moose17

      DITTO ! How DISGUSTINLY shallow this culture is.

      • hookemowls

        And it keeps getting shallower….

    • Charlotte Egbers

      I like the way you said that!

      • susanjlamia

        me too.

    • April Briqueleur

      I totally agree [email protected]:disqus . I couldn’t find the name of the writer any where which I find strange. There was not one ugly person in this article except for the author. I hope they (the author) is taking note of what people think about this hateful article.

      • Lauren

        I tried to vet the website, and really was not able to find a review or rating — so I suspect that Celebromance.com is much like The National Enquirer — yellow journalism at its very best.

      • Mike Currid

        I suspect she is more interested in the traffic it is receivng than the depth and content of the comments.

      • EzJ

        Sarah Jessica Parker has a horse face. But she is thin so she is automatically beautiful. Ewh.

      • nick

        Sarah Jessica Parker and Tori Spelling are ass ugly.

        • Cate


    • Joy Roderick

      I so agree, who is this person to say who is ugly and who is not. I notice no picture of the author, as some columnists do, Whats the matter, afraid to come into the light? I am so sick of people being judgemental. Facebook is full of posts of all kinds of people being bullied, ridiculed, ostracized, beaten and even killed sometimes because they do not fit the “norm form”.

      • Mike Currid

        You do realize your post is ridiculing the author, right? . . . . “Whats the matter, afraid to come into the light?”. . . . . Sometimes we get so wrapped up in telling others how wrong it is to hate, we use hate as a way to get that point across. Funny to read sometimes.

        • EzJ

          Having an opinion is not “hate”. You can be disgusted without hating a person. You hate the act.

    • leslie malino

      Totally agree, Hollywood standards blow.

    • LBH


    • paul fredine

      i wholeheartedly agree. who made this person the judge of beauty? what gives them the right? let’s see your picture so we can vote on your looks, you shallow and pathetic person!

    • Leona


    • Mary D. Carnes

      Absolutely agree. These mates are not “ugly” and a good bit of the “beautiful” people I might not agree with either. Regardless, I’m sure they fell in love with more than how the other looked.

      • ATH78

        This woman is drop dead gorgeous. Any human being that discerns so freely should spend more time in the real world.

        Deborah lee Furness helped raise one of AUSTRALIA’S GREATest SUPER stars.

        ML Uluru78

    • zomama66

      So true

    • TLF

      I agree.. I did not even view the article. I only logged in long enough
      to share my disapproval of such a tasteless subject matter.

      • Lauren

        I agree that the subject matter is tasteless. But, one never knows what tack an author might take until one reads — I’d suggest knowing well what you disagree with.

        • uptellDawn

          The title of the article is hateful enough. No need to read any further. It’s trash. Kudos to Lauren for speaking her mind!

    • nobossesforlife

      I was thinking the exact same thing!! Who is this person to call anyone “ugly”!!

    • angie


    • Lauren

      Agreed with first part of your statement. But, insofar as I can tell today, the author is reflecting a general interest/judgment from society — so I have to disagree with the latter part of your statement. People ARE that shallow. I am SO happy we have believably happy couples who show us that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” — and beauty comes in many forms, not all of them physical.

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      Here here besides everyone likes fine to me so its hard to tell who is the pretty one.
      maybe the author isn’t really this shallow and is conducting an experiment in human behavior. testing us to see if we are the shallow ones.

    • gabrielle gibson


      • Kory Page

        No, I disagree. Nice looking Girls can make my toes CURL!
        But an average women, I can do once, may ten times, then…. I’d rather get out my fleshlight! Some of it is definitely personality. But I live in Los Angeles, CA. And these bitches think I owe them…??? I can get really deep here so, Any bitches want opt confront what I have said??? Lets get it on???
        Waiting to hear how you are the victim…… LMASO!

    • Seamoremonster

      Well said…there are tea spoons with more depth.

    • Judith K. Claire

      If you have read the book, The Ugly American…this is an example of trash talk!

    • Trish Chasity


    • femmenoir

      Amen. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • RescueRob

      your the one who clicked on this so I guess your an ugly spirit as well. Don’t click to see it and pretend you’re better than that. Hypocrite.

    • Virginia Filip

      I agree with your comment. How sad is this article? “Ugly significant others”? Wow. What about who they are, what they do, how they treat their partner & other people around them? This author is clearly talking about the physical appearance of someone, which, quite frankly, doesn’t make someone beautiful in my eyes. I’ve met & have known quite a few “beautiful” people who, after finding out what they’re like “inside” turned into the most ugly people. Shame on this author for spreading such nonsense.

      • smoothshoperator .

        Well said Virginia! His bafflement about how Pierce Brosnon chose to stick with his “ballooning” wife because he loved her really shows the writers true character. Even TMZ has more class than this! As if love can only be given to a person who deserves it with their beauty or handsomeness (which by the way his wife has outer beauty even if she is overweight). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and totally relative anyway. What a piece of garbage article!

        • Kristi Smith

          so well said. Pierce’s wife is beautiful ,losing weight could add to her beauty but then again sometimes loosing weight takes away that outside beauty. In the Bible Corinthians 13 4-8 (Love is patient love is kind It does not envy it does not boast it is not proud It is not rude it is not self seeking it is not easily angered it keeps no record of wrongs )To me Pierce and some of these other celebs are truly in Love and I would say the author has no concept of the word love. Ugly is a cruel word!!

        • Virginia Filip

          It’s SO great to read & see that there are so many people out there, like yourself, who share the kind of outrage & disgust for this type of article and point of view as I do. Thanks for the response 🙂

    • Brohdaw

      I hate that when I come in to say something and someone has already said it…”The only ugly person here is the person who put this article together” — would love to know who/what makes them the Guru of pretty vs. ugly…beauty is more than just a look

    • saschasolange .

      right. how hideous of the author to even come up with such a piece.
      she’ s a beautiful woman. he’s supposed to have stopped loving her because she’s not typical Hollywood thin? what have we come to?!

    • Handy Man

      Agree 100%

    • Aster Lund

      Mom2Kids, you took the words out of my mouth. I couldn’t agree more.

    • oldag22

      I agree, all of these people are happy and in love, nothing else matters.

    • andresthegiant

      Everyone is so shallow. Just because they pretend they aren’t, doesn’t mean they are.

    • Pompalimp

      why the hell did you look at the article then you hypocrite? Same to you moose17 if you’re not shallow then why read this. its one thing learning to say the ‘right’ thing in some sad popularist groupspeak, its clearly another to live by those words.

    • Kona Koffee

      If everyone walked around with a bubble over their head containing an
      “Inner Beauty” rating, it might serve to crush the “Halo Effect”
      encountered in this enlightened age. Who they are, versus what they look
      like, would no doubt color your opinion differently. It’s sad that
      authors are asked to churn out pieces of this caliber in order to make a
      living, and sites require this type of material to keep an audience.

    • Gregory Mead

      Funny, that’s exactly what I was going to say. Kudos.

    • M Watkins

      Correct. Beauty is only skin deep but ugly is to the bone.

    • Cindy Biggs

      Oh I agree!

    • taking leek

      110% right. I would love to see a picture of the so called author of this blog? Would their significant partner be the ugly one or the former? Me thinks the troll who wrote this and probably single! LOL

    • bertye brown

      I agree. I wonder how many people really miss out on wonderful relationships because they use something as shallow as looks to measure a person’s character and personality. Will we ever move beyond the superficial?

    • wastingtime 773

      and most people who agree with you will flip through all of the pictures to see the “ugly” significant other.

    • Connie Savino

      Amen to that Mom2Kids..

    • Susanne Moore

      absolutely agree with you! What a disgusting piece of judgemental crap this is

    • Elonna R

      I clicked on the article because I couldn’t believe somebody was calling Pierce Brosnan’s wife “ugly”. Why? Because she’s over weight! Obviously, she’s far from ugly. Ditto for the majority of other so-called “ugly” celebs listed. Dax Shepherd, Debora Lee Furness “ugly”? I don’t think so. Being taller (and sorta geeky) don’t make one ugly. Neither do being older (and female). The author is attacking people for all the wrong reasons. Pathetic. Some spouses listed have ugly attitudes (Dean McDermott), but so does the author of this article!

    • GetRealOrGetLost

      The ONLY reason I clicked on this headline was to convey my disgust and view of the incredibly shallow, immature, unprofessional, offensive, needlessly insulting, hurtful toward others, and, frankly, an author or editor being too stupid and/or empty as a human being to write OR PUBLISH such absolute [email protected] Anyone who reads my posts knows I’m definitely not into political correctness or any such “issues”. But this story is the kind of media filth that makes lots of people–especially young people, such as teens and “kids” in their 20s–self-conscious, self-critical, and feeling badly about themselves.

      The real message, actually, of the subject picked here is, “Hey, look: even really glamorous people see that there is something far more important in how one looks at other human beings, and that there are obviously some big deal qualities other than looks that would get Beyonce or Pierce hanging out with someone this shallow author arrogantly thinks he/she has the right to judge for their looks or their value, accordingly, as a partner.

      Hey, author: if anything ever happens to you–injury or disease–where your face gets scarred or deformed in any manner, expect lots of the world being like you are now, and as a result, with their actions and facial expressions will clearly say to you every day of your life: “Hey! Hey, you–the author of this article! Yeah, you. You’re Ugly!!! You don’t belong among people who aren’t as ugly as you. So go away! We mock people like you, and think it’s a joke if anyone non-ugly recognizes your value as a human being. Why, there are even photo-spread articles of such “ugliness” by people with even uglier minds that newsfeeds like msn PROUDLY display.”

      Why not post your name in a by-line so that you can feel what it’s like for people to personally point out your ugliness?

    • nanasokie

      I do not believe he or she has a spirit.

    • SUn S

      I agree.

  • Orpheus75

    what a rotten article. Making it sound like these people have something wrong with them for the loves of their lives. And the line, “James Bond should be able to get any woman he wants, but the 60-year-old is sticking with his overweight wife”. Shame on you for belittling them both. He (and the rest of them) are with those they love. Not those that give them the tingles for the first few months, then discard them like trash because they gained weight, or lost that honeymoon high, or whatever.

    • Tina Shontz

      And he DID get “anyone he wants” — his wife! 🙂

      • Orpheus75

        You got it!!!!

      • Shirley

        good answer tina

      • Keren Jeanne


    • Bitsy

      Right, and it is nice to know that if one gains a pound or two or a wrinkle or two that their spouse will still love them as much as the day they married them. Now that’s what true love is all about.

      • Clarice Bassett Richter

        “I so agree, this author is some ‘jerk’ that thinks beauty is skin deep….

    • laurelannb

      Right? Why is she not “glamorous”, simply because she’s not a size 4?

      • msbarbw

        she’s a beautiful person. perfect for him. she was there when he needed her, and still is.

    • Ginny D

      Exactly! And all the mates here are fabulous. Maybe the writer (whose name is unknown) just wanted to create some feedback. Slow day, huh?

    • BritishMetal

      Totally agree! What a mean-spirited POS, unnecessary article this is!

      • zomama66

        So sad, isnt it? Its discouraging to know there are people in professional journalist positions who are ridiculous enough to post articles like this. Sadder even is young people are learning from them.

        • Lauren

          Not the least bit clear that this is a professional journalist, or reliable publishing source — did you find that? I could not, so if you did, please point me in right direction!

    • Deborah Allen

      I totally agree…beauty is in the eye of the beholder…not everyone has the same monotonous view of beautiful women in Hollywood

    • Lauren

      Great example of the poor “journalism” here — I don’t think it can even qualify as journalism truly. There are other equally silly phrases like: “this mis-matched couple” — when it’s clear they are VERY matched in terms of interests, passions, values. I applaud Mr. Brosnan and Ms. Smith — yay for you! Because, you recognize what marriage is TRULY about! I applaud all of the other couples represented here as well. You have found what it means to share one’s life with another — and it ain’t about being the same on someone’s arbitrary physical scale! How hard it must be to have your relationship help up to such ridiculous standards, and set out there for the world to see — so BRAVO!

    • Pauline Evans

      He’s not exactly sylph-like himself is he.

  • Bri

    some of these are backwards. LOL

  • fgbrunner3

    This article is in bad taste.

  • GooglyMoogly

    Could it be because these spouses love each other and look beyond the exterior? The author of this ‘article’ is a vapid twit.

    • sassandahalf

      Hotness and looks do not have any bearing on solving the big problems in life. When a couple is together for a long time there will be problems, tragedies, growing apart. Looks are useless,

  • Deb

    Are any of these people ugly No…How about the journalist writing this article very much so…

  • Rob Bruns

    I like how this POS author wont print their name on this garbage article. This is a prime example of bulls#$t media filling our children’s heads with lies about what’s beautiful. I hope one of these people sue for slander and put an end to this bullying once and for all. F$%^ OFF Celebrity romance!!!

    • Chuck Scarborough

      This is not bullying. I wish people would stop misusing that word.

      • hope0223

        Sorrry, saying someone is too fat for their own husband is bullying, “he should get anyone he wants”…. he got who he wanted but since she isn’t a size 0 anymore, she must be dismissed and replaced, nevermind that she is his WIFE, his CHOICE and his LOVE…

  • StrawberryWhorecake

    This is disgusting. Fuck society for trying to tell me what is ugly and what isn’t. I don’t think any of these people are ugly. Whoever thought that they had the right to judge someone else’s appearance is ugly inside. It’s not a wonder that most of these are women, like we need to be told AGAIN that we have to look a certain way or we are useless to society.

  • StrawberryWhorecake

    Also, why was this article advertised on the webpage of Bust? That’s just asking to get reamed.

    • ATH78

      The fact that no one has put their name to this article. Makes it apparent that
      editors were involved in the decision making process. Editors grab your credit cards and look after the people who who hade to make this article under duress.

      People who had to cop this cr#p and make this cr#p deserve more respect and TLC!

  • Nancy

    That’s a tough one. We remember her before the kids on “America’s Most Wanted”, People forget there are many reasons one gains weight, pregnancy, health issues, physical pain, good food, not enough activity, stress, pressure from the media being married to a big celebrity…….Good for him loving her through thick and thin! Shows what type of man he truly is! To bad they didn’t make more men with his integrity!

  • Pat Douglass

    Well, Keely Shay isn’t defined by her weight and it doesn’t take away the beauty of this women. Obviously, Mr. Brosnan knows he’s a lucky man.

    • Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid

      Anyone who doesn’t think that woman is gorgeous is a shallow, narrow-minded idiot.

    • alsgal67 .

      You are so right,but i think the amusing part of this story is that I read an article once about how Brosnan hated overweight, thought they were disgusting pigs,etc. I’ve had no respect for him since then.

  • Diane

    This is incredibly cruel and reason enough to not visit this website any longer.

    • Daiseymae


  • Jeffery Stutsman

    if these were kids talking about other kids, they would be rounded up as bullies. But when reporters do it, its just fine? Pathetic really.

    • Megan Cotterill

      That’s a hell of a good point to make. I am not only impressed but in full agreement.

  • Steve Corner

    How is Tori Spelling “attractive,” exactly? Oh HELL no.

  • Steve Graczyk

    I’m sure their spouses would heartily disagree with this writer’s article.

  • astrochicks

    I’ve actually seen Tori Spelling in person at Toi restaurant in LA. She’s one of the few celebrities who’s much more beautiful in person. She has beautiful skin, great hair and is quite pretty in person. She really doesn’t photograph well but in person she’s really very cute. Also, she has a lovely personality…her husband is very hot…

  • Rod Timmons

    Pretty low life way to present people – what scum you all are !

  • Jaybone

    The worst click bait on the net. This site should be ashamed.

    • Rebecca Smith


  • felicia solomita

    I have little love for Hollywood and the spoiled stars but this I find absolutely mean. No one is perfect and we have no right to call anyone ugly.

  • FlyntLoc

    “Beauty” is only skin deep, but the writer of this article is “ugly” to the core.

  • Robert Mills

    Tori and Dean are both ugly

  • Ramona Crinella

    “After loosing his first wife to ovarian cancer” ?????/ Maybe the idiot who wrote this nasty, irrelevant article should stop judging others and start learning the English language.

  • Stephanie Cheryl

    This is just terribly mean-spirited and exactly what is wrong with the world we have our children growing up in. No wonder little girls grow up thinking they aren’t beautiful and boys are growing up to have body image problems now, too. Being a beautiful person is based on so much more than the exterior. Let’s finally act like the evolved people we pretend to be and move forward from such ignorance! <3

  • Bob Delich

    If any one is ugly it’s the people who right such horrible things.

  • Geraldine Carbonell

    Of course you don’t let us know how you are. You are a shallow piece of crap, and very very ugly.

  • Maggie Yates

    wow Kudos to Pierce for being a wonderful person. Loving an overwieght woman is the same as loving a skinny one to me. Thank God my husband stills loves me

  • cindyloo

    This is just an ugly article.

  • Stacey Noel

    Use the author of this story as the ugly baseline.

  • Brenda Jo Rodgers

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find these articles shallow and filled with ads. This is awful.

  • avidreader24

    It’s articles like this that are golden opportunities for a bully in our schools where children are so vulnerable. Shame on the author!

  • bababou

    Horrible article.

  • Geoff Brandt

    What an incredibly mean-spirited article. Celebs actually act normal, marry for love instead of superficial looks and you take issue with it? Shame on you. May we see a photo of the author and his/her significant other so we may all publically judge?

  • Lyric Thompson

    Holy shallowness bat-man.. Beauty fades but ugly is forever.. Notice that some of these couples have been together for years.. That’s probably because they didn’t pick who they were going to spend their lives with based on what they look like but rather who they actually are as people.. Ted Bundy was a good looking guy with a great job.. who also murdered people.. Looks aren’t everything.

    • Shirley

      good one lyric, forgot about how nice looking ted bundy was, there ya go, gotta look deeper

  • George

    This is one of the nastiest articles I’ve ever read. It seems like the author things that it’s OK to call someone ugly if that someone is famous, or married to someone famous.

  • itphhrs

    This is certainly bullying! Why doesn’t the rest of the press expose this site?

  • joeyj

    To think this is a real article. I read that Hugh Jackman’s wife has a really hard time with this stuff (obviously) . People are A-holes. What is really funny is some celebs will say the most innocent things and will be harassed because people are “offended”.. But this is outright insulting people and this article will stay right here where it is anyway.

  • Stuart Buncher

    Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes right to the bone.

  • jerseycity

    Obviously, this author has never been to Walmart.
    She has no concept of what ugly is.

    • FOL

      Walmart is a truer sampling of our actual population; “celebrity-beautiful” humans are far less common. This “article” is despicable and based on a highly unattainable and un-maintainable look, when the norm is no where near the expectation…the fantasy, really. Many attractive celebs feel the pressure to go under the knife just to stay out of the norm, as if there was something wrong with it. Sad.

  • Kristin Marino

    Wow what a nasty and mean-spirited article. I can’t even get through the rest of it. Calling Keely Shaye Smith “ugly” for gaining weight is just about as low as you can go. So mean and hurtful. Are you really so desperate for clicks that you would go at her and these other so-called “ugly” people like this. Even if you wanted to change the title to “odd couples” or something, nothing could be as bad as the “ugly” label. Unbelievably cruel.

  • Eva St. Clair

    Who is doing the judging here? I don’t agree with 99% of the conclusions. Just nasty.

  • Angyl Ricardi

    This is not nice. The Keely Smith one is downright mean. She is a beautiful woman, even with the few extra pounds, and she was considered one of the most beautiful women alive before she put on some weight after BLESSING her husband with a child. This crap just aint right. Plus a few I’m not even sure WHICH one is the less attractive of the couple.

    • Angyl Ricardi

      And let’s face it, you KNOW who made this list > LIBERAL FEMINISTS. This was not written by a conservative. Liberals are mean nasty folks and the liberal women are the MOST critical of women. SMH

  • lynn

    First, most of these people aren’t ugly. And even for those who may be, in your shallow estimation, who cares? Did you include personality, integrity, wit, character, compassion? Of course not, because those things don’t matter to you. Do yourself a favor, and never get married, because the most beautiful woman in the world someday won’t be.

  • Natalie

    Seriously what’s wrong with this writer. Sometimes had to read the paragraph just to figure out who they were talking about because neither person was “ugly.” This author seems to have serious insecurities to talk about other people like this.

    • Keren Jeanne


  • billmoore

    WTF? Who writes shit like this? I’m blocking this website’s URL across the board and all my readers. What crap.

  • David1225

    The only one who is really ugly is Sarah Jessica Parker, and you took the position that she was attractive. That says it all.

  • Pat Hughes

    tori spelling is beautiful? NOT! Maybe, might have been, but with her daddy’s money, she got a ton of plastic surgery. Who the hell knows what she might have looked like otherwise. She needs to sue her plastic surgeon.

  • Pat Hughes

    Sarah Parker is U.G.L.Y. She has a horse-face. Same with Julia Roberts. l’d marry either, but it’d be for their money. Hey either of you’s, hit me up. l am good looking.

  • doug

    The ugly person is the shithead who put this garbage together.

  • What an incredibly ugly article. I assumed it would offend me, but this took things to an entirely new level. This type of article is spreading poison into our society. STOP NOW!

  • Scott-99

    Congrats to the author for making me wade through 20 individual pages of really crappy advertisements to many perfect couples that he/she thought would draw the most comment. Well, it worked. Great couples. Now go and find a better job.

  • Guest

    keep it real nobody thought she was “sexy” intil sex in the city, before that we all knew her as one of the ugly-duckling on Square Pegs!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND SOMEONE LIKE MR. BRODERICK.

  • kraml1

    This is an incredibly mean spirited article. To go so far as to speculate whether children resemble one parent or the other is terrible. At first I thought this was some type of joke. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. I presume the author and spouse are both beautiful people. Who else would have the termerity to write such drivel.

  • lisa

    What a mean article. I don’t find any of the spouses unattractive. I do find the writer ugly at heart.

  • Gregory Vinegar

    keep it real nobody thought she was “sexy” intil sex in the city, before that we all knew her as one of the ugly-duckling on Square Pegs!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND SOMEONE LIKE MR. BRODERICK. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTdKh6vYTPE

  • Maureen Bahr

    Wish he wouldn’t feel the need to explain to these shallow people about his commitment to his wife. It’s got to make her feel worse about her appearance when he feels he even has to make it a topic to discuss.

  • Rebecca Smith

    I can’t believe anyone approved for this article to be written and taken seriously. I’m not taking it very seriously, otherwise I’d be quite angry at the obvious lack of social grace and human intelligence behind it.

  • Jean Hayes

    As the saying goes “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

  • Gulf Shores Inn

    We want to see the picture of you author! Please provide us with your own pic

  • Craig

    A completely idiotic and shallow article.

  • Tanya Hellard-Cruz

    Bill Macey is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. He has the most beautiful eyes. Not everyone is hung up on looks, except the author of this article. “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

  • Luisa Adames

    None of these people deserve to be called ugly! The writer is just silly. Brosnan’s wife is beautiful! And, I adore men that love their wives for who they are inside and OUT!

    • latxguy

      I agree. A very shallow and immature writer to say the least.

  • kfrederick

    Who ever thought that Tori was beautiful? Other than herself.

  • IMRIGHT2013


  • latxguy

    so what does loving another more attractive have to do with it??

  • latxguy

    the Sara Parker match; seriously which one is suppose to be the attractive one?

  • Tori

    What a disgusting article. I clicked on it only because I couldn’t believe that a “journalist” (even a tabloid one) would stoop so low. As if we need further proof that the author is a complete moron, this little gem is hysterical, “…Brosnan had pledged that he would not marry again after loosing his first wife to ovarian cancer…”. Really? I wasn’t even aware of him LOOSING his first wife. Tool.

  • Roxanne J Mooney

    She is beautful! what is going on with the world!

  • Cherrelle

    Wow! It sounds like the author has some major insecurities. “James Bond should be able to get any woman he wants, but the 60-year-old is sticking with his overweight wife?” So the author is suggesting a person can’t be beautiful and over weight? Also, these so called beautiful celebrities are only beautiful based on the perception of the author, but their significant others are attractive to them. So who are we to say these are odd couples or ugly. This is why people of all ages have low self esteem, they are expected to fit into a standard of beauty set by Hollywood that most celebrities do not even meet.

    • CynicalAtheist

      Most likely, stressed and very immature.

  • xlaurenstephens

    i think kealy shae is still beautiful! this is how she used to look – http://img66.imageshack.us/img66/1104/piercebrosnanshayesmithqy0.jpg

    • CynicalAtheist

      … and sometimes, when you’re happy, and secure, you let the weight creep on you… no shame… I agree with you. She’s beautiful, then, and now!

      • xlaurenstephens

        this is a terribly mean spirited article. i wont come back to this site again.

      • redhen1919

        and sometimes you are ill and must take medication that causes weight gain. Prednisone is one drug that has savedlives, but causes weight gain. Damn shame people hate others because of body size, but allow mean people carte blanc

    • Man Revolt

      High cheekbones, nice full boobs… Uh, why is she “unattractive?”

      • xlaurenstephens

        id love to look like her! who could complain. it isnt like she is delta burke lol.

  • Octavia Booker

    and she has done a few things im glad its working for them

  • Vallontina

    Good God what a nasty, NASTY article! I truly don’t see anything UGLY with anyone in this article. I really doubt the author sets the bar for who is beautiful and who is not. Nasty! Just nasty!

  • CynicalAtheist

    This is wrong, mean, spiteful and what is wrong with the world. So what! Who, of any maturity, cares what anyone looks like??? Petty and shallow. They are people… and they have value, emotions and more to contribute to society than a piece-of-dung compilation such as this nasty, vile pile!!

  • Kellie B.

    The most shallowest article ever!!!! There is enough pressure in this world to look like a movie star and to depict these spouses as ugly you are a downright disgusting human being …smh

    • Man Revolt

      Who, exactly, is pressuring you to look like a movie star my dear?
      You know, you just might consider exercising FREE MORAL AGENCY (or “choice” as you ladies are so fond of saying) and simply refuse to look like said “movie star.”

  • modurhead

    gay-z does look like a microwaved mr potato head

  • sscarzz

    Why does it matter who is with who unless there is money then you know why.

  • Kitu Umm Saalih Muhammad

    Jay-Z doesn’t have to look good. Pretty didn’t make him famous. You can’t cash pretty. He is paid. Moving on, now.

  • Steve Goddard

    I suggest all of you go to the home page of this web site and scroll to the bottom. Click “contact us” and then send them an email telling them exactly what you feel about this horrible, shallow, piece of crap article.

  • Her Grace Olivia Thompson

    It’s SEX & the City, NOT IN the City.

  • Debora Elizabeth Hill

    Wow, let’s start with how offensive the title is. Imagine these successful people looking beyond the surface…

  • JollyRogers

    IMHO, in about half of the above examples, neither party is that hot.

  • Eclectic Art

    I know a couple where both parties are equally ugly. It’s this website and it’s readers.

  • Karenindixie

    The only unattractive thing that I’ve noticed is the author’s outlook on love.

  • cutey

    The correct spelling is “losing.” And whoever wrote this blurb is a loser.

  • billtmore

    Remind me never to click on anything from celeb romance…this piece is such a bunch of shit…

  • msanne

    Just MEAN…

  • Barbara Bowman

    What a petty and mean spirited article. The “author” should be ashamed.

  • Joe

    Think about it. It’s obvious that this publisher and the pathetic writer of this mean “article” knew it would outrage. Unfortunately, that is exactly why it was written! I’m sure they are thrilled with everyone’s angry comments. You know you’ll continue to check this site out – they know it too. The more offensive, the more effective their brainwashing sales tactics.

  • [email protected]

    The only one I agree with so far is the JayZ laugh.

  • [email protected]

    Tori is one of the better plastic surgery success stories.

  • [email protected]

    Who ever wrote this article has probably been hit with the “Ugly Tree” when it fell on them.

  • [email protected]

    Jeff Goldblum (spelling) on a bad hair day?

  • jane

    Kudos to these celebrities, who see beyond the usual ignorant, insufferable outside beauty, and marry perhaps for love, intelligence, meaningful conversation, and kindness. (go figure)
    shame on this web-site, and whoever put together a mean spirited superficial article.
    yes I clicked on it, yes I’m responding, but no…never again!!

  • julie sidoti

    How low can this author be? Calling people ugly. You are a disgrace.

  • Reva Mohr

    Who WRITES this trash??!! Apparently someone who is very immature and has way too much time on his/her hands. I don’t see any ugly people in this peace but then again I can’t see you. Okay…show us YOUR face. Ugly is as ugly does!

  • susanjlamia


  • Ginny D

    I agree 100% with the comments below that the only ugly thing here is the spirit and attitude of the writer. I also notice there is no name associated with this article so nobody can contact him/her. Hmmm.

  • Peebee

    This is so patently offensive that I don’t even know where to begin. So you get to decide who’s attractive and who isn’t? Keely Shaye Smith was a model. Matthew Broderick was one of my teenage crushes, and I’d do Dax Sheppard or William H Macy any day. And you praise the beauty of Tori Spelling and Sarah Jessica Parker? Just don’t get the point of this at all…between being so offensive and skewed in its perception of relative attractiveness.

  • Cathy Kalimon

    How horrible. Who is saying these people are ugly? Vicious, petty, mean, stupid, obnoxious, rude, insensitive… I could go on. CELEB ROMANCE should be ashamed to have allowed this to be posted.

  • moose17

    I pray Clive Owens is sincere about his verbally stated belief that he would never cheat on his wife and family because it means so much to him and he truly appreciates what he has spent much on building his home and family. Now, if all men and women truly believed this and work on their marriages. All marriages (and relationships) have ups and low webs. It is intelligent maturity that knows this and does not abandon their marriage and family at first signs of the low webs. Look around, this culture is so fractured and twisted and we wonder why the children of this fractured society grow up insecure, lost and angry. Who can blame them with all the fractured marriages (families) , remarriage (and new kids), divorces and remarriages with more new kids. Too Screwed up .

  • Kim

    This is the meanest article I have ever read. What is wrong with you people?


    omg! SJP is fugly and so is Tori Spelling.
    Their spouses are much better looking thatn these women

  • Dan A

    How in the world are SJP and Tori Spelling considered beautiful?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan A

    How in the world are SJP and Tori Spelling considered beautiful. I can say this I too am also ugly.

  • Sid Peña

    The only reason I clicked the link to this article was leave the following comment:
    Shame on the author of this article and double shame on the editor/manager of said author for not only allowing this shallow paltry excuse for writing to be posted but to foster an environment that would allow your writers to think this rancid bile would be a worthy story in the first place. You have no sense of ethics, propriety or just plain old decent manors. Your parents must be glowing with pride.

  • fresnodanny

    Somebody needs to get a life. In the first place, looks aren’t everything. Secondly, what one thinks is ugly, another may not. Thirdly, look in the mirror, article writer, and see someone who has no qualms about calling someone ugly which makes you even uglier. Furthermore, some of those you deem to be ugly are actually HOT in my book.

  • mreester

    What a mean and spiteful article, Poking fun at some of the spouses. Whoever wrote this article needs to look in a mirror,

  • DannyJane

    While I agree that this article is both shallow and cruel–has anybody else noticed that among the alleged ‘beauties’ married to alleged ‘beasts’ the females far outnumber the males? Besides Hugh Jackman, Pierce Brosnan and Clive Owen–admittedly gorgeous men with wives who for some reason don’t measure up to the conventional definition of beautiful all the other entries are of supposedly beautiful women (Sarah Jessica Parker? Really??) married to men at worst described as plain (I didn’t see a single man who I would call ‘ugly’)

  • Rosita_Asano

    I think Sarah Jessica Parker is cute but not that pretty. There is no mismatch. They are evenly spread out.

  • Bob Lintz

    It’s all about when the lights are out & the magic between the sheets. Everything & anyone can be beautiful.

  • linjaynes

    This Woman is far from being ugly, but I think the author who said so must be Blind?

  • linjaynes

    Mean spirited author, gangly dweeb? terrible thing to say, shows your character, & or LACK OF!

  • Lisa Solby

    I didn’t see any one person on here that I would consider ugly! This is so mean spirited – the author should be ashamed!

  • Marlene

    Hollywood is full of shallow people and this author reflects the superficiality of that world. Hooray for all those actors/celebs who don’t love for just looks…real people are more than just looks…

  • horace

    Sara parker is ugly as hell and has a horse face. Tori Spelling has a horse face also. Beyonce’ looks more like an ape,

  • horace

    Sara Parker is uglier than all hell.

  • horace

    Sara Parker does look like a horse.

  • Kai EL Zabar

    I found the author to be a bit arrogant about identifying what is ugly . . . Hugh Grant’s wife is attractive , as is Pierce Bronsen’s and the husbands of Sarah Jessica Parker, Tori Spelling etc.c are all attractive men. Even Jay-Z who may not meet with the white western world’s standard of beauty is an attractive man. My point is obviously the people who coupled up could care less about the author’s position. The story is shallow and so one sided with no value what so ever. I read it just to see what the author had to say … I concluded: NOTHING!

  • soffer bellee


  • Cilean Stirling

    Wow really? She is fat so that makes her unattractive! Amazing, I guess

    Brosnan knows more than you do about what beauty means than you do, I do not think I shall be looking at these from your site and I will be speaking to everyone I can just so they will not either. You need to be fired, your information is sad, and wrong, Sarah Jessica Parker is not the pretty one of the couple. I feel sorry for you.

  • soffer bellee

    Oh the irony!! You are ugly!

  • Pesos Luv

    This is the woman he wants! He married her! She is gorgeous to me and obviously to him also.

  • Harris Cal

    What a terrible article. Why one person is attracted to another is only the business of those two people. “Beauty”, what’s that?

  • cielodrive

    This article is so rude. Who are you to decide who is ugly? All of these couples seem to love each other a lot. That is what matters!!!

  • samazf

    What next? Celeb’s with the ugliest kids/babies? This is just mean.

  • Shirley

    Thank goodness some people look for love deeper than skin. When you love someone and they love you they are beautiful and the love is beautiful

  • [email protected]

    Maybe if more celebrites were involved with women who were not “PERFECT” and had some weight were BBW then more marriages would last forever. Now when the physcial beauty is gone the lawyer has the papers ready pretty sad that one can only love perfection to the human eye!!!! THere is a lot of PERECTION and much more class, intergrity compassi understanding and love in a woman who is BBW and she is usually PERFECT .What one sees only holds what one is and looking at most women we see as Perfect they really cant be holding that much can they?

  • The Thinker

    This is incredibly stupid. Let’s talk about their character — how incredibly brilliant, interesting, caring, loving, kind, honest, thoughtful, wise, warm, inspiring, dedicated, disciplined, constant….the characteristics that make a person special and real…and last a lifetime.

  • MadMike R5D4

    What a crappy article, mean-spirited, stupid and badly-written. Most of these people are not that ugly at all! I can agree that Jay-Z and Sarah Jessica Parker are less-than-attractive, but since when are human beings defined by their outward appearances? And Dax Sheppard is not a bit ugly, he’s handsome in a scruffy surfer dude kind of way, and him and Kristen Bell make a cute couple! And the weight that Keeley Shaye Smith has gained after marriage has not made her any less gorgeous, quite the opposite! She has the type of plump, zaftig curves celebrated by painters like Rubens and Boticelli; and remains a stunning beauty. And if she’s healthy and her and Pierce are happy together, what the hell does it matter? My heart goes out to them both for having lost their daughter so soon. The fact the conveniently anonymous author of these travesty of an article defines these celeb spouses by their outer beauty rather than by their talents or character proves that he or she is uglier inside than the celebrities s/he points a finger at are outside. So keep writing these troll articles on this trashy tabloid site; as if it makes your existence any less hollow and worthless.

  • nerdygirl111

    This is awful.

  • Lala Loraine

    Beauty is skin deep, the ugly person here is the creator of this article

  • terrimerritts

    Why do you want to write such a mean-spirited piece? Did it ever occur to you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that these entertainers love their significant others? Why don’t you show us a photo of you and your significant other (if anyone can stand being around such a cruel person) so we can make fun of YOU.

  • Terry Adams

    Strange, with only a few exceptions – all these people are unattractive. It was hard to pick out the “ugly” one in most of these couples. Sad.

    • johnrhett

      I figured this writer has a weird idea of what’s attractive when he said that

      Sarah Jessica Parker is the attractive one in her marriage with Matthew Broderick. Now, I like SJP character-wise, but I wouldn’t have said she was attractive even when she was young.

  • Terry Adams

    Tina Fey had a hard time dating . . . really, low IQ, small rack, and no personality – hard to imagine why..

  • Doris Rotolo

    All of the mates were as good looking as needed to be for the people who loved them to marry and be with them. It is cruel and stupid to write an article like this. Outer Beauty fades and what is left is always the beauty from inside. I suspect the author has no beauty in any area .

  • munozfamilymanteca

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Who the heck made the writer the judge in this beauty contest? smh

  • Christine Bingham

    I often disagreed about who the “ugly” one was, and I too agree that this is extremely shallow and mean-spirited.

  • LIsa

    Ugly is in the eye of the beholder and the author of this article is very very ugly indeed.

  • Enrico Fermi

    Ugly is an ugly word and doesn’t fit many if any of the people shown.

  • Jack Adams

    Well….. They say that *Beauty* is in the eye-of-the-beholder!!! Besides it’s ONLY “skin-deep”!!!

  • JDP

    I did not read your article ..only clicked on it to comment. How would you like it if you , the author was mentioned in this article…this is the problem with the media, you think we want to hear this crap! this is mean spirited and bullying behavior. Beauty is found in the heart not the outside appearance….and you, writer of this article are very ugly.

  • Eleanor Rigby

    First of all, the author of this disgusting piece cannot spell, use punctuation, or construct a sentence (even remotely) properly. Articles like these are the reason why so many people hate the whole Hollywood attitude towards what constitutes (look it up, jerk) beauty. Do your homework! Just one example is Deborra-Lee Furness. She is a beautiful, talented, intelligent, loving person, and it just goes to show how much integrity Hugh Jackman has, in loving her. He knew then, and knows now, what a great partner is all about.

  • Squangirl

    This entire article is disgraceful. Who is this person to judge someone based on his or her looks? Great message you are sending, especially to young kids….it’s what’s on the outside that counts. A great value system, plus the sensitivity of a mule.

    • Necrosaro420

      I wonder what kinda parent lets their kids go to celebromance.com anyways? Maybe we should start there.

    • falseprophet

      I bet your ugly?

      • hope0223

        I know you’re ugly on the inside, and who cares what you think? Not me, I have an awesome, handsome husband and I value his opinion, not some loser on the internet…

      • FOL

        I bet you flunked spelling?

    • Rough housing

      I thought it to be a bit distasteful myself.

  • Sonia Saddler

    Talk about being shallow. Thank God these couples had the good sense to see the inner beauty of their chosen partners. Love, respect, faithfulness, integrity and honor of your partner are far more important than how physically attractive he or she is. I wish them all success in their marriage.

  • Barbara Winters

    That is not very nice to say. Just because a person is not what is considered beautiful on the outside doesn’t mean they are not beutiful on the inside. The nicest people I know are beautiful on the inside because they are thinking of the other person, not of themselves. They are kind, loving, and considerate.

  • Sarah

    A very immature and unhappy person wrote this article. If you have such a shallow view of love then you will never find happiness through love. Love is a special thing that obviously, not everyone will have the privileged to fully understand. This article is sad and mean and heartless.

  • Barbara Winters

    The so called beautiful people (with cosmetic surgery and make up) are the ones who are divorcing all the time because they cannot find anyone who will constantly cater to them.

  • Chuck Scarborough

    Just remember…you all clicked on this article after reading the title. Don’t seek to assuage your conscience by acting sanctimonious in the comments.

  • susanjlamia

    mean comments.

  • chrisb

    Oh who are all of you kidding you all thought it right from the start 99% are ugly

  • Pam J

    This is an awful article. I admire people who can look past the physical and be attracted to the personality and soul of a person. But, Shaley, honey, you are married to Pierce Brosnan. Lose a little weight, if not for your husband, for yourself.

  • UDoNoMe

    This article is cruel, offensive and unnecessary, if you’re
    vain and only attracted to beauty you will be picking up pieces of your heart
    for the rest of your life. Maybe,
    thinking before you write makes a good article.

  • Wallow Mire

    Ville Valo should be on this list. His alleged girlfriend is hideous.

  • Pami Briano

    What an idiotic article. I don’t see anything wrong with the spouses or I can’t figure out which one you are talking about being “ugly”. They all look fine to me. I didn’t even finish looking at the pixs. Obviously there is nothing to write about today.

  • Dave Algonquin

    Tori Spelling is beautiful? Since when?! Her daddy put her on 90210, which is the only reason she (sort of) had a career. I could get over her face, but she’s also an awful human being.

  • Julie Atwood

    Very narrow minded person who needs a wakeup call in life!

  • etonni

    This article only makes the writer seem pitiful for be ignorant and having no true sense of beauty. Since these couples have been together for more than a minute, here’s hoping they can last forever.

  • Ed

    Salma Hayek’s husband had a child with a Canadian model while she was pregnant with THEIR child ? I’d have dumped him flat out, then and there…..what a douche bag he is….any woman deserves better.

  • Carol Holden

    And yet we keep reading

  • Ed

    Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are BOTH losers…NEITHER has had ANY roles in soooo long…neither has any money…..she lives off her “fame” from 90210..and her late father’s reputation….

  • Ed

    SJP is not glamorous and beautiful……at least MB is charming and witty….

  • Ed

    Kudos to Pierce Brosnan….its about time someone in Hollywood didn’t dump their wife when times got difficult….he’s a true man, not like some many of these superficial celebrity types…..

  • jcdevildog

    I’ve seen similar stories before, but this one is the most ridiculous: none of the spouses listed here would be called “ugly” by a person with good vision & no axe to grind. Besides, physical beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, it’s bound to change with age, and there are far too many “beauties” who, as they age, have transformed themselves into freaks by trying to maintain their looks via plastic surgery. Intelligence, loyalty, common interests and kindness have far more staying power than looks.

  • Kerrie Brians-Riggs

    I haven’t even bothered to read the article because the title is so offensive. Perhaps the “hottest” celebrities are so hot because unlike the author of this piece of trash they see beyond superficiality to the beautiful person beneath.

  • John

    The author lost all credibility saying Matthew Broderick is the “ugly” one in that relationship.

  • Aleeya Hargrove

    It’s funny we all are disgusted over this article but judging from the comments about specific people, we clicked through the photos. I include myself in this because I was so mad about how cruel the captions were but then I realized if I was so disgusted why do I keep clicking to see the next couple?

  • qonc1

    I think Spelling is the least attractive in this couple.

  • Shame on this author no wonder the world and the people in it are like they are today. I was always taught that beauty was in the eyes of the beholder. Love is not based on look’s it’s what’s in your heart.Who does this author think he is to be the judge of anyone shame on he/she. Because of people that post this kind of crap we have our children killing themself’s or starving. Really don’t matter if you are FAT,SKINNY have wrinkles or gray hair none of this should matter if you really love the person you are with. It’s all about what’s in your heart. I see the author who posted this has a picture of them or there loved one “NOT”.I would hate to be with this person for if I got an extra wrinkle or gained an extra pound they would leave me.What an ass and what kind of person are you? You need to get in the real world for I’am sure you have flaw’s of your own.

  • 2tall4u

    Totally disagree with this article. How about the author posts a picture of them and their significant other so we get to judge them? smmfh

  • Kim Kocon

    I don’t see anyone unattractive in this list. I am glad these celebs are not shallow. Beauty comes from within…Why are only super models/models considered beautiful?

  • Bob Hampton

    This is a disgusting article. You should be ashamed.

  • Joe Dog

    “Ugly” is a very ugly word. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That said, I never did get the fascination with Tori Spelling and Sarah Jessica Parker, two women I have always thought were not particularly stunning but rather average looking. Whatever.

  • granny2twins1999

    Good for you Pierce.!!! You are a stand- up kinda guy 🙂

  • LJSM

    So does this intelligent author think only “beautiful” people should be together? This article is very shallow, nasty and hurtful. Some of the most “beautiful” people I’ve met have been horrible to others.

  • Tony Pesola

    these are the classy people who dont leave their spouses to get a younger gold digger, they stay cause they really are in love with the person…..

  • F. Smith

    Your opinion as to who fits your “ugly” description entitles you to be the ugliest!

  • Dee Eades

    4? They’re not ugly and they did When in Rome together etc. why did they have to wait until same sex marriage became legal? Some of the photos they’re just using the bad photos of them (during their not so good times in life) but all the people don’t look bad, I’ve seen way worse with mean people who are ugly on the inside.


    I’m sorry butI do not think Tori Spelling and Sarah Jessica are beautiful women!!! Cute maybe, but….

  • Travis M Bruno-Erck

    I’m fairly certain the author is no piece of work themselves. Just look at Perez Hilton. It’s normally the ugly who call it out.

  • Greg Jackson

    This is really an awful story. Why don’t you tell Hugh Jackman to his face that his wife is ugly? Coward.

  • VAL

    This article is SPOT ON. I’m amazed reading the comments of so many self righteous – We have high expectations for ourselves, but are quick to judge others who take a position. Those who pretend that ‘Looks do not matter’ in attraction are simply being less than truthful. Quite frankly, appearance does indeed matter and it plays apart in everyday life. It is not a matter of being shallow or mean spirited, it is simply a matter of fact and true in humans as it is in nature. However, the greater lesson to learn is that looks are always subjective and until we all appear the same, appearance will always matter. This article is about physical appearance of celebrities, not substance of character, nor about people we personally know.

    Moreover, had the author(s) simply titled the article, “Celebrity couples” and you viewed the pictures, your thoughts would have been similar in result, “Wow, is that their spouse?!” with the same recoil. The author simply expressed an observation (Based on general popular opinion) of which spouse represents ‘Ugly’ with qualified explanation of the choice. The article is presented as a subjective point of view and it would be more fun/worthwhile to discuss the content, rather than wasting time judging/condemning the author (Most likely, a writing staff) for doing his/her job.

  • JamVee

    Who ever wrote this article, or at least, thought up the title is, without a doubt, THE UGLIEST OF THEM ALL!

  • Bill Pavuk

    1. William H. Macy is amazing. He and Felicity Huffman are my favorite celeb couple. Love their work, separately and together.
    2. The author got Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker reversed, I think. To me, SJP is the awkward looking one, of the two.
    3. The statements about Pierce Brosnan’s wife were way out of line.

  • John Bernard

    I think Sara Jane Parker is the ugly one contrary to the article.

  • Sarah C

    I agree, this author is completely shallow. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I see beauty in all of these people

  • Jose R Morales Jr

    Just wondering who decide who is who were ugly?

  • RecentlyRetired

    The author of this article must be young, untested, and not aware of female physiology. Pierce Brosnan’s wife may be overweight by Hollywood standards, but she is a mother: female anatomy usually changes with hormone cycles, particularly after deliveries. In addition there is a disease called polycystic ovarian syndrome that creates havoc with insulin and provides increasing weight and severe health problems to women who suffer from it, the worst being the inability to procreate. Mrs. Brosnan not only has an open, beautiful face, but she obviously has a strong marriage. Since these couples that are being discussed appear to all have long marriages or relationships, this article is not titled correctly. Best to have titled it: “Relationships tested by life enriching qualities, not on superficial vanities.

  • The write sure is a #%$#$%& $%@#^. Who are you to call anyone ugly. Truly disgraceful.

  • El_Tigre_Loco

    Maybe they have found something in the other person besides the shallow concept of looks. A beautiful woman or a handsome man who is a bear to get along with loses their attractiveness very fast.

  • Patrick Hudson

    this is beyond just normal hater stuff. this person has some jealous issues and just plain hate issues. your writing about ugly when the only ugly thing here is this article. I do have one couple I would comment on. Tori Spelling and her husband. its not the looks though. its that he seems to have married her for her money and nothing more. I could be wrong but it really seems to me like he is using her.

  • None of your Business

    What a shallow, ignorant article. The only thing more shallow and ignorant is the author. Mean-spirited and hateful. The author should be ashamed.

  • topkat

    I agree to the shallowness of this article but not that Matthew Broderick is the ugly one in this family at this moment. Unfortunately most women do not age well and SJP appears to be one of them. She is at the age where less is better-eyeliner etc.. Her eyes are shrinking with age and the liner emphasizes that. And MB is still a cutie. Oh yeah to be completely up front and possibly avoid too many snarky comments. I am one of those that are not aging well, 56 years but not ‘ugly’ yet. Though like SJP I was adorable when I was younger. lol But unlike her I don’t have the means to lessen, slow down or correct my aging process. Oh yeah another thing I like to remind people-we have nothing to do with the way we look when we are born, it’s DNA. If our parents, grands and great grands were attractive chances are DNA will be good to us in the looks department. But not always. There may be a latent ugly gene that pops up. Oh the infidelity accusations will be abundant. lol

  • topkat

    On this one Pierce Bronson’s wife is not ugly just overweight. I do agree obesity is ugly but not in the way this author is implying.
    Obesity is ugly because it is deadly, can cause many health problems, reduces some peoples quality of life, limits physical activity etc..
    I’m not just guessing or am I regurgitating all the articles and news programs about obesity. I lived it. 5′ 10″ 212 at my heaviest. My normal BMI weight is no more then 170. So that 42 lbs did me in for a couple of years but fortunately I’m down to 174 as of my last DR appointment 03/18/2014.

  • Nicole Richards

    I can’t get over how cruel this article is. Can the author please pop up their name and a photograph of themselves for judging please?

  • Kendall Furlong

    Snotty, snide, dumb. Articles like this keep me away from the celebrity press.

  • irishred

    I have yet to see an ugly person!! How rude and ugly the author is though. Although I see nothing wrong with any of these couples I am happy that most of us see more than skin deep. There is so much more to people than a pretty face or figure. Beauty fades over the years, but true beauty of the heart and soul, honesty, humor, only grows. Thank God for those that recognize true beauty of the soul. How unkind and ridiculous to publish this article.

  • Kathleen Coleman Olazaran

    This is terrible. I think any couple that loves eachother and are committed to eachother are beautiful people. Being able to love unconditionally is the most beautiful trait anyone could have!

  • JR

    The author of this article should be ashamed of himself – I’d like to see his picture. Maybe he’s angry that he’s not writing for the New Yorker or the NY Times but ended up writing this dribble instead. I’d be depressed too. I bet his parents are proud!

  • Matt Weisenbach

    Never Found spelling that attractive

  • dave

    Are you kidding. Sarah Jessica Parker is hideous.

  • Tea time!

    Pretty screwed up article. Judge not lest you be judged. Beauty or ugliness goes beyond the flesh in many cases.

  • Thressa Goodrum

    Wow. Some really mean comments here.

  • Shelly Beans

    WOW. That’s terrible. I cannot imagine being the person married to the celebrity and running across this article about being ugly.

  • disqus_igPBRUBbUb

    It looks like a lot share my sentiments. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and love is not dependent on looks, good, bad or indifferent. I actually feel pity for the author of this “story”. If it should ever be asked why so many people took the time to look through it, I’d have to say that I’m not even sure why I chose to.

  • Leona

    what a shallow stupid vapid moronic article…are you a writer or a hack? write about REAL things…not a hatchet job on happily married couples…What is wrong with this judgmental, jaded, juvenile, jealous, culture are suppliers of “information” like you.

  • musiclady1949

    What???? I think he’s (Matthew Brocerick) adorable! What’s wrong with you?!

  • SarahMata

    I find myself disagreeing on who is the physically ugly one on almost every couple..what the hell is wrong with the author?

  • Pmaxhen

    I’m confused by number 6, is Sarah Jessica Parker or Matthew Broderick the ugly spouse?

  • kikojones

    “Everyone is pretty!” “No one is ugly!” “The author is petty and mean!” “The author is shallow!”

    Ha! I love it! People on a CELEBRITY website calling the author shallow. You’re here looking for info on Kim Kardashian and co. and calling the author shallow?! I guess you’re all here taking a break from reading The New York Times, right? WRONG!

  • Carrieann1

    Didn’t Hugh Jackson have an affair? or what?

  • david b cordick

    tori spelling would be a check out girl at wal mart if it wasn’t that her dad was big time. I don’t think she should be classified as beautiful either. she is very plain. if she walks down the street, no man would give her a second look. hate to say that, but it is the truth

  • Nikki Lemigna

    Sorry but Matthew Broderick is every bit as good looking as JP maybe even looking.
    & Tori Spelling is a total mafug. Dean is no prize either so perfectly matched in my book.

  • Nikki Lemigna

    & Sasha Baron Cohen is very handsome. This article is just mean. Not for nothin I have seen Elizabeth Banks close up & without make up she is not all that & doesn’t have a great body at all. I think she & her hubs are actually a very cute couple. Nice looking.

  • Theresa Thomas

    Keely Shay is sexy plus!!!!! weight shouldnt matter much it doesnt define a person fcol! Im not one to look at outter beauty! You can appear beautiful outside & have an inside Ugly as sin!!!

  • Lisa Green Kentala

    Many of these couples look pretty evenly matched in looks. And in over half – I don’t know who the “ugly” one is!! When did average become ugly?

  • Yvette Page

    This is a ugly topic and shame on the author! His wife is still beautiful.

  • disqus_OwLimzb7SC

    Who said Sarah Jessica Parker is attractive?

  • newlife12

    The author of this article is the ugly one. What shallow, ugly values. And the people who are trashing the celebrities’ looks in their comments are just as foul.

  • Ann Glog

    No there are pictures of Blue Ivy’s face and so far she favors her father. – – the cheeks, heath, and mouth make her a little female Jay Z.
    But really, how do you get to determine who is attractive?

  • newlife12

    Interesting how my first comment disappeared. This article is disgusting. What shallow and ugly values displayed by the author and those who made derogatory comments about the spouses’.

  • newlife12

    Strange how my comment keeps disappearing, and yet many other comments here say the same thing I did about the author’s values who wrote this article. They are shallow and ugly. I wonder why my comment keeps getting picked out to be deleted. Hmmmmm….

  • disqus_9Kum238D8y

    Shallow much?

  • disqus_9Kum238D8y

    Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott. Um, which one are you calling ugly?

  • disqus_9Kum238D8y

    Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick. Again, which one is ugly?

  • Dana Chilton

    What qualifies as attractive is different to everyone. Personally, I think Dax is a very handsome guy. This article is petty and mean

  • zomama66

    Come on….you have to be smart enough to know that beauty is skin deep. Its sad if you don’t understand. I know a lot of people who are not as attractive as they look, and vice versa. But then again, there are people poor enough to not get it.

  • Zachary Cornelius

    Why not make a list on a scrolling page? Pushing next for 4 hours gets tiresome.

  • Tawrens

    How rude it is to say Bronsnan wed down just cause his wife is plus sized.

  • Tawrens

    The person who did this list is petty and silly. They really need to learn what real beauty is.

  • crittermama1964


  • Tisha

    Cruel and nasty article….wonder what the people who wrote this article looks like…haven’t they ever heard of that old advantage…beauty is only skin deep, but ugliness is clear through…they must be so ugly on the inside, it doesn’t matter what they look like on the outside.

  • VIsidore`

    “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It makes me sad that people are so superficial. I don’t like this article at all.

  • Wanda Casamento

    This also annoys me when People does the magazine yearly special The 10 Most Beautiful People –and they are celebrities –I’m sorry but Everybody is Beautiful –that one drives me nuts and the word Diva –I sorry no one deserves that ranking –We are all great and wonderful people and you don’t have to be a movie star to be that –This is the reason I don’t buy those magazines –I have friends and family that fall into those categories -Let alone all the soldiers that have died,lost limbs are coming home with depression or those that are returning and living with horrid dreams –Thank you, You great, wonderful and beautiful soldiers. We love you all–God Bless you and Yours

  • Dreamer1950

    Sleeping with Salma Hayek and still got someone else pregnant. Some are never satisfied.

  • kkizzle

    What kook wrote this?!? Matthew Broderick is ugly or is it SJP? Keely is overweight, not ugly. She’s beautiful. Stop with these ignorant articles.

  • Ben Jensen

    I am done looking at this. A satisfying marriage is not based on looks.

  • Cheryl Thorpe

    Ever hear the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. There is more to life than physical looks. The “beauties” evidently found something worthwhile in their spouses than overshadowed the physical. Too bad the author of this “article” couldn’t see past the outward appearance and touch on the “inner” qualities.

  • jlp72

    This is a horrible piece. I just hope the “ugly” individuals written about didn’t see this. I would love to see how attractive the writer is so I can pick’em apart.

  • Cheryl Thorpe

    I’d love to see a picture of the author of thie “article” to see where he/she stacks up to those he/she is panning.

  • SteveMacko

    Sarah Jessica Parker is NOT hot. When I saw her picture, I thought the article was going to be about what is Broderick doing with her?

  • ericasoul

    C/R has put my post below “on hold” so they can approve it before allowing me the “privilege” of posting on their site. I think Celeb Romance should police their own articles before they publish them. This article is clearly too mean to be published, but yet they think they are in a position to approve what others post. It’s OK with me if they delete both!

  • citizenpc

    Will the writer, editor and the person who thought of this article post a picture of their significant other so that we can determine which one is the ugly one?

    • Nana Berry

      Thank you! Best post on this board.

  • James Oss

    “ugly”? Yahoo is disgusting to allow that title.

  • Jaylynn

    This article is insulting to those you’ve pinned as “ugly” or “not good enough”. I wonder if the writer even knows what love is, or is too superficial to realize that love doesn’t have limits. Love doesn’t limit you to gender, race or weight. How can you be so cruel as to try and take away the beauty of these couples?

  • James Sweeney

    Terrible, mean spirited article…

  • Marilynn Reeves

    Beauty is only skin deep

  • Marilynn Reeves

    It’s also in the eye of the beholder

  • Nancy Davis Brian

    Maybe they really love each other and are very well matched. Maybe she is tired like many of us working mom’s and gives her husband great support and he knows it. My mother was, and still is a beautiful woman at 90. At times, Dad looked drop dead gorgeous next to mom, because she was not spending as much time on herself as she was on the 4 children and him (she was a military wife and he was gone 1/2 the time). After the children left and he retired, she always looked better than Dad, and had younger men flirt with her. Dad always gave her the look up and down, even at age 90. He lost his hair and some of his looks (but was still handsome to her) when he was older. She got better looking like when she was young compared to others her age. Love has nothing to do with looks anyway. Dad was a POW of the Japanses for almost 4 years and weighed 90 pounds when he was liberated. They married right before the war and never lived together until after the war. Tough times. He had the normal PTSD symptoms, but we all just loved him. It is belng able to get through the tough times and enjoyuing the wonderful times. That is what makes a 70 year marriange. Anyway, this woman looks pretty cite to me. Wait 15 years and see how they compare!

  • Shay

    I wish they’d concentrate on educating some of these people. JayZ is a commi
    sympathizer seems like to me. Some people forget quick and take things for
    granted and that’s the sad part.Most celebs don’t realize Social Justice is a “tricky”
    phrase for Communism, under socialism they own nothing, they need to READ,
    not look in a mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • you asked

    With ‘celebrity’ gossip rags always writing about who is divorcing whom, who is cheating, etc, how ugly someone’s partner is, I’m surprised that any ‘celebrity’ marriages work. When people choose who they want to marry & base their decision on looks only, it will never work. Why so much emphasis on looks, whether someone is heavy, anorexic, cheating, etc? Good looks doesn’t make a marriage. Entering a marriage shouldn’t be taken so lightly. What makes a good marriage is commitment, having something in common with your partner & communication.

  • Kate

    who ever wrote this article should be fired! And you wonder why there are children with eating disorders? and people go into debt for plastic surgery? All the money and looks in the world can’t hide a mean spirit.

  • hank

    Did the author just accuse Tori Spelling of being “beautiful”. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and now I am totally convinced. And as far as talent goes Tori would be a total nobody working at McDonald’s if it weren’t for her super rich, very successful, and very well connected father!

  • Veritas Vici

    Tori Spelling .. beautiful actress ?!? LOL Dean McDermott is the good looking one there. (and I am not gay !)

  • Veritas Vici

    Sarah Jessica Parker… glamorous ?!?! LOL Are you kidding us …. she looks like a horse. (These are terrible examples)

  • Ron Utah

    Bet the author is ugly on the outside too

  • Trip Planning Mom

    I saw this heading and HAD to come here. . .not to read the article or see the photos, but to say SHAME ON YOU to the person who wrote this. The title alone says a lot about the person who wrote whatever might have been said in this article (I don’t know b/c I did not read it). SHAME ON YOU for being so shallow and for judging people based on their looks. You must not be aware of the fact that EVERY single human being is beautiful in one way or another and that beauty is NOT an outward thing, but rather from the inside. What is on the inside of a person (their heart) will be reflected on the outside. If they are sad, it will show. If they are hurting, it will show. If they have low self esteem, it will show. No matter what though, EVERY human being is beautiful. SHAME ON YOU for insinuating otherwise and for focusing on what YOU think is beautiful or not instead of on the reality that everyone you THINK is not beautiful truly is. P.S. Before you judge whether or not others are beautiful, maybe you should examine what’s on the inside of you.

  • [email protected]

    Does physical appearance really matter . . . if two individuals truly love each other, then BOTH of them are BEAUTIFUL, in each others eyes . . . it’s just THAT SIMPLE.

  • Danielle

    In viewing these loving couples, it is evident that many are beautiful on the inside, as well as physically. Hugh Jackman is now sexier than ever, seeing his commitment to his older wife of many years… Wow! As many have said, using the word “Ugly” is cruel and outrageous regarding physical appearance. My ex husband is one of the most incredibly sexy men physically, but is truly “Ugly” in character, morals, integrity and loyalty. This is the only appropriate area to describe an individual as unattractive… Their behavior.

  • Danielle

    The plus in this cruel and insulting article is that these couples, which all have their own unique physical appeal, illustrate that many have love, loyalty, compassion, integrity and adoration within, despite the pressures of celebrity and society. I was loyal and faithful for decades, yet this most charming and handsome husband of mine lied, dangerously cheated, stole our money, business, deliberately foreclosed our home and stalks me, after the death of our daughter… So much for a spectacular exterior. I had men pursuing me my entire marriage, but I was faithful. I am most proud of the character and integrity within me… Looks fade. In the end, we will all be accountable for how we behave.

  • d sipe

    I am so proud of all the people that responded to this ugly article with kindness and compassion. You ALL have restored my faith in man kind. By the way….beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These couples have been together for quite some time.They obviously see the beauty in each other.

  • cesarpitoflaco

    There is nothing beautiful about Tori Spelling; she has the head of a horse. He is the hot one in that relationship. That’s why she puts up with his infidelity.

  • nicoal

    I don’t see any ugly spouses. Just ordinary people married to famously attractive ones.

  • Katie Winkler

    Beautiful people–ugly words–why publish this drivel? Change the headline at least! This is discrimination of the worst kind.

    • Tinwoods

      And yet, here you are.

  • AvalS

    What a terrible and insensitive story! I must inquire as to your definition of “ugly.” I can imagine the mentality of the writer and editor and anyone else who evolved this for net viewing,

  • Mollie OBrien McCoy

    The title of this is in and of its self UGLY. Who are you people ?

  • Mollie OBrien McCoy

    The title of this alone is offensive and utterly cruel. SHAME ON YOU!

  • TheBigTruth

    Tina Fey is far from attractive and is an immature petty human being. I think the small man is perfect for her.

  • Halina

    Wow this author should be ashamed of them selves. We were all created in God’s image. Are you saying God makes ugly people? Not right for you be the judge. I hope you are not teaching your children your bad habits

  • Patricia W. Fischer

    What in the world is wrong with you? This is a crap article that ranks right above fillers for dog food.
    Go out and write an actual article that’s news.

  • Gary Sausen

    If an idiot writer is going to write such an ignorant article at least have the balls to post your own picture, so we can make fun of you too.

  • candyb211

    This is the most shallow article I have ever read. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe you should try looking a little deeper than the skin.

  • Carmen DiOrio

    Grow up..beauty is in the eye of the beholder…love has nothing to do with looks..looks change and fade as time goes on…the real beauty is the love inside two people have for each other that last no matter what…true ugliness is when someone only values the appearance of the person not the person themselves..like you

  • ~N~

    While the whole article is stupid the writer is obviously an idiot if they call Dax ugly and Tori Spelling beautiful.

  • OrthoStice

    What can one expect from a writer who speaks of “loosing” one’s spouse?

  • beth goll

    This is very cruel. Some of the people will be hurting after seeing this. I hope they don’t.

  • Bill Harris

    The Dweeb who came up with this topic likely wasn canned by the National Enquirer for lack of originality

  • Tammy Wright

    One of those was wrong….. Beyoncé is the ugly one in the couple!

  • cds

    Wow what a terrible and shallow article.

  • G. young

    Must be terrible to live a life where everyone is judged by their outside and not their inside…We are all God’s Children and HE made us…Some of the ”meanest” and ”heartless” people have had only their ”looks”, and no one can stand to be around them.

  • NeeceD

    This is such a sad and disrespectful article. Apparently this is NOT good content. Shame on “Celeb Romance” and your writer for doing this….

  • Asillem4

    I’m sorry I clicked on this stupid article. I’m even more disgusted with myself for thinking, “Holy cow, they think Tori and Sarah are beautiful?” What is the gauge because I know other shallow reports have said Sarah is the ugliest woman in Hollywood.

  • Nicholas Cobraetti

    Keely Shaye Smith is beautiful…not sure who the good-looking one in the Spelling relationship is supposed to be…

  • teribuzz

    Based on the pictures I’ve seen….this publisher should be a shame of the their selves for even using the word “ugly” in their heading. Beauty is what comes out from within. Just goes to show you should never base a book from its cover.

  • Pat Merrick

    “BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.” I can’t believe someone would even write an article like this. Some people might think it, but would never say it. The article should have focused on famous vs. non-famous. I come to notice that “Hollywood marriages” last longer if one star is just a little bit more “famous” than the other. Or one person is “famous” and the other is not in the limelight. And actually some of the spouses or significant others weren’t ugly at all.

  • Mestiza

    Horrible article! What the heck is wrong with people? Everyone is suppose to live up to these fake plastic standards of “perfectness”? I commend these celebs for looking at the beauty that is beyond skin deep especially Pierce Bronson who isn’t afraid to show people that he loves curves. Whoever wrote this article – Shame on you!

  • Gail Van der Linden

    Just how cold and harsh can the “journalist” get? Who cares what they consider “ugly”? Trot out a picture of yourself and we’ll see how adorable you are. What a creep.

  • iitywybad

    I haven’t seen even ONE person they claim to be ugly as anything less than average! Most of them are quite attractive, unlike the author who (no matter what their physical appearance) has an ugly soul.

  • MJ Quin

    Ugly is as ugly does. That is probably the only reason why this man is ugly. He must have something about him that wants them to come back for more. What do you think?

  • Shirley Crowfoot

    Thank goodness that the people featured in this awful piece are not as shallow as whoever deemed who was “beautiful”and who was “ugly”. Several old sayings come to mind. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” “Beauty is only skin deep” “Pretty is as pretty does.” A favorite of mine from my great-grandmother upon remarking on her new daughter-in-law, ” When love lands in a cow pie, it is beautiful”,


    they tight the knot in 1995 3 years prior to them meeting, the critic of the beauty who wrote it is a moron, about everyone that individual wrote, who gave you a right to judge beauty or ugliness, that’s the most awful articles any one could write, shame on you if you consider yourself t be a writer or a journalist, God Bless your little, tiny, heart

  • Tina Meyers

    Tina Fey is the ugly one in her marriage on the outside & inside!

  • Edward O’Shea

    Wow, this is one trash article and one trash website. KIWF.

  • Char Hebert

    The word is voluptuous, not voluminous, you pathetic moron. How dare you be the judge of someone’s beauty?

  • Char Hebert

    And it is losing, not loosing. You are an idiot.

  • Sally Stillson Bartlett

    I agree! This writer is not only mean-spirited, disgustingly shallow and biased, he/she (who cares?) uses bigoted terms like “out of their league” and “ugly” as well as misspelled words. As a writer myself, they could have used terms like plainer or less-beautiful to still get the articles theme across without seeming shallow and stupid.

  • jem5

    I wish people would stop with the plastic surgery …screws up your face!

  • Irene Falberg

    how shallow is this, who cares? These are real people not synthetic Hollywood types. they have values

  • rollervic

    This is a terrible article. Very shallow.

  • EnNuff

    Pulitzer prize winning stuff here……NOT. What’s your next article? “The best working wart cream? (As sampled by the author).”

  • Robb Dennis

    This article is the ugliest thing on this page… Who are YOU to judge anyone… the gutless people that thought of this, wrote this, and approved it are the ugliest pieces of crap involved in this… And yes, my wife is far prettier than I am – so what…

  • VG

    I like Dax Shepard…I love the look of his facial features and I love his voice! And I see people who look past the stuff that the celebrity media tells people is important…I love these people even better than I did before. No shallow pools here!

  • forabettersociety

    SJP and Tori Spelling are attractive?

    This is a terribly shallow article, but neither of those two women are beautiful.

  • FURonnie Bed Time For Bonzo

    #37 years ago I met the love of my life…she was and still one of the most beautiful woman I have ever met. When my friends saw her they were speechless and finally some in their jealous inquiries asked me “What Does She See In You”. This bothered me a great deal and after the umpteenth time I said “Well you haven’t seen me Naked”. This stopped them for good and same thing applies here…looks and muscles fade but a good sense of humor, a kind nature and personality lasts far longer and will last and last. Some of the folks who are picked on by this cruel article must be in this situation. Not everyone wants a beautiful empty vase…flowers are just as beautiful in an old Mason jar.

  • Shopper

    I think Brosnan’s wife is gorgeous. The author is quite shallow.

  • Clarice Bassett Richter

    my god, this is crap…

  • Janell

    How horrible to say that Pierce Brosnan’s wife is ugly just because she’s fat. That does not make her face ugly, which her face is very pretty!! Some of these I was thinking, wait, who is the ugly one??? Tori Spelling’s Husband is pretty hot. SJP and Matthew B are the same attractive level. So are Keirsten Bell and Dax Shepard. This was a weird list.

  • Frank Castle

    “Beauty” is Skin Deep…. It’s ALSO in the eye of the beholder !
    Seems to me, most of the “really pretty” faces are HEAD CASES these days!!! Better a relationship with a real “PERSON”, than a real “pretty” AIRHEAD!! LOL!!

  • Cynthia Meely

    Sometimes it’s not about looks, but by how well you are treated. This truly one of the most shallow articles I have ever read.

  • Reva Cordray Braman

    What disgusting segment. Love is not about looks. Seems the author of this is uglier inside than anyone could be on the outside.

  • Carolyn Bunkley

    This is one of the most offensive articles I ever didn’t finish reading. It’s mean, fatuous, and shallow. So what if the spouses don’t fit the writer’s idea of attractive — apparently, they are all nice people. As I have heard said more than once, beauty may be skin deep, but mean goes clear to the bone.

  • Debra Lessard

    I agree. Only thing ugly is this author. YUCK

  • laurenceofberk

    Stop publishing this negative excrement.

  • nan d

    #9-Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shahe Smith. I copied and pasted the below from the article:

    “Brosnan, who is still healing from the devastating loss of his adopted daughter to ovarian cancer last year, has been spotted out and about lately riding bikes and relaxing on the beach with his less-than-glamorous wife and is very vocal about how much he loves her.”

    I really think that this person needs to be reprimanded for this stupid and useless article. I am totally offended by this. I wish Pierce and his wife Keely would sue the hell out of this website, magazine, reporter, writer or whoever they need to sue! This makes my blood boil!!

  • Jayme84

    Who are you to decide who’s ugly? They love their significant other, so what the hell does it matter? Your attitude alone makes you no prize.

  • Betty Hicklin

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But to most of us – we see the spirit of the one we are looking at. Someone that has a loving, caring spirit we see beauty not what the world calls flaws.

  • JanaP2108

    I personally find Keely Shaye Smith quite attractive.

  • Kathleen Schultz

    I don’t think Sarah Jessica Parker or Tori Spelling are good looking at all. I also don’t think that it’s nice to be calling people ugly because you don’t like their looks. Cheating on your spouse is ugly.

  • Pcat

    So, if there spouse is fat or gets fat, ugly by Hollywood standards therefore they should toss them aside like day old garbage. Shallow Hollywood and you know what I find interesting these people have the strongest of marriage; whereas, the celebs that are “perfect” together are the ones that always break up and divorce.

  • Constantine

    I’m delighted to see so many responses agreeing with me. What a hateful article! I, for one, find some of the “ugly” spouses very attractive indeed, not that it matters.

  • Melvin Moore

    some people don’t marry for looks…money, fame , even love may come into play…shame on you for this article!

  • ZohrehDaly

    This is just so mean. How do you think those people would feel reading this? These are not ugly people. This only thing that is ugly is the cruelty towards these people. Be the good in the world. We have enough of the bad.

  • Melvin Moore

    lets get this straight…did pierce brosnan lose his wife or his adopted daughter to ovarian cancer???

  • JPeron

    How utterly tasteless. What kind of cretin would write such an article?

  • Brooke Hoecker

    I feel dirty after reading this. Not very nice….

  • igotplans2

    Why would anyone write such a thing? I’d really love to see what THEY look like on the outside, because we already know what they’re like on the inside.

  • redhandpaddy

    Where is barack and moochelle?

  • Jay

    Tori is the UGLY one here, she’s freaky looking, quite possibly the ugliest female I’ve ever seen and the harsh god awful over done makeup doesn’t help. AND she and Dean were BOTH married when they hooked up, she didn’t care he was married and had a new baby, she’s a cheater just like he is, they deserve each other, and she deserves whatever he puts her through. Only reason he’s with her is because of the money she may inherit from mommy!

  • Jay

    Sarah is the ugly one here, Matthew is average looking but NOT ugly, Sarah has a horse face, whoever writes these articles needs glasses!

  • Jay

    Good god, he’s married to THAT? Oink, oink, oink, what is wrong with her?? Get to a doctor, exercise, get some help, why would anyone want to be a huge fatty married to handsome Pierce??

  • Marcianna

    Omigoodness – what a terrible article. Who writes such terrible things – these are couples who are in love, who have families, success and talent. What are the rules on who is allowed to be taller or shorter or their eyes are too close together or too far apart. I don’t know the author’s definition of ugly, and I do not care, but to put Keely Shaye Smith in such a category is outrageous! She is a gorgeous woman as are all the women shown and the men are all nice looking men as well. What a miserable life the author must lead to be so very shallow. That is who I feel sorry for.

  • kikid26

    Aside from the fact that I think this is an abhorrent article to write for myriad reasons, after scrolling through the list I’m not sure who this “author” is considering ugly in these couples. Though the spouses may not be stunningly handsome or beautiful I would hardly call any of them ugly. The only ugly thing about this article is the writer and their intent.

  • Lori

    Just because some of these people are a bit more average looking than a celebrity, does not mean they are ugly. That having been said, Keely Shaye Smith really does need to lose weight.

  • Iole17

    What the author says about everyone is shameful, however the one that really gets me going is Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith. Whoever this author is, how dare they!

  • Sara

    I bet if you were to ask the “good-looking” celebrity about their spouse, they’d say their spouse was the most beautiful or handsome person in the world to them. That’s as it should be. Their relationships are really no one else’s business anyway.

  • Chez Echeverri

    This article is infuriating. If Pierce loves his wife just the way she is then who are we to judge. And by the way, Keely is beautiful regardless if she’s gained any weight.

  • Nana Berry

    This has to be one of the rudest articles I have ever seen. Rude!

  • Amber

    WOW! how superficial can you be? If you pay attention these couples have
    defide all Hollywood relationship laws.They can actually forgive and
    work through relationships woes! NO ONE IS PERFECT! Some of them have
    been together since 1997! They love unconditionally, are not fake, do
    not love for superficial reasons and don’t care about monetarily gains.
    Shame on you for picking on THEIR long lasting and romantic
    relationships! Who are you to call anyone (you have never meet) ugly
    based on the way they look? That is Horrible! I can’t believe this is a
    website and that you are proud to share it with everyone! Why don’t you
    post your picture and also a picture of your significant other (If you
    have one) and we will judge you based on your looks and nothing else.
    How would that make you feel? or how would the one called UGLY feel?

    Married 13 years, ugly or not, we LOVE each other in the true sense of the word forever!

  • Fee I am

    ☞☞☞☞☞☞☞Whom ever wrote this article is a miserable loser!!!!

  • Laura

    this is awful journalism. Whoever approved of this story should be fired along with the writer.

  • Hollie Newmyer-Hayes

    Would love to see what the celebs in those photos would have to say about the horrible comments that have been made about them. Just terrible…

  • Nathan

    Loosing? Really? I believe you mean losing.

  • Ragdoll Annie

    Wow! Just whose standards for what is “beautiful” and what is “ugly” were used
    here????????????????????? Shame! Shame! Shame!

  • saucetin

    Writer’ hasn’t the ovaries or testes to attach a name. 100% cowhard.

  • saucetin

    Writer’ hasn’t the ovaries or testes to attach a name. 100% a cowhard.

  • Robert R Ramos

    Sarah Jessica Parker looks like she has a foot for a face.

  • xoxob

    I cant stand this. how could someone write such a mean and untrue by the way article. shameful

  • Jessie Davenport

    Who made you judge and jury on what’s attractive. How about this I find this article very unattractive……..

  • operaetta

    So Hugh Jackmans wife is ugly because she’s not 19. What was he supposed to do, trade her in for a younger model? Pierce Brosman should kick his BEAUTIFUL wife to the curb because she’s not a size two? This is one of the worst articles I have ever had the misfortune of reading!

  • deb

    Ugly and overweight are not the same thing, and who is this author to say someone is ugly? God made us all and we all have a beauty inside us, it’s up to everyone to look to see it. If their partners married them that just means they saw that beauty and are cherishing it. I have seen “beautiful” people act so bad that they became ugly and “ugly” people give of themselves to the point they were some of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.

  • Jessica2248

    these couples love each other and it’s not because of looks. not one of these people is ugly.

  • Jessica2248

    whoever wrote this article is mean and lonely!

  • mdmros1 .

    Could not believe this article at first glance and am refreshed to read the backlash of comments.

  • Debby

    That has GOT to be the stupidest, tactless, insensitive article that I have ever seen. To actually call the celebrities partners ugly. Someone is not wearing big person panties and thinking like a big person.

  • Barrack

    Matthew Broderick is dating a horse? Is that legal?? Opps my bad, that is Sara Jessica Parker. It is so hard to tell the difference

  • CreoleGuyTy

    Crap like this is the reason aliens don’t give us things like cures for
    cancer. This is the worst example of a human being who dares to judge
    others on their visual appearance while hiding behind an LCD screen.
    This is the sort of person that made other children hate going to school
    when they were younger for fear of being harassed and bullied.

  • Dags

    This is alwful, first of all Dax is adorable and how shallow of the writer, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, who the hell is anyone to judge!!

  • shimie

    What this article fails to remember is that Keely Shaye Smith was a brunette bombshell when they married and a journalist with a career. Her weight gain, whatever the origin, appears to have begun with repeated childbirth. Hormonal changes in the body can affect set points. She was and still is a beautiful woman, though her weight gain has masked her earlier beauty. To bad this woman’s worth is being measured by her weight.

  • Suzanne Harb Mackay

    All these people are healthy and ‘normal’ looking, how many people with scars, facial disfigurements etc. wouldn’t love to look like this. As long as they love each other – who the hell cares. This shallow attempt and media nausea was just to get a response out of us. These people are great- I’m sure when the jackass takes off his/her makeup in the morning – he ain’t no prize!

  • Dianna Edwards

    Beauty is not only out side looks,it’s what skin deep inside that makes a person beautiful. You have to look within a person to see there beauty.

  • I don’t see anything ugly about any of these people. What an awful article, especially considering how much bullying is in the news these days! The only thing ugly about this article is the article itself. The writer should be ashamed! I am ashamed for just reading it! As long as 2 people love each other who are we to judge them for it?

  • NJ Female

    Keely Shaye Smith has a thyroid problem. You made a very unfair portrayal of her.

  • Fry Rhoda

    People who Judge the overweight people have the issue. They do not understand what that person is really going through. Or that it may be a medical issue and that she may not be a glutton. Folks overweight can starve themselves and not drop a pound. So back off the overweight people unless you walk in their shoes.

  • KD

    RE: Pierce and Keely-This is by far the worst picture they could find of her (and it isn’t even bad). She is actually very beautiful. What is even more beautiful is how openly in love with her he is…What is wrong with this author?!?

  • Baltimore Hon

    Well you all are reading it, just like I am! It’s like a car accident…you dont want to look but you have to!

  • lyoncub78

    The ‘author’ of this article needs to turn off the computer, crawl out of their mommy’s basement and get some therapy to try and shake off their obvious bitterness towards people. The only ‘ugly’ person here is the one who wrote it.

  • lizzieinmanteca

    This slideshow is like a sad little game to see if you can guess who they are calling ugly without reading the pathetic copy.

    I would like to see a photo of the author, that might explain a lot.

  • bdiddy

    Really?? Tori Spelling’s the beautiful one???
    Interesting………..not really.

  • Rick in MI

    Okay, I get it that this author is a jerk. But, with ALL due respect, just because Tori Spelling’s daddy’s rich, does NOT make her attractive… unless you find a racehorse sexy. I never understood why anyone ever saw in the nag.

  • TaLisa Martin Nemec

    I always thought Pierce was “hot” but he has never looked hotter than sporting his love by his side – who happens to be on the heavy side. WOW! There is more beauty in this relationship than the ugliness vanity will ever know. And….Keely…if you happen to read this….you are beautiful….it is the author of this article who sports true ugly.

  • Rick in MI

    Tori Spelling is hot, really? Only to those who like nags… and I’m talking race horses.

  • Kathie Stempski Mervyn

    Some of the so-called beauties are the “ugly” ones here. As a matter of fact, I didnt see ANY “Ugly” spouses. How can someone publish this kind of tripe? Shame

  • yagga62

    who wrote this article?

  • TheOneandONLY

    I agree! The Author is just awful! Put some pictures up of yourself and let us be the judge… PLEASE GET A LIFE!

  • bd5671

    True love is not determined by looks and status. I am glad to see that some famous actors do not aspire to the notion that arm candy/attractive stars have to marry to be thought of as beautiful people. Marriage has nothing to do with your beauty or your partners: it is about commitment, compassion and compatibility. Shame on you Hollywood, for making us think otherwise.

  • MarisaLynn

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Brie Stoll

    hmmm…. so many things on here are awful. This is mean spirited and not even accurate.

  • disqus_dsX9HKPmEo

    Articles like this really make me resent ‘Merka and its ridiculous obsession with hollyweird and looks.

    So shallow and brainless……..


  • RKE

    Come on…let’s just call SJP a horse face….she is right? We all saw Family Guy!!!

  • Angela Maldonado

    Ok… I think Pierce Brosnan’s wife is better looking than him, but I think I will refrain from writing an article about. Super shallow

  • IFrum1934


  • Jaye

    Why would you call them ugly. The “good-looking ones” aren’t that great either.

  • Jaye

    I can believe Tina Fey had problems dating.

  • Riconui

    So between SJP and Matthew Broderick, which one was the ugly partner? (Personally, I think SJP is a Tranny).

  • Coke

    The name of this article is terrible. There are no ugly people!! You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • justfedup52

    I thought everyone here in the picture were beautiful…They love each other…
    Guaranteed the writer of this article is ugly inside and out…

  • gemini

    A person once said ” Love is blind” and “Beauty is only skin deep”. It is a lucky person who finds their soul mate or the love of their life. We should all be so lucky to find that special someone. I sometimes think if we were all blind maybe we wouldn’t be so judgmental of others. We would only “see” the kindness and good in others.

  • Teresa

    I agree..shallow and so offensive. Completely out of line.
    As suggested by others, let’s see the author’s picture so we can all judge you.

  • Katherine Bryant

    I totally agree with Mom2kids. We are all beautiful to the beholder you jerk.

  • ann_h

    I can’t believe this article saw the light of day and I’m a horrible person for continuing through to the end of it. It was like a car accident you can’t tear your eyes from. Then I realized I was reading it to see just how horrible the next item would be. I can’t decide which was the worst…and the author has no grammar skills either. For god’s sake to not catch the difference between “lose” and “loose”? Good grief. Icing on the top of a foul cake.

  • Leo Gates

    No deeper than a wading pool and just as childish. I haven’t heard cruel platitudes like this since high school.

  • Niki Bruno

    What a load or rubbish written by some single person with no love in their lives, I neither saw anyone as ‘ugly’ or ‘overweight’, I saw couples who loved each other. Only people who are ugly on the inside are ugly on the outside even if it ‘looks’ like they are lovely, if you are beautiful in the inside you are beautiful on the outside, it shows either way.

  • Linda Patterson

    He is a nice looking man, don’t know what he sees in this horse faced woman, she is just plain ugly.

  • Rana Alandary

    How superficial is this author? I’m still trying to find who is ugly in this article? They are all in happy relationships or were, which meant they were loved and were beautiful to their other halves. I cant believe this even got published…

  • DaveMBeck

    with a full nod to how shallow this is, SJP has NEVER been attractive. She only acts likes she is. Bueller is much cuter…

  • gillyn

    The VERY INTERESTING thing about these couples is that they have been with their mates for significant number of years. I challenge your interpretation of “ugly” which offends me because in my eyes, NONE of these people are what you describe them to be. They are NORMAL looking people….not injected, plumped up, pushed or pulled back to look like they went ten rounds with Mike Tyson, no breast that enter a room before they do, no lips that are grotesquely enhanced, no cheekbones that defy logic, no females that THINK sexy is looking like their 11 year old brother. I am sure the mates of these people you deem “ugly” are laughing at all the people who fit the above descriptions, because they realized early on that REAL beauty outshines, and out lasts fake, artificially enhanced body parts any day. they have the REAL thing, and they are truly grateful…and they know this.

  • gillyn

    I had to take another look at these photos…and again, I don’t see what this author is seeing. What I would like to see is a picture of THIS author so I can really have something to compare. Maybe that is why his or her picture is visibly absent from this piece….and maybe that is a good thing.

  • Ragdoll Annie

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just whose standards for what is “beautiful” and what is “ugly” and what is “sexy”were used for this story??????????? Shame! Shame! Shame!

  • jaydeebee

    So where are the “ugly” people? I seriously had to read the captions to figure out who was the one considered to be “hot” and “ugly” in each picture. They all look like normal people to me. Beauty is subjective, but an ugly attitude is recognized by all–and this author has one.

  • metracie

    Wow, apparently someone isn’t talented enough to write real stories and has to rip on other people. I’d love to see what kind of “10” you are, that you can judge others so freely, but we can already see that by your lack of character.

  • Rasheed Abdul-Aziz

    Good thing appearances do not define people 😀

  • Cliff Chandler

    There is nothing ugly about Hugh’s wife at all. I agree the author of this needs to get their eyes checked badly and at very least taken out back and beaten like a red headed step child.

  • seriously_not

    Wow, So Rude & Ignorant, This Author Should Be Ashamed 4 Being Small Minded & Perpetuating A Distorted View of Beauty, A Completely Shallow Human, Shame!

  • I didn’t read all the comments but agreed with 100% of the ones I did read, the ones that stated this “article” was ridiculous! For sure. One thing that’s ugly is the authors jealously for all these people; they all probably make more money than he/she does!

  • Ronaldo zaiser

    He made a deal with the Devil get Beyoncé ,but he is very smart business man

  • madlyncole

    Beauty if fleeting, but the feeling you get when you’re with the one you love is not. How you feel about one another and treat one another and honor one another is so much more important than looks. Those who are obsessed with outer beauty will never truly find real happiness in life. So what if someone is not a size 4? So what if he doesn’t have Brad Pitt looks. There’s so much more to life than looks. Let’s get over ourselves, Hollywood. In spite of what you think, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

  • tankeh

    The ugliest person is the one who wrote this article.

  • rosieb4444

    Who the hell are you to decide who is ugly and who isn’t?

  • duckman0605

    Keely Shaye Smith used to be so hot. She was especially hot in Huey Lewis’s “Happy to be Stuck with You” video.

  • Lydia Lilli

    The author of this article is “UGLY” on the inside for being so awful!! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you idiot!

  • jeffwarren2

    Come on, Tori Spelling isn’t exactly “ugly”. Oh, there were saying she was the “sexy” one…woops!

  • me

    whoever wrote this is stupiiiiid!!!!

  • Barbara Miner

    I think Jay-Z is wayyyyyyy too good for Beyonce, and tori-dean…I hope you meant tori is the ugly one, cause dean is a hunk

  • AJ

    I cannot believe anyone actually wrote this. Utter scum, this is vile and made me feel slightly more than just sick to be of the same species. Who has the right to say what is beauty? Only garbage judges people this way, with a very small mind.

  • skipsart

    Good for you, People. Looks like we all mostly agree that this author is so very shallow for writing this article.

  • Really?!

    Wow, this is the ugliest PIECE OF WORK I have ever read. First off, not a single person in the world should ever be called ugly EVER. But to do so in an article and publish it like this is mean spirited and absolutely ugly. The author should take a look in the mirror – and there you will see ugly. Ugly inside, ugly heart, ugly spirit. Pray and ask to be changed.

  • Sue

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think this is a very mean-spirited article!

  • ffajaz

    Tori Spelling beautiful? you have to be kidding me

  • ffajaz

    Sarah Jessica Parker is far from glamorous and fashionable

  • shafawn

    ALL of these people look perfectly fine and beautiful in their own right.

  • Veemee

    This article should have been called, “the ugly things people say.” The author should take a long look inside….reflect and reassess what made this kind of journalism important enough to him or her to share with the rest of the world that is trying to find the beauty in as much of all of God’s creations as possible! Think about it this way. How do you tell any father or mother his child is ugly? How would you tell God any one of his children is ugly? Or maybe, you just don’t believe in God in the first place, or you don’t fear that you are disappointing him with the attitude this whole article articulates. When all is said and done, and you are standing before him, what positivity will you have to account to in your existence as he took the time to create each one of us the way he needed us to be physically?

  • Tom Brewster

    “ames Bond should be able to get any woman he wants, but the 60-year-old is sticking with his overweight wife, Keely Shaye Smith.” This is like a pop cultural trainwreck. I can’t stop reading. I guess that means you win.

  • angelicvh

    This is a horrible article, adolescent.

  • nlcatter

    tori spelling is the ^&**( one

  • AFMomXs2

    The ONLY one who is UGLY is the AUTHOR !! No doubt INSIDE And OUT

  • Ellifane

    I believe that the author needs to look up the word ugly in the dictionary. I didn’t see a single ugly person. Maybe the author needs glasses.

  • JBee Keller

    Not reading this article, just wanted to say you are a hack for even posting something so shallow and worthless. Enjoy your day job.


    The people responsible for this article should be ashamed of themselves. I bet they’re 10x “uglier” than anyone on this list.

  • Paul

    “Despite the fact that Brosnan had pledged that he would not marry after LOOSING his first wife to ovarian cancer.” The word is LOSING (to lose, to not have anymore!), not LOOSING I don’t even know if that’s a word. There’s LOOSENING (which means, to make less tight!). I’m sorry to get off point, but I see this mistake too many times by people on discussion boards and now to see it by the person writing the article itself is just unbelievable! Sorry. Now, who is this author to judge these people’s looks. The heart wants what the heart wants.

    • Loosing is technically a word (To loose…. or set free), however you are correct. It is used incorrectly quite often.

  • joy houston

    agree with Mom2kids this was a very ignorant article that why this world is so messed up so much unnecessary hate

  • Carrie Read

    Pierce Brosnan’s wife may have a little extra weight on her but I think she is lovely. This list is appalling. 🙁

  • Margie Gunderson

    “Ugly?” “Ugliest?” How low and mean-spirited can you get? What’s interesting is that a lot of these couples have been together a long time, so what does that tell you? Maybe some people are just jealous of others’ happiness and have to find ways to tear them down or make them less perfect.

  • Betharoni58

    Pathetic. Very few of the people shown were ugly. And so what? Character means so much more than looks, Very mean spirited.

  • Lorlyn Loch

    I really haven’t seen ugly people – I see differences in people’s appearances, but no one ugly. Besides, we have no idea what each persons personality is like and it is very possible these people married the ones they chose because of how that person made them feel or what they felt when they were with them. It just goes to show that looks are not everything like society and some would like you to believe they are! I honestly feel that whoever wrote these things about the people shown above in these pictures is mean spirited and blinded by societies molds.

    A huge KUDOS to Pierce Brosnan for loving his plus-sized wife and vocalizing this to the public. Wish there were more men who were comfortable with us plus sized women!

  • Frantix

    A coward at that, I don’t see a name on the article.

  • Lacie Westbrook

    Top 10 Most Ridiculous Articles Ever Published: 1. This article.

  • bobwhite11

    Broderick is much better looking than she is…..

  • rn

    the people who wrote this article are shitty. I think, in some cases, they have declared the wrong person the ‘good-looking’ one and why do they assert that love is dependent on looks and a small waistline. Shame on you.

  • JTtuck

    Disgusting, worst list every. As folks have said, shallow, highlighting the worst of our culture

  • Anne Marie Murphy

    This article shows how shallow our society is!

  • SandyIam

    As for the “Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott” couple…. Um, Tori is the UGLY one, she always has been, even as a child…..Dean is quite handsome!

  • Sam300

    NONE Of the below people are beautiful. Many of them are downright homely. Their spouses are equal to or better looking.

    Tori Spelling = horse faced and ugly. Her husband with his oddly close set eyes MATCHES HER in the averge to ugly looks department

    Kristen Bell = Not all that attractive. But her spouse is uglier than her so she looks better looking standing next to him.

    Hugh Jackman = Not all that attractive. He matches his spouse in looks.

    Sarah Jessica Parker = horse faced and ugly. Her husband is equal to or better looking than she is.

    Tina Fey = cosmetics make her decent looking but even with make up she is only average in looks and below average without make up. Her body is nothing special.

    Clive Owen = This guy has a strange head shape with a grossly shaped lower half of his face. He is homely. His spouse is equal to or better looking than he is.

  • Heidi K

    I find this whole article disgusting, and with regard to Keely Shaye Smith, there is nothing ugly about her. Is she overweight? Maybe. Is she ugly? No, not by a long shot. It’s really sad that we live in a such a shallow society where so many people equate being beautiful with being thin.

  • donalda

    Wait a minute. Did the author say Tori Spelling was beautiful? BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

  • Stan_Hooper

    Disgusting article.

  • wynnosu

    “Beautiful???” Tori Spelling is “beautiful?” Good Lord. Someone on this page needs some eyeglasses. Did you ever see her father? She is a dead ringer for one of the homeliest people ever. Even with all of her hair styling, makeup, clothing, specialty lighting, and airbrushing, she is still dog-dirt ugly. As my grandfather would have said, “those two would scare the crows off a gutwagon.”

    And as far as people being upset over the shallowness of this article, lighten up. Yes, it is childish… if the subject matter was serious. However, celebrities are the most shallow, insecure people in the world and crave attention by trying to do whatever they can in public to impress the photographers. If they don’t measure up, then call it like it is.

    A shallow article by a shallow writer about shallow people. Who cares?

  • Gloria Amidzich

    What an insulting and offensive title for this article. I’m a firm believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Frankly, I don’t agree with the writer’s perception of who is the more attractive member of some of these couples. But shame, shame, shame on the author for offering such an offensive article.

  • Dawn

    I am glad to look down here at the comments and find I am not alone in thinking who ever wrote this article needs to be fired and apologize in public to all this people. This is the most disgusting article I have ever read!

  • sinjin405

    Horrible. Ugly significant others? Wow. What an ass.

  • Dana

    And who made this author the authority on who is handsome/pretty and who isnt? Cannot believe how shallow and arrogant! Maybe these couples have lasted because they care about each other and not just the Hollywood version of beauty.

  • Colleen Phillips

    Wow – I always thought Matthew Broderick was adorable. How could anyone think he’s ugly?

    Ugly is a matter of personal opinion, and that opinion should be kept to oneself. i admire celebrities whose taste in partners is more than skin deep. It shows they have depth of character, a rarity these days.

    I’m disgusted by our society’s obsession with youth and beauty, like those slide shows that are supposed to be of celebrities who haven’t aged well. Guess what? People age, it’s a normal thing.

    When my daughters were little, people would always comment on how beautiful they were, and I would always say, “Thank you, but the most important thing to me is that they be beautiful on the inside.”

  • James Brown

    This article is just absolutely awful and tasteless. What would motivate anyone to write such garbage?

  • Mel

    So many grammar and spelling errors! But what else should I expect from such an ugly and juvenile topic? You seriously need something else to do in life if this is the best article you can come up with.

  • msknowitall

    Had to stop clicking through when I realized the only thing worse than this article was me looking at it! The author should be ashamed.

  • Leo

    I see there’s no author credited to this story. I can’t decide what’s worse, the idea of the story, the juvenile insults, or the punctuation, grammar, & spelling. I stopped counting at 25 misspelled words.

  • Bluestocking

    This story is both mean spirited and inaccurate. The only ugliness I see here is the (presumably) undergrad intern who came up with the idea in the first place. By the way, a man in his 40s remaining in love with his wife over 20 years – as they BOTH age – is no something to be denigrated.

  • Crystal Walker

    I can’t imagine anything more ridiculous than someone spending actual time compiling these photos and info, and then getting paid to put this on the internet. Journalism is dead.

  • rdhded

    what an awful person you are! What in the hell is wrong with you to write such a shallow, judgmental piece of crap. Let’s see your picture and a picture of your significant other so we can judge.

    Oh wait – I have evolved past judging people based on their looks.

  • EA1414

    What a mean-spirited article! Wow..so incredibly shallow!

  • tevii

    All you complaining about the content STILL clicked on it… that was the ENTIRE point. That is how articles like these get made. It causes a click thru meaning money. Suckers

  • Rachael Singleton

    True Love, it goes past just looks. There is more to love than looks. It also appals me what you think ugly is, these people are beautiful!

  • Noelle Olson

    the single most-disgusting article/list I’ve seen lately. What next….”celebrities married to people we want to spit on” ???

  • Kelly Reid

    How ridiculous. Most of these people are far from ugly

  • Misla

    What a mean-spirited article. And I am not sure which one is supposed to be the ugly one in two of them…I find both SJP and Tori Spelling to be less attractive than their husbands, but they way it was written, it seems they were supposed to be the good looking ones?

  • Guest

    Someone is confused! Even if Tori Spelling’s husband is a cheater, he is much better looking than she is. I have always thought she was weird looking!

  • Elizabeth Dery

    How rude.

  • Jelena

    how absurd!!! she is considered the ugly one b/c she is over weight?!?! She is beautiful and I totally disagree they made the list… remove this couple from the list ASAP as for the rest… to each their own.

  • Clo

    This ‘article’ (does it even deserve a journalistic label?) is a terrible display of societal beauty standards. People do not chose their spouses by looks but by the content of their character. Reading this was painful and I regret even clicking though it! It was cruel, rude, and shallow.

  • crimethink

    Tori Spelling, “beautiful,” LOL!

  • Barbara

    I hear what most of you are saying but I have to admit..Tori Spelling is actually the UGLY one in that relationship BECAUSE of all the plastic surgery!The other couples all seem really normal and nice to me!

  • Siggi Ming

    I find it disgusting that the author is so ridiculously mean and hateful.

  • Can we see a photo of the author of this article? Oh and their spouse please. Thanks.

  • Shelly Kidwell Johnson

    That’s a real man!! And she is beautiful!

  • Lorraine Sullivan

    I think this list says more about whomever came up with the idea in the first place. Ugly/beautiful are subjective notions at best, and some of these people may not be beautiful, (in some people’s minds) but they are far from ugly (again, in some people’s minds). ‘you’ however have an ugly mind to think it is okay to put together such a mean ‘article’ give me an ‘unattractive’ person with a beautiful nature over a ‘beautiful’ face with a mean personality any day of the week. as they say, beauty is skin deep, but ugly cuts through to the bone.

  • Ant G

    What is so effed up about the article is that none of the spouses are what I would call ugly or unattractive people!!! Whoever wrote this has issues & should obviously get from in front of their “command center” in their mom’s basement & get out more!!!!

  • Constance LaRosa

    I don’t know a thing about these people but I do know that we must learn to see the heart and not what is on the outside. I hope that we can also learn to do that in the political arena and look to see what a person has accomplished for the good of others and not by how well they can give a speech or what color their skin happens to be.

  • Anna Aytes Clark

    What an awful article and written in such a mean spirit!

  • Cindy Ecton

    This article is disgusting! How hurtful for those who are being labeled “ugly”. And I would be so ashamed of myself if I were this writer.

  • David Winkelman

    I am soooo glad to see others feeling that the only ugliness in this story is the authors tone. I admit I was hoping to see beautiful people hooked up with people who were in fact butt ugly. Hey, I’m sorry..kinda like having to look at a train wreck. But instead found some shallow keyboard puncher trying to make something ugly out of what is clearly not. It has been said that you don’t pick who you fall in love with.

  • errol529 .

    Owen and Fenton met in 1998 , The pair tied the knot in 1995 ?

  • errol529 .

    How about an article with photos from the year they met ?

  • newshound74

    I am ashamed that I even read this article. The catty comments…that are pretending to be a ‘story’ are a ridiculous! And what’s with the ‘overweight, expanding waistline’ comments? Where’s all the heavier actors and their skinny model like wives?

  • CindyCee01

    What an awful article! No wonder our kids get confused, we are constantly teaching them to love and respect one another and hateful social media such as this is teaching them the opposite. Shame on the thoughtless, shallow author who wrote this – how much hurt and destruction such a diabolical article can create.

  • Kaili

    I’m DISGUSTED by the author of this article! Keely Shaye Smith is deemed “ugly” because she is “overweight” WTF?!!! I wish I could gain weight and still be as glamorous and beautiful as she is! I think the author was just mean here. Just acting like a cyber bully. GROW UP!

  • LeauxWeez

    I hope these people shown in this piece of garbage article don’t see. Pierce Brosnan’s wife isn’t ugly at all! Just because she is a full figured, REAL WOMAN doesn’t mean anything! Pierce Brosnan probably CAN have anyone he wants…He chose Keely. I have been overweight and thin, some people DO treat you differently according to your weight. The way I chose to deal with that was like this: If I wasn’t “worthy” enough to be your friend when I was overweight, then you aren’t worth me wasting my time or energy on you now! Because to tell you the truth…If you didn’t like me “fat”, you sure as hell won’t like me “skinny”!

  • Melinda

    Half the time until I read the article, I wasn’t sure which person they thought was ugly. Love is about more than looks and in my opinion, I think they are all attractive in their own way. After reviewing the comments, I’m happy to see most of us think this was a stupid and shallow article.

  • dmommmie

    How could you call these people “ugly?” I had to read each caption to determine which person was the “ugly” mate. Horrible!

  • Skegeeaces

    None of these people are “ugly” per se and Matthew Broderick was quite the cutie when he was young!

  • Skegeeaces

    And Pierce Brosnan’s wife is STUNNING! Being big cannot take away from her beauty; just look at her face, skin, and hair! Lovely. She wear weight well.

  • Debbie Shannon

    Mean article!!! And I cant get back the minutes it took me to read it:(

  • Denise Masters

    really ? and as they say — “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder “

  • JJ

    This would have to be one of the worst examples of ‘journalism’ I’ve ever seen. Not only is it disrespectful of the spouses who are ‘supposedly’ ugly, there are blatant mistakes in the reporting. “Clive Owen & Sarah-Jane Fenton met in 1998 and tied the knot in1995”????
    Why isn’t there a photo of the reporter so we can all take pot shots at him/her? They haven’t even had the guts to put their name on their piece of work, which only goes to show what a piece of work they are.

  • kcdee41

    How dare the writer pick and choose who they think are ugly. They talked about 007 wife being fat and overweight….how dare you people….this is bullying by cyberspace!!

  • tired

    this is the most disgustingly shallow slideshow ever! And the nerve to call tori spelling a beauty is beyond me. This writer must be blind

  • Ironweeds

    Salma Hayek married money plain and simple.

    • Brian Fitzgerald

      I will of course never meet Ms Hayek to know who she is but you may be on point with this flip observation. I remember some years ago Salma Hayek dated Donald Trump and his magnificence tossed her aside to pick and choose from a plethora of gathering supermodels. She was too short for him he said (Salma is 5’3 and Manhattan Potentate and Palm Beach Lord Donald is, once his comb over has been coiffed, stands a pompous 6 foot three.)

  • Angelia Messina

    Reading over the majority of the comments, I am so happy to see that people are in agreement that the writer of this story is beyond shallow! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty comes from within and it fades over time.

  • BtA

    Seriously, Keely and Sarah-Jane? Bet they’re a lot more attractive than the author. Wouldn’t it be nice if this were just a celebration of couples in love instead. Of course, I’m the one who got suckered into reading by the title, so I’m not without blame here, but you’re so off base and mean it’s not even funny.

  • Harry Bawls

    Tori Spelling is the ugliest female to disgrace the screen. The only reason she is not warming up burger patties at Burger King, is her father’s stature in the industry. Sarah Jessica Parker is lucky that Tori is alive. Otherwise, she would be the ugliest actress alive. I haven’t seen Sarah in the Garner ads recently. I assume that is because their makeup can no longer hide the ugliness of her face.

  • M Roybal

    Yes, I have to say I am shocked by this article! Really… the heart and soul have needs and wants much greater than solely to looks of a person. Mean spirited, for sure!

  • FemelleChevalier

    Is this a clickbait article? If that’s the case, congrats on your participation in this shameful trend among bloggers. This is awful.

  • littlecarnivalgirl

    Did Pierce Brosnan tell the author this “fact?” “In fact, 007 needed to introduce more intensive workouts into his own routine to balance out her influence on his eating habits.” Or is it sick assumption by a hateful and shallow author who is too chicken to be named on their own article. I read this knowing it was going to be shallow but even knowing that I’m pretty disgusted. The majority of these marriages are recorded as being longer than 10 years already, that probably beats Hollywood’s normal average by at least 9 years if I had to guess.

  • Motorcity Mouth

    Ew. Dean and Tori are equally ugly.

  • Ned Lynch

    I cannot believe what passes for journalism. The Enquirer is above this.

  • Wow, seriously shallow writer here. And who are you to decide who’s ugly and who isn’t. Bad article, bad writer, and five minutes of my time wasted that I’ll never get back again.

  • Elisa

    Personality and Loyalty are the real winners not Looks, FYI these people aren’t ugly. There is such a thing as “if you don’t have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all” Celebrity’s are humans with feelings, you should have kept your thoughts to yourself and not plastered all over as if these they don’t have feelings. Karma can’t wait to kick you in the butt, you need Jesus in your life.

  • singwell

    what a horrible article. to publicly label people as ugly shows a nasty heart.

  • Teresa Poland

    I think that saying someone is ugly is not very nice. It shows that the ones that get married to people that are being referred to as “ugly” married the person because of an inner beauty that they can see and appreciate. At least they are not looking for “trophy” mates, but they are probably trophies to each other and that is all that is important.

  • Debra Andrada

    What is ugly here is the fact that someone is making a page about ugly spouses…and I just don’t see it – in fact, what’s ugly here it the fact that there is even a page here and I actual looked at it. Shame on me….


    I really didn’t see any ugly people. I think perhaps less glamorous, or glitzy, or even plain would have been kinder. But these people weren’t ugly at all.

  • Patty

    The writer of this is the ugliest of all. What a disgrace. Look it the mirror – you will crack it.

  • Celeste Kovachi

    It’s a good thing these spouses have the ability to see more in another human being than the author can. Whoever this shallow jerk is, they’d better be 100% perfect.

  • MurphyG

    This is sooooooo mean!

  • Stephen Briggs

    Celebrity doesn’t make one beautiful. Being a non-celebrity doesn’t automatically make a person ugly. Being partnered with a celebrity who is considered beautiful (that most of us wouldn’t look at twice if not for their celebrity) doesn’t diminish your attractiveness – it is unkind actions, and mean-spiritedness that make people ugly. Some of the most physically beautiful people can be the ugliest. Give me kindness any day.

  • Jen

    I will never, ever, ever understand why people call Sarah Jessica Parker beautiful. She’s really, really not. She’s got a longish horse face and a funky nose. I think people are confusing her fashion sense for beauty. (Full disclosure: I am a pig.)

  • Jen

    Oh – and Keely Shaye Smith has a thyroid disease that caused her 50-lb weight gain, but she still rocks it at the beach in a bikini. Go her. 🙂

  • lakotahope

    Heck, I get it with Beyonce and her husband..whoever he is…I’m not into rap.. But, he is fortunate in business and in marriage

  • Storch

    This article is an example of poor journalism and bad taste.

  • Sandi Mann

    I quickly skimmed thru comments (while checking the UP button on just about all) & noticed not one single comment as far as I got, gave this article a *disagree* …there’s hope for the human race, after all! 🙂

  • KM

    This woman (Pierce Brosnan’s wife) is beautiful. What makes a man sexy is partly his looks but 50% of what makes him sexy is how he treats a woman. Brosnan is sexy. Here is the shallow part of me, I have never thought Jessica Parker was a beautiful woman. I think people fell in love with her character. If we’re going on looks alone, Jessica Parker is no bombshell. Jax is hot. I don’t know what the author is thinking.

  • Lisa Skarell-Schulman

    I stumbled upon this and I am aghast. Someone seriously put people who love each other up on some dumb ass list to make one of them prettier than the other? How hateful, petty and sad. We should all do better things with our time, myself totally included, more so for reading this silly post. I will donate 10 dollars to charity (st Jude’s) to make up for the bad 10 minutes of gossip I just read, Will you , please? xo

  • Lavina Frenando

    I beg to differ on the ‘Ugly’ … some of these photos aren’t complimentary … but others I have seen of these exact same people would be classed as glamourous! Bad form.

  • dorky

    it’s a mean article. I will say though, seeing 007 there, it gives me hope, although all the men my age seem to want 20 year olds! lol 🙁

  • Amy

    This is abhorrent. How can people in this day and age sit here and think it’s ok to do this kind of thing. This is why our children are growing up with self esteem issues and eating disorders. Pierce Brosnan’s wife (for example) is a beautiful woman and all they can do is harp on her being overweight. I won’t be visiting this website any more.

  • Jeane Williamson

    Thank God for some clear thinking below! We are ALL created in God’s image which makes us ALL beautiful. The only thing ugly is that someone would even think to write something like this…and someone else would publish it!

  • dianegordon

    OMG! Is this stupid, or what? In several pics, I couldn’t tell which on was “beautiful” and which one was “ugly.”

  • k.r.

    This is just stupid.

  • SunnyDoctor

    There is beauty in love and when in love, you see that beauty. This article, while a curiosity generator, makes such sad commentary, I pity the writer. Not to mention the errors in using “then” instead of “than” and not knowing the difference between “loosing” and “losing” which shows me this is nothing but crap written by crap. To even put this mean spirited bunch of sentences together is meant to do nothing but make someone feel badly. Sad, sad, sad.

  • marymrevis

    I’ll just attempt to overlook the grammar /wording mistakes in this article by the *cough* writer (if the term can be applied here) and say:
    Keely Shaye Smith and William H. Macy both seem to be total sweethearts. Who the F cares if Mrs Bronson gained weight..her HUSBAND adores her and that’s the main thing. As for Mr. Macy? well HELL I think he is pleasingly cute. Mr. Macy also adores his wife and has sung ever so sweetly about her with a ukelele. I’d take him, his sweet smile and nature, over a chiseled man-idiot any day of the week. To the writer of this article…the ugliness YOU show is glaring.

  • Jute Wood

    This article is a sad commentary on humanity. Blind, ignorant and mean!

  • shelly

    Question: How much money does the authors of these incredibly stupid discussions make? It really is because of asinine thoughts like this that girls are hanging out in the bathroom after eating a meal or that 16 year olds are wanting nose and boob jobs in this country. Pierce Brosnan is a very respectable man who has shown time and time again his loyalty to his family before his career. At least these stars aren’t so ignorant that they didn’t over look a real love because of a stereo-type set by a moron!

  • Chaos14124 .

    Frankly, I didn’t think anyone featured in this stupid article was “ugly.” I’d like to know why the person who wrote this article thinks it’s their place in life to point out who’s attractive and who’s not. How shallow to view a loved one by their appearance. I bet the author of this article is some young guy who thinks he’s all that (and he’s not). BTW, he should learn grammar before he puts down other people. LOSE means lost, LOOSE means something doesn’t fit snugly. He apparently doesn’t know the difference between these two words. Get a real job!

  • peter gozinya

    Not sure which one they’re calling ugly with Tory and Dean.

  • Melody Bracken

    I was appalled that there would even be an article about stars and their “ugly” spouses. “ugly” is in the eyes of the beholder and I too found myself wondering which was the ugly one. The only thing that is more appalling, is the fact that I even read this article. Frankly, I am ashamed of myself for doing so

  • Gareth Nicholas

    Who ever wrote this article. You are DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • Dena Anderson

    what a shallow article. They should take this crap off here.

  • Voluminous

    Partners described as ‘ugly, ‘fat’, ‘old’, ‘hairy’ and ‘short’. Was this article written by a 13yo girl by any chance?

  • spd1275

    14 Sexiest Celebrities With Ugly Significant Others

    Details of website added in an attempt to publicly humiliate both the writer and the publication.
    I am both stunned and shocked at this trash. it is obvious the writer has never been in love with anything other than a mirror. Hey, I m 61 years old and my wife is 58. When I look at her I see the most beautiful person I have ever met, and I mean it. Yes, there are a few more wrinkles and graying hair. Had our relationship been based upon perceived looks either of us might have discarded the other long ago. Neither of us EVER discusses our intimate lives with anyone else, so no further discussion of that issue is required.

    I truly feel sorry for this writer, who has clearly missed out on a wonderful relationship with a truly amazing partner. Had I been included in this piece of “journalism” I believe we would attempt to get in front of a jury so the writer could publicly explain their views.
    What trash.

  • Michelle Anne Reynolds

    shame on the author. SHAME!!!this is one of the rudest articles I have ever read. Who the hell is the
    author to judge what is ugly and to whom? Every person has something to
    add to a relationship. Just because someone else doesnt see it doesnt
    mean they made a bad choice. How shallow this world has become. Shame on
    the author.

  • Jodie Low

    Totally agree the person who wrote this is hitting way below the belt with rude comments about peoples weight and looks…..so I guess the writer (if you can call them that) is perfect on the outside cause their insides are ugly with those comments…..this write is a bully!!!!

  • 2girlsincollege

    “Brosnan had pledged that he would not marry again after loosing his first”..it’s LOSING. So on top of your pathetic article you can’t spell.

    • Matthew Andras

      I guess that makes the author a looser.

  • anpel

    Don’t know how you can call Matthew Broderick ugly; bad picture but I’ve always thought he was very attractive

  • anpel

    SJP is attractive and fashionable but not beautiful in a classic way imo.

  • ali

    I’ll admit it, I got sucked in to this garbage because I was curious which celebrities are able to see people for who they are, and not their looks. Many of the couples I couldn’t tell who was “ugly” (I KNOW you didn’t just call Ferris ugly!) But, WOW, Pierce Brosnan has a hefty wife?? There is hope for this world after all!!

  • CC1966

    seriously, this author and anyone who helped contribute to it are…well, there’s no polite word for it…you know what you are. and if you can look at your own ugly soul in the mirror after an article like this…well, you have no soul, so i guess there’s no point. shame.#douchebags.

  • tami

    I am thinking that the article was put up just to see how many people are actually reading them, since no one can find any author who wrote this. Poor choice of topic, even if this is what I think it is, Shame on you for even thinking to put this up. We try to teach our children to love themselves just the way they are, and idiots like this who write these are not thinking of the damage this does to people with self esteem issues, and we wonder why there is so much bulling and mean things going around in this country’s schools.

  • HavocNHell

    Wonder what the author looks like. Maybe they need to show their face and their better half to allow us to judge.

  • haunani

    This shit is just mean. The “beautiful” ones are probably shallow, full of themselves and probably make it known to their “ugly” ones quite often. As a society, this is what we have sunk to.. gauging a persons worth by weight.

  • Carla C

    Worst article ever written. What the heck is wrong with people. The only ugly thing here is the writer.

  • jnd

    What a spiritually void author to even be so hurtful and shallow..

  • Lily Ranger

    This article is manipulative, biased and mean spirited. Words like, ‘dweeb,’ and saying one spouse’s “…tiny eyes [are] so close together, is it even possible that [he] can appreciate his wife’s good looks?” are obviously the author’s biased view against ‘regular, average’ people. In several photos it isn’t even clear which one is supposed to be the ‘ugly’ one.
    One interesting thing to note: one of the Disqus rules is “Don’t be a jerk.”

  • Carmen Cruz

    The Author should show his/her pic to see if HE IS UGLIER!!!! how terrible

  • James McInnis

    I guessed the ugly one wrong in both the Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott and the Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick entries. Or did I?

  • James McInnis

    I prefer the word “repugnant” – it’s so much gentler than “ugly.”

  • Leisha Young

    I love the “he/she’s way out his/her league”, if that were really the case THEY WOULDN’T BE TOGETHER!

    In all honestly the reality is that these people are around good looking ‘shallow’ people all the time. When they meet someone of substance, they are instantly attracted to them.

    One of these guys is a composer, another an author, I’d be damn attracted to that too!

  • Bob

    I am not sure who the ugly one is here – is it SJP? Matt Broderick is not ugly and rest assured if you remove SJP’s makeup she would be pretty hideous – so i’m confused.
    Next r u going to tell me that the karddashian sisters are all naturally beautiful??

  • screamingflower

    I bet the author of this piece of trash has trouble looking in the mirror, because not only would they see an UGLY reflection staring back at them, but they would also see into their own soul, and realize that there is no word to describe the ugliness that they see looking back at them. These kind of people only feel good tearing others down, because they are defective as human beings.

  • MDB92


  • Princeandrey

    Yes, it’s shallow–shallower then shallow. But they miscalculated too. It stops being interesting round about #5. I guess there is ugly and there is beautiful–more or less objectively–but I really saw nobody “ugly” there; some rich middle-aged men who were not especially handsome, but not ugly. Some of the “stars” are not necessarily beauties either, but so what???? Mostly, the author of this nonsense has the sensibilty of a not-so-smart pre-teern.

  • disgusted

    I don’t normally feel the need to comment on posts/articles/photos but I just CANNOT believe how unnecessarily horrible and trite this article is. You should feel supremely depressed that you will never get the time you spent writing this atrocity back – shame on you!

  • tcby32

    this article is everything wrong with our society. love sees past ideas of physical beauty and goes to the important things, the heart and mind. to whomever ok’ed this failed epically

  • Tammy Noel Smith

    I usually don’t browse these types of articles,and now I remember why! I feel as if I revisited my high school with all it’s drama and silliness.You mean to tell me,that with all the famine,orphans,political agendas going on,THIS is what’s important to you?!?! The only thing I will take away from getting on this sight is to never get on this sight again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sondra

    The shallow, thinly veiled nastiness of this article leads me to believe it’s been written by a 14 year old girl. Seriously? It’s articles exactly like this one that contribute to the poor self images of so many people! And quite frankly, many of the celebrities, whilst attractive, are not ‘the hottest thing in town’; but we have come to love the characters that they play or the way that they portray themselves in a music clip, and it is this ‘personality’ (albeit a fake one) that makes their star shine a little brighter for us. Just like in real life. The true character of a person shines through, regardless of outward appearance. Step outside ‘author’ and take in the real world.

  • Katrina Bowlin-Mackenzie

    That just goes to show you that most people don’t judge the outside but rather love what is on the inside, unlike the author of this.

  • Jan2013

    it annoys me when people call Sarah Jessica Parker ugly, she was very attractive when she was young and aged gracefully and still is attractive.

  • Levvy

    Vile, looked at the first and was disgusted by what the so called journalist had written. If this is the only thing you can write then may I suggest a change of career. The comments made about the apparently ‘ugly’ partner are dreadful. Its reinforcing todays obsession with looks that are leading many of our children down the path to anorexia/bulimia and even suicide. This is the first and last I will ever be looking at anything on this site.

  • Joy Bernstein

    Seriously, ugly?! What is ugly is the sentiment expressed here. These people are simply normal and not plastic, and attacking their weight or their looks is petty and mean, and says more about the ugliness of the soul of the writer!

  • tessorbeth

    So cruel and unnecessary.

  • Jacqueline Whalen

    Disgusted by this piece.

  • Dax Shepard isn’t ugly by any means,your nuts!

  • Gamer LoZ

    Author is horrible! The author is the ugly one. What an ugly, disgusting, shallow personality.

  • Bernadette Clarke

    you are one crazy B….. You need to see a psychiatrist who can sedate that mind of yours.

  • Dori Schaffter

    Who the heck do you think you are to determine what is or who is ugly? How callous a human being (I say human being loosely) are you? You do realize writing and/or editing an item such as this shows you to be an ugly individual…???… All people are beautiful, you just have to open your eyes and see them. It does make me need to ask though: Do you consider yourself the sexy one, or the ugly one?

    • Un Lys

      Thank you! A+ comment.

  • el jeran

    journalists used to be the most educated and brilliant minds in America, they set the tone. Those days are so over. Sad. Really sad.

  • Dori Schaffter

    I still think this is not a well thought out article. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. SJP to me is no better looking than Matthew Broderick. Oh well.

  • Dori Schaffter

    Good for Pierce Brosnan. He went for love and respect; and not eye candy. With the struggles this family has gone through they have found a rock for each to lean on.

  • Suzanne Sutherland

    I can’t read this article anymore or look at the pictures. Absolute Hollywood drivel. There are more important things in the world.

  • Kneecie Monteiro

    REALLY??? UGLY?? WOW!!!

  • lady irsis

    this just shows that these actors are truly beautiful inside and out they know true beauty lies within a person not on the surface their spouses must be really awesome people truly beautiful

  • Tara Brown

    Wow really mean. I can’t believe I actually clicked on this. Shame on me.

  • Michelle Hayton

    people do not fall in love with appearance, they fall in love with who the person is inside! If it is only the appearance they love, that is not real love and it will fall apart. None of those people looked ugly to me, they looked unique! We are human beings and we are all different. Our differences are something to be embraced and not criticized. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is purely subjective. A person may seem beautiful on the outside, and yes it may get them a good modeling career or whatever, but if they are ugly on the inside, then their beauty is only a mask and they are going to attract people to them who are going to take advantage of them and then leave them. I am not subjective and I always try to see the inner beauty in every human being! There is nothing wrong with looking good and loving fashion and makeup, but it should always be done to express your inner self and not to hide who you are!

  • Hank

    Wait, Tori Spelling is the ugly one, right?

  • valerie

    Good for MR BOND, James Brosnan!!!!! you tell it like it is!!!! so proud you deeply LOVE your wife:)

  • Un Lys

    I guess the author of this piece doesn’t understand that it’s what’s inside that counts.

  • janierock

    Wow. They have a lot of these backwards. And “ugly” is a huge stretch with regard to Keely Shaye Smith.

  • Janelle

    I think she’s absolutely beautiful…..she just DOESN’T wear a ‘ton’ of make-up –

  • ekayr

    SJP?????????? Matthew Broderick IS handsome. She is HORSEFACE-butt ugly !

  • Walter Comer

    Amen, folks. This kinda thing is why, if my wife is watching Project Runway, I leave the room.

  • Sammer

    I think the Ugly people are the one’s who did the story. These are people who have picked a mate because of the love they share. Beauty fades but love and seeing people for who they really are last’s a life time. Shame on the people who publish this kind of crap.

  • BigGuy

    None are ugly. Some of the guys look plain in these photos, but could easily have far more handsome and sexy looks with a haircut and new clothes..

    Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Jackman, and Clive Owen are all married to plain looking women who are emotionally much stronger than they are. “Pretty boys”, straight or gay, can be like “pretty girls”: they demand lots of attention and reassurance. Most women who are as attractive as those three men would not possibly have the patience to live with them. Very attractive women are usually very uncomfortable going out of their way to “mother” husbands who are even more attractive than themselves. They cannot understand or sympathize with a handsome man who is very needy and immature. They would grow hoarse from saying over and over, “Grow Up” and would eventually leave.

  • Robert Johnson

    I think that the author is pointing out that some people are able to look past the appearance and get turn on by who the other is inside. It is a gift I don’t have. I wish I did. I in truth am not much to look at now. I admit my standards were to high and I paid for it with a life of being alone. The actors are better than that or me. Good for them.

  • Mia

    I can’t believe a writer was paid to produce this dross? This is the ugliest article i’ve seen in a long time.

  • KiaJ

    What a very cruel article. True beauty often can’t be seen, someone needs to do a little house cleaning on the inside and stop being so concerned about outward appearances.

  • pamela

    ~~ Wow !! I couldn’t believe some of the hate this person exuded with this article .. wtf is wrong with you ? “Clive Owe
    n gets better with age but his wife doesn’t” .. how the hell can you even look in the mirror and not be praying to God for some kind of human heart .. you should be ashamed !! I hope your mom knows how much of a hater she raised ~~

  • mandate

    Pierce brosnan after ‘loosing’ his first wife??? What, was she tied up or something???

  • AnginBuff

    This article is just mean. Seriously, it’s just mean. It drew me in enough to click on it but fortunately my conscience kicked in and I stopped reading it. How about the author post a picture of themselves up here and let the world judge them?

  • Iris Plumeria

    Keely Shaye and Pierce Brosnan have true love , wow , you don’t see that often enough!

  • Ericandamanda Monteith

    wow this is just mean spirited! I feel sorry for whoever created this and the people they blasted

  • Joules

    A lot of these couples seems matched look wise to me. It’s hard for me to pick the one that would be the “ugly” spouse as they are both unattractive to me.

  • dvanilla

    Sadly someone can say hurtful things to lower others self-esteem. That can cause depression or some kind of sadness in a person to call someone ugly. Author you should be ashamed of yourself, such unprofessional skills.

    God doesn’t make mistakes.

    Psalm 139:14
    14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

  • dvanilla

    Sadly someone can say hurtful things this can lower self-esteem. That can cause depression or some kind of sadness in a person to call someone ugly.

    God doesn’t make mistakes.

    Psalm 139:14
    14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

  • Charlotte Shafer




  • BoruBrian

    For all of those who complained about being shallow etc, I bet you still clicked through the pictures, so the site met its target for advertisers.
    It is a delusional world to think that the physical appearance is not a critical factor of employment for most of the folks on this list. The hyprocrisy of the outcry is part of the reason people will watch their stuff is to leer at their physical attributes. Do you think Jackman gets the part if he is physically unfit? There are not many actors on ANY list who would be labeled as ugly and still get an A list movie.

  • Diane DeMarco

    Is it me? I think Matthew is better looking than Sara Jessica Parker. She just has nice hair and wears nice clothes but she has a long skinny face and a big nose.

  • Jacqueline Buckley

    Why call people ugly, we can’t help how we look (unless you are surgically altered).I think this article is very mean and uncalled for. If the people with them don’t care then who the hell are you to bring it up. Disgusted

  • Breed4youRights

    Some you can’t tell who’s the fugly one !!!

  • TXMel

    And what about all the “beautiful people” who have been with lots of partners! I will take William H. Macy anytime over Tom Cruise!!

  • MT

    Who wrote this story, Tori Spelling? That’s about the only person I think that would call her attractive. And by the way, Pierce’s wife may be big, but she’s got a better faced than most of these “pretty” people.

  • Jimmy Neutron

    I think you need to reconsider who the attractive one is for both Tori Spelling and Sarah Jessica Parker’s relationships. Hint: It shouldn’t be either of the aforementioned.

    And Sacha Baron Cohen is not a bad looking guy.

  • Damian Richards

    I’m sorry, TORI SPELLING is the beautiful one? Someone’s for this backwards!

  • Bina Wigand

    Pierce Brosnan wife is far from ugly. She may be a large woman.But she still has a pretty face. And whom ever wrote this article is a shallow asshole. U have a ugly soul dear author!

  • Mike Currid

    Just so I’m clear, it seems the major concensus of commenters is that it’s acceptable to judge someone’s writing and article as awful but unacceptable to judge someone as being ugly. . . . . Since both views are subjective and cast the same “i’ll be the judge of good or bad” judgement, I’m not sure the posters are much different than the author of the article. In today’s culture, it’s acceptable to lash out at people as long as you can convince yourself you are right. Now let the fury begin . . . . .

  • Mike Currid

    This is not an exact number but it seems 98% of the commenters on this story are women. . . . . telling in it’s own right. Write an article with the words ‘beautiful’ OR ‘ugly’ in it and women will come out of the woodwork like moths to a flame. Then you have the 2% men who just like to come in and laugh at the turmoil. Too funny.

  • Ford Truck

    There are no really “ugly” people on this list. There may be a few average looking people, but most people ARE average. All this story says is that there are indeed a few Hollywood people that are not “Shallow Hals.” Shame on this author for putting this story together.

    Oh ya, I want to see a photo of this author to see how “ugly” they must be.

  • Andy from Bklyn

    THE only ugly thing about this….are the people responsible fpr making it get to print…how shallow are we to judge what is beautiful in anyone’s eyes…..only the shortfalls of human’s are capable of that

  • GA Latino

    This only makes me respect each star more, especially Pierce Brosnan. True, unselfish love is enduring. Shame on this author for even encourage us to look at anyone on here as “ugly”. If a person loves you and is always there for you, they’re BEAUTIFUL no matter what!

  • Endeavour

    How shameful to write such things! what do you look like ? what about your wife or husband , your kids, your Mum or Da how would you feel if some one was starting to write about those you love like that ?? you must have a sad, dirty soul !!

  • Pam Sexton Woodward

    You truly don’t know the “beauty” of a person until you know them and what’s inside them. This is an awful opinion and I hope none of these people see it.

  • Oh, really

    Beauty is only skin deep…but ugly is to the bone.

  • PeterPat

    Everyday people who don’t wear tons of make up to look faked up. No ugly people here. Why do I keep reading this junk?

  • Sharon M

    Last time I checked, Beauty is in they eyes of the beholder. And this article is just so
    mean spirited, Are you saying heavy weight people cannot be pretty?

  • ja67

    I agree with Mom2Kids. The supposedly ugly spouses are lovely. Next time someone writes nonsense like this, they should post their own photo.

  • Endeavour

    very sad review and mean review. This will make insecure people even more insecure how would he writer feel if someone said that about them, their spouse, Mum, Dad or children…well probably awful. This is sad and irrelevant and actually illegal

  • StampOutLiberalism

    Tori has an affair with a married man, now her husband. So, she shouldn’t be surprised that he has cheated on her with other women, after all, he cheated with Tori while being married. What does she expect? These two people have little integrity or morals, as evidenced by their willingness to engage in an affair, when one or more parties were married. Sleazzzzzzy.

  • Michelle Dashiell

    beauty is skin deep. how sad of the author to align him/herself with an article like this

  • blixx

    Just wanted to put my 2 cents in here, Who are we to say who is the ugly one? These people fell in love with their significant other and if you or I find these people “ugly” we need to do some soul searching because “beautiful” and “ugly” are only words and words can hurt! I am disgusted with this idiot that wrote this article and I wish I had not read it because now I’m ashamed of myself for doing so. What I think is great is these people stand up for their spouses and are staying true to their vows no matter what, which is rare enough in this day for the rest of us let alone celebrities. This is why I will from now on be looking forward to seeing these actors in the future.

  • Steve Bohne

    There’s not a damn thing wrong with pierce brosnon’s wife…what the hell’s wrong with you?

  • nursenettie

    How absolutely horrible,hurtful and shallow of an article!!! The author definitely needs some kind of therapy!!

  • Vera Pianto

    There is more to beauty than just LOOKS!!!!

  • bigfanofconnecticutskatie

    This is ridiculous. Dean is a LOT better looking (and without the cosmetic surgery) than Tori Spelling ever was.

  • Jenn Wakely

    well that was not nice. But also not nice was the suggestion that sarah jessica parker is the good looking one. what?? that’s ferris bueller and he’s as cute now as he was then! She looks like a horse…

  • scarlett

    this is one of the meanest things I have ever read. These people have feelings too. No body has the right to decide who’s ugly and who’s not. SHAME ON YOU!

  • Brian Fitzgerald

    Is the “author” of this trying to be a polemicist or this article simply holding up a mirror to our trash tv culture? Obviously this nonsense is visually illogical and repulsively condescending to any human being who matured beyond the 7th grade. I feel ugly for having scrolled through it. I have rewarded the parasites @ celebromance.com.

  • Brian Fitzgerald

    Sheely Kay Smith is 50 or thereabouts and she is a pretty woman at any size. It says something out Brosnan’s character that he is one woman man and has not dallied with blonde no talent celebritant in her early 20’s.

  • Brian Fitzgerald

    Deborah Lee Furnace is 58 (13 yrs older than her more famous husband) She is a late 80’s Australian movie called “Shame” where she is quite good in a feminist vigilante role. A handsome woman is how she once might have described. Strong underrated actress. She plays toughness and strength without appearing to be acting.

  • Brian Fitzgerald

    … and one last thing. Can we all stop typing abuse at one Sarah Jessica Parker. From all accounts she appears to be a nice person, a charitable celebrity, and a loyal and supportive wife to her husband. She has aged like the rest of us and SJP should be commended for NOT having plastic surgery! So many actresses have and Ms Parker seems to be comfortable in her own skin. Good for her. She looks like she is a vegan and a fitness disciple. This may be the reason for her super thinness which gives Sarah Jessica a more “severe” look. She has pretty eyes and an engaging smile.

  • Andrewg

    This article fairly well sucks. Part of it is unfair criticisms, particularly of Brosnan’s cute wife, and part of it is reverse realities, kind of the SJP thing. SJP is an idol for yentas and only for those that see the world as they wish to see it, not the way the other sex sees it. The female writer of this crap should constructively be made to understand that it IS crap.

  • Rubbly

    im halfway through and these people arent ugly.

    saying sarah jessica parker is better looking than her partner is funny though

  • Steve Dolphin

    Tori Spelling? I usually don’t hear anyone talking about her beauty. Contrary to what the author writes, 1/2 these women were not the best looking one in the relationship. And Pierce Brosnan’s wife was better looking that some of the others. A little heavy, but cute and I’m sure her personality shines compared to the divas of Hollywood. Just maybe at 60 he wants a nice companion and not a nightmare mental case.

  • Peter Horsman

    What a cunt you are to write and post an article like this, and what a coward you are not to put a name to it

  • DC

    Ugly feature by people who are uglier on the inside than anyone could ever be outside. This is my first visit to this website, and will be my last.

  • Christina

    What a tasteless “article”. The author probably graduated at the bottom of their class and only has enough experience and intelligence to write about the most simple-minded concepts: personal perceptions of beauty and the criticizing of others… “There are no uninteresting things in this world, only uninterested people.” Similarly, there are no ugly people in this world, only people who do not find them particularly attractive.

  • Malcolm Tyler

    What an awful article and person you are. Why did you feel the need to write this garbage? Does it make you happier calling people ugly or did you just need to write something for your editor so they don’t fire your ass?

  • Sam’s Mom

    The title itself “with ugly significant others” is so fricking insulting. I hope the actors see who wrote this article regarding their loved ones and refuse to do any media associated with that reporter. Sickening.

  • disqus_ZOSMh0illA

    What an ugly unfeeling author, why don’t you parade out your spouse so we can make ugly hurtful remarks about them.

  • Evelyn Lopez

    This is one of the most hateful and disgusting articles that I have ever read. The author is a disgusting pig.

  • HowdyNeighbor2

    Never coming back to this site again. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Must have a bunch of 16 year old girls working for you.

  • coldshot1723 .

    Sara Jessica Parker and Tori Spelling are FAR from beautiful.

  • jla7747

    Pierce Brosnan’s wife Keely Shaye Smith is very beautiful. In fact she looks the best out of every woman who they just showed besides Beyoncé`. People are so stupid. Just because someone is overweight doesn’t make them ugly and just because somebody is skinny doesn’t make them beautiful. There are many overweight people in this world who put skinny people to shame on looks.

  • Gabi

    uhm rude? NORMAL people love eachother for who they are, looks fade. and who is this author to judge? so much wrong with this world.

  • Dan

    Salma Hayek is 47 years old already?!!

  • Roy Franklyn

    Hey Yankees! What is beautiful to you? Having a lot of guns? Shoot to children in schools? Making wars? You are the country with the highest number of obese people suffering from diabetes and heart disease around the world, so avoid writing these shallow and insulting…”articles”.

  • Memoi

    Tina Fey the whole package? She is neither attractive or talented. Dax Shepherd is hotter than his wife as is Dean McDermott. And Matthew Broderick is cute. None of the spouses are ugly. Maybe they arent supermodels but they arent ugly.

  • willymayshayes

    Shallow and shallower! some more “mainstream” eye candy for the picture readers!!!
    I don’t follow the Enews type stuff, but the title really stuck out. It’s like people hate their own lives soooo much that they have to make sure they can get others down a notch when ever possible.

  • smoothshoperator .

    The person who wrote this article is more ugly than any of the people I see mentioned here.

  • Veronica Towers

    I had a hard time figuring out which of each couple was the less attractive. Most mature people prefer to be with a comfortable companion rather than a bratty beauty. Celebrities who base “commitment” on good looks alone wind up in divorce court frequently.

  • Hilllll

    #1 both are fake liars cheaters and manipulators of media. Both ugly!

  • Enise

    I am honestly in complete awwe at this slideshow. How is this even allowed to be published and put all over the internet it is disgusting to say such things to these PEOPLE. Because yes they are human and no human is perfect, i’m sure the writer of the slides is also not perfect. I am truly disgusted!

  • chillj

    In many of these couples I can’t tell who the supposed good-looking half is from the bad looking half.

  • SueG316

    Seriously? You think Sarah Jessica Parker is the looker in that relationship?? What planet are we on???

  • SueG316

    Oh please people! Are you expecting us to believe that you have NEVER, EVER, EVER judged someone based solely on their looks? Of course you have! So put your superior self-righteousness aside and settle down. Sheesh!

  • rushisavietnamwarhero

    This is a classless and mean-spirited article, especially where it implies how “challenging” it must be for the “beautiful ones” to not cheat on their spouses. And to make it worse, it puts down the “uglies” even more for their apparent lack of success. Has the author considered that maybe the spouses of the good looking stars put their own career on the back burner in order to support their spouses (and in turn strengthen the relationship)? I found many of the women deemed “ugly” by the author to be very good looking. What’s ugly is the author’s mind; he needs to go back to his elitist fraternity party and stay there.

  • Joyce Mason

    Nothing disgust me more than people calling other people ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and looks has nothing to do with love. I wonder what the author of this post looks like?

  • Christine Schaeffer

    So many of the female celebrities that we consider flawless and gorgeous are only beautiful because they had the money to afford plastic surgery, special personal work out trainers, expert make-up artists and hairdressers. If you could only see what these people looked like before they had all of the above advantages, you would not be so impressed, they would look just as ordinary as the rest of us.

  • vickers

    The Website is called “Celebrity Romance”, with a banner links of “Dating News”, “Marriages”, “Dating Histories” and “Celebrity Index”. Did anyone expect an in depth analysis of world current affairs? Its a gossip magazine people; the article is something one would expect from such a publication. If you don’t want to read shallow guff, I suggest you look to other sites for reading material; getting up on your high horse is simply about self gratification through self righteousness.

    • selahgreene

      No, it’s about giving appropriate feedback to losers like the author who judge ugliness in others and publish it; and to losers who sop this garbage up.

  • orrdoggery .

    This author. Wow, what a twat. Someone’s got some insecurities.

  • CassieHamilton

    No one in these photos was ugly. At worst, you could say they looked like average people. For some of the couples, I thought each half looked equally matched. This just makes me sick.

  • Kathleen Melzard

    I agree 100% with you!

  • Lee

    Tori and Dean are BOTH hideous. Inside and out.

  • Mary Scouten

    Who is this author to decide what is ugly or beautiful I agree with Mom2kids the only ugly thing here is the author.

  • acanter

    Terrible article – what a waste of time.

  • dfmr

    Debra Lee was beautiful…then the nose job

  • dfmr

    Keely is a beautiful large woman. Not everyone likes skinny.

  • Kn Black

    The only reason I’m looking at this site is to write this comment, I wont read any more of this trash. The only thing ugly about this article is the fact it was written. Why waste the electricity on this site, delete it now.

  • Ellemshaye

    Here’s a tip: If you want to write, even if it’s for a trash celebrity website, you should know the difference between loosing and losing. (#9, second paragraph).

  • Carl Bowman

    It’s not the looks it’;s the tongue that counts

  • Anne Taylor

    I think they are both ugly. Have you ever seen Beyonce’ without her makeup. Creepy

  • Anne Taylor

    She looks more like his mother.

  • disqus_QPbG1K7QHA

    Not a very nice title, writer…..where’s your photo?

  • MagicJesus

    Tori looks like Jiminy Cricket in drag…

  • Karyn Handy

    Keely Shay Smith is beautiful. It is totally uncalled for referring to her as ugly. Shallow is an appropriate word for this call.

  • Karyn Handy

    Is this really necessary???? What is ugly here, are shallow people.

  • Ord

    where do you get off calling people’s spouses ugly? I hope some of the celebrities find you and punch your lights out

  • Mum2B

    Maybe it should be pointed out that these couples love each other – which looks to me as the common factor. And you can see how much more important that is, with the relationships long lasting and “away from camera”… compared to the celebrity relationships expected by the world today, where both are considered “good looking” but lasting a very short while!

  • annajrc

    Said who?? The beauty is a very subjective thing.

  • Patrick O’Brien

    Love is love man, there is no logic to it……………..the heart wants what it wants. Also, if all you look for in a potential partner is good looks, you are destined for a life of misery.

  • Joanne Dixon

    This may be shallow, but the author got it wrong in the case of Torri Spelling and Sarah Jessica Parker. They are the unattractive ones. But I guess in Hollywood anything is possible. All in the eye of the beholder.


    This is completely ridiculous. This article disgusts me.

  • Carla Stutte-Barreiro

    Seriously, all I saw was the title to this article and was disgusted. Seriously this is what is wrong with America. If we look at people and judge like this, we will never have meaningful relationships. This author must not have any kind of meaningful life and I really feel sorry for them. If someone loves you and you love them back, that is a beautiful thing that surpasses all outward appearances.

  • anna2556

    Come on people. This is not the New York Times or some sort of motivational flyer. It’s a list of who the author thinks married outside of their league. I have to agree that I didn’t really see any ugly people on here (except for Jay-Z…I don’t care what you say; he ugly). I find it astonishing that you expect journalistic integrity and a Kumbaya spirit from this article, and why the hell did you click on it if you think everyone is beautiful and all that touchy-feely crap?

    Don’t put too much stock into this stuff. It’s just for fun. No different than reading about a woman giving birth to dog-boy in the National Enquirer. Even the text written to accompany the pictures is full of crap. Like the one for Elizabeth Banks where it states the only reason her husband proposed was that after 10 years together, he felt he owed it to her. Totally out of context. The true quote from Handleman was that after 10 years together, he owed it to his wife to completely surprise her with the proposal…he wanted to make it special. See? It’s just a bunch of BS fun. Don’t take it too seriously. Except for couple number 1. LoL

    • Ugly is STILL a relative term as is beautiful. IOW, That’s YOUR opinion. You kind of contradicted your whole argument in your opinion of Jay-Z.

  • Denise Pracht

    Wow! This is the most offensive article I have ever read. It is hurtful and judgemental. I am offended for these people. I don’t see one ugly person in the bunch. Who authorized such a rediculous article. Can’t you find something more relevant to report on. Desperate much?

  • Phoenix57

    G**damn people are so mean… What the hell does this say about our culture? Suppose this led to something tragic? All the things we tell our children about bullies and bullying, self-image and self-worth stops at Trendy Blvd. in Hollywood doesn’t it? If it’s Hollywood, well that’s a different subject isn’t it? We can be as cruel as we want to because the “holy twins” are involved: cash and fame….

  • Grandpas Delight

    Ok. I admit it up front. I got to the first slide though and then realized, this is probably the most shallow piece of journalism I have seen. So long. This is really dumb and I cant believe I clicked….moment of weakness I guess. Folks go find true meaning

  • katyladygolfer

    This is just nasty. The author ought to be ashamed.

  • Mary E. Brennan


  • andresthegiant

    I don’t know any any guy who thinks Tori Spelling is hot. She got a job on a show that her father produced. One of the downsides of being on TV and movies is that people judge you on your looks. That’s just the way it is. People are talking about how awful it is here but you need to remember that the price you pay for having an extremely easy life for which you are grossly overpaid is that people judge you on your looks. And sorry, Tori Spelling is an ugly girl who landed her role because of here daddy. And daddy set her up for life. And her husband is better looking than her and she hasn’t had a career since daddy died. I don’t begrudge her for it but let’s live in reality here. She was an ugly girl playing a hot girl on TV – I can’t remember another TV role where a hot girl didn’t play a hot girl.

  • MRA

    the author/editor of this article should not have been allowed to write anymore, judging people by their weight, are you kidding me? I think she’s beautiful and looks much younger than Mr. Bond….sheesh!

  • Bradley Schuman

    Tacky, at the very best.

  • girlfrydee

    Dean McDermott is the beautiful one and his wife the ugly

  • Brandon Engelman

    Sarah Jessica Parker is not attractive

  • Helen

    Ugliness is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Melissa Marshall Phillips

    I am disgusted by this. No wonder the world is going to hell in a handbasket!!! Shame on you for posting this

  • Robert M

    Ok Mathew Broderick isn’t Hugh Jackman but he’s not a bad looking guy either, give him a break. And its not like SJP is so great looking

  • popgasmstreet

    whoever wrote this awful article is a mean, soulless person. to that person: one day i hope someone publicly calls you or your children ugly and you can see what it feels like.

  • Paul

    I’m sure the author believes that someone’s worth is in the attractiveness of their shell. Hopefully he/she won’t breed.

  • DankoRamone

    Sarah Jessica Parker is the ugly one in her relationship, as is Tori Spelling. More than just being wrong in those two instances, this shallow waste of cyberspace typing is poorly written, with not just bad grammar, but also the use of the wrong words at times. “Woes,” and “woos” are two very different things.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    The sole aim of this “feature” is to get people onto the site – no more, no less. Imagine the high-fives & braying laughs in the office when some wag suggested it. Money for old rope. And it worked! Congratulations, Celeb Romance!

  • deusexstigmachina

    None of these people are ‘ugly’………bizarre, do you think you will get sued?

  • Meowhiss

    Tori Spelling is not a beauty… sorry ..

  • Aaron Saltzer

    This is entirely your opinion. Other people would beg to differ, and some would think that beauty is on the inside.

  • BabZee

    What an ugly article! At least the–no doubt–perfect human who wrote it harshed on men as much as women, who are usually categorized as A. a babe or B. a dog, whereas most men get a pass for being somewhere in between. Whatever happened to plain, homely or a just face with character? Yikes!!!

  • Allen Boyer

    I also had a hard time telling which one was the ugly/goodlooking one for some of them. I can understand this being party talk amongst friends. Lets face it we all judge other people on some level. I consider myself to be pretty thick skinned and feel most people are offended way to easy. That being said; to print and post an article on the internet does seem mean spirited and very inappropriate. Just because thes people are famous does not mean they don’t have feelings. Maybe those people already feel insecure about their looks. Once I started clicking through the pics and reading the authors comments, I did start to feel bad for them.

  • RioGato1

    It might be that these supposedly “beautiful celebs”, have chosen their mates for their character, integrity, and depth, rather than the superficiality of good looks. Yeah, I read the article, just to see what the author deemed ugly. I think the author could’ve used another adjective rather than ugly. As I read the article, the author continued to slander the “unattractive” spouse, and think, isn’t it sad and pathetic this author has to ridicule others in order to get his or her article on line.

  • Annette Theresa Barrett

    now I know why I love the stars on this thread. They are as beautiful inside as outside!
    they don’t love according to anything but what the heart dictates. This really shows that opposites do attract

  • pamriker

    Well, I’m sorry, but I think that Keely Shaye Smith is a good looking lady. Just because she is carrying a few extra pounds doesn’t make her ugly – on the contrary!

  • Sydney

    I’m wondering why so many people seem so surprised by such a non-event article? It’s not as if gossip related t.v. shows, magazines, newspapers, internet sites, etc. haven’t published this type of thing before (?). O.K., so some celebrities are quite good looking, while others not so much. Beyonce is gorgeous, while her hubby is … well … not so gorgeous. But that’s what they have in common with everyone else in this world. Most people on this planet would probably fit into the “average looking” category …. so why should celebs be any different? That said, I doubt that any of them would really even care about articles such as this one ……..

  • Okwaho1

    Tori is the ugly one. That face would stop an 8 day clock!

  • AMarieB

    Post YOUR picture and let us judge you. It’s not so nice when you’re on the receiving end. It’s not even entertaining or amusing. You are just hateful…and remember, when we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical.

  • pittsburghbratt

    this is a very mean and stupid article…how would you like it if someone called the person YOU LOVE UGLY you idiots

  • bec25

    I would think that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If they are happy who cares.

  • Janet Randy Jones

    may be “ugly” but I bet Keely can spell “losing”

  • Di Westlake

    Yes, the ugly people are those who made up this list. They are ugly on the inside! Nobody is ugly, we all have different preferences or see attraction in different ways.

  • EdG1955

    Sarah Jessica Parker is homelier than a stray hound dog. That skeletal face, huge nose, and receding hairline are hideous features that have dogged her since she first trotted into the public sphere.

  • Echo Moon

    it’s more than sad when an article is devoted to who someone thinks is uglier than their spouse… it’s deplorable, self centered and self serving.
    beauty is not “outside”. true beauty is inside, it’s in actions, words and deeds.
    there are so many so called “beautiful people” who are ugly and rotted on the inside.
    looking for, being only interested and counting only external beauty is whats basically wrong with the world and all of us.

  • Michelle Papenfus

    This website and anyone responsible for this article are absolute douche-bags! How would you feel if a parent, your spouse or your children were on this list? Why not try using your voice to better humanity rather than contribute hate.

  • Mims

    Is the author a 16-year-old girl? Or just shallow, mean-spirited, superficial and judgmental? As far as I’m concerned the author is the ugliest of all.

  • BluePotion

    Those people aren’t even “ugly”. Who is the author? I want to look them up.

  • gray_eagle

    You got it all wrong. Tori Spelling modelled for the Ugly Stick.

  • gray_eagle

    She could stand to lose some weight. A friend of mine met them at an airport luxury lounge. He asked for autographs. Peirce was happy to oblige…..but his wife was a real negative jerk.

  • gray_eagle

    I will say she is pretty…..but she could take better care of herself. However, it is her health and she can deal with it as she pleases.

  • Crosconi Crosconovich

    In Tori Spelling’s case it should be the other way around.

  • Crosconi Crosconovich

    Ditto for Sarah Jessica Parker, what a woofer.

  • Kris Thulin Wise

    I feel awful that I clicked on this story.

  • carre1

    A billionaire doesn’t have to be handsome to be desirable.

  • kelly

    and we wonder where our children pick up cyber bully tips?

  • therealjeaniebeanie

    This is just cruel. Not being spectacular looking doesn’t mean these spouses are ugly. I’d say most of these spouses are at least ordinarily attractive, some quite attractive. Some could use a better haircut or makeup, but, a person is so much more than just how good they look in a photograph. Obviously these stars value more than just looks, and that’s to their credit.

  • Sue Anderson

    Disgusting to judge. I would like to see you.

  • Pandaleigh

    Kudos to them(the celebs), for not being shallow, and loving the person. All of these people look perfectly fine. There are at least 3 articles on this site about “ugly” people. It seems like most of these relationships are 7+ years, so maybe loving someone for something other than whether they are as pretty as you should be the new trend.

  • Leigh-Ann Kaye Lindsay

    This is disgusting. Who are you to decide who is ugly, overweight etc…and then to bring the children into it. REALLY?!?!? Wow what a low life!

  • breenab

    Are you freakin’ kidding me??!!?? There is not one person on this list deserves to be on it. What gives you (the writer) the right to make that judgement and be so hurtful in the process? Jerk!

  • Stacy Lynn Franklin-Stiles

    She’s absolutely beautiful. Just because she has issues with her weight does NOT make her beautiful. This society is so superficially vain, that we (women) cannot keep up with “how we should look”. Marilyn Monroe was a size 12…..now if you’re anything over a size 1 – you’re ugly and fat! Gimme a break…..

    • andrea

      Not that weight is inversely proportional to beauty, but I just want to point out that Monroe would be about a US size 4 today.

  • There are some very kind and lovable, normal looking people on this list. I am especially offended on behalf of Keeley Shay Smith who has brought that man a great deal of joy after many years of pain and loss.

    And Deb Furness is bright and independent and she holds Huh Jackman’s family together so that he can be our Wolverine. I also think she is quite lovely.

    As a not so glamourous wife of a hot husband (of 24 years), I can tell you that he is no more responsible for the skin he is in than I am for mine. We are just people and we compliment one another very well. Looks be damned. What a repulsive and ignorant slide show.

  • Amy Freeman Frost

    It is spelled…LOSING…not LOOSING. I hope you are not a professional writer.

  • Amy Freeman Frost

    Your personal opinions of beauty are terribly distorted, as is your English expertise.

  • Juan Carrillo

    the writer should be ashamed of them selfs for writing this, these people have found love, what have u found for your heart to be this ugly

  • kristinpetersen

    What a horrible idea for an article.

  • MamalestiansforGenderEquality

    I agree with @Sylvia, how mean and shallow. Why doesn’t this author share his/her picture along side their spouse “if they have one”? There is a saying I remember reading in different forms from various holy books and ancient philosophical texts like, The Bible, The Hindu Vedas/Upanushads, The Baha’i Kitáb-i-Aqdas, the Zoroastrianism Arda Viraf, The Mamalestian “The Balenyata”, The Jewish Mystics’ The Kabbalah, The Buddhist “Tipikata”, etc. “Those who view the world through harsh judgments and shallow evaluations are of such character that they could never pass their own standards. To cure this self absorbed person is to have them look at their own reflection, then after looking at themselves, they will miraculously be cured”……

  • MamalestiansforGenderEquality

    That is a quote from the Mamalestian-Korean Philosophy known as “Jung Hyun Lee”. It is so amazing that holy books, texts and philosophies such as “Jung Hyun Lee” are just as relevant now as they were when they were first written….

  • BG Beeb Jones

    This is the most disgusting piece of “journalism” ever! The only think ugly here is the journalist – there are far worse things in this world that carrying a bit of extra weight, and that is the heart and mind of the person who wrote this crap.

  • INDA Belle

    Author of this should be actually looking at everyone in these photos, I had no idea how shallow a person could be & forget to include a flawless family photo of themselves for the public and the subjects to comment on… and they must be proud of their work – I don’t think this is just one person making these calls.

    I usually put my name on my work and let the world know…. maybe they’re not proud, maybe this should have never been done. AND YES if you’re going put out trash like this a photo of yourself and significant other – even if it might be a pet, put it out there to be judged as you apparently have no problem judging others and would love the same to be done to youraelf and your family


  • Nicky Robinson

    I agree with those disgusted by the angle of the ugly person who wrote this. Clearly, you have some major issues and should not be sharing them in a public space.

  • Paige

    This is such a rude post

  • Vena McGrath

    Obviously the person who composed this list is very ugly inside, shallow and probably a highly envious and jealous person. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and beauty comes from within. What is beauty anyhow? It’s what the reader is told is beautiful by those in the media. Such hurtful #### but it makes those of us with brains and feelings realise once again that the world is full of wonderful different and interesting people and people who publish this #### on the internet are morons with nothing better to do than live in their world of petty comparisons. I would love to see a photo of the person who made up this list. Bet we would see in the those eyes – nothing! Take away the makeup and beautiful clothes of the majority of so-called ‘beautiful’ people and what are we left with? Ordinary souls with ordinary looks, just like the rest of us lucky humans.

  • Draeym

    She is overweight, not ugly! They are in love and I’m disgusted by this entire article. How rude and cruel. This is precisely what I’m teaching my children NOT to do – judge others by their looks. Shameful.

  • A. nonymous

    This is the most horrifyingly shallow bit of snark I’ve seen in a while. People fall in love for any number of reasons. Just because you don’t find someone attractive doesn’t mean someone with greater depth looking for a meaningful relationship wouldn’t. Grow up.

  • natasha

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and marriage is not meant to be based on looks.. This author is an idiot.. How shallow can you get. I think jackmans wife is pretty. Just because she is older, you rip her to pieces.. No one should judge anyones pick for a partner..

  • leatherstocking20

    Isn’t it interesting that some threads only post opinions they WANT to hear; the negative ones get deleted.

  • Susan Parsons Sumner

    Which ones are the ugly ones? I don’t see anything strange in these couplings. Like someone already said, the ugly is in the author. Beyond the skin.

  • Kams

    I just clicked on here to leave a comment – didn’t read the article but wanted to say how “ignorant” you are to post this.

  • Mary C

    You’re a monster for being so shallow. In a world where our kids are over- exposed to so much media that we can barely stand a chance in protecting them, a faux journalist decides who is beautiful and who is not? As an adult, I myself am appalled at being exposed to your vapid assertions. You’ve been given a rare opportunity to work in a journalistic field ; then you squander it with shallow statements? You must have some serious self-loathing issues to pick on these people. Lie in bed tonight and think about what brought you to create this shitty column.

  • Jaime

    The mean spirit of this article makes me so sad. Why would you ever write something like this? Get a heart.

  • jmac

    I assume the author of this article is female because it comes off pretty juvenile and catty. Basically its nothing but “Guy I think is hot is with female I think I’m better than” or “Female I admire is with guy I wouldn’t date”.

    I’m a guy and while I might consider myself better looking than Jay-Z I can tell you my bank account shows I’m nowhere near as intelligent as that guy so obviously brains are important to Beyonce.

    As for women like Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey and Tori Spelling they are not attractive enough for them to be considered “out of someones league”. Quite frankly if they weren’t celebrities they’d be considered average at best. As a matter of fact Spelling many guys might consider downright unattractive.

    Finally attacking women for gaining weight is just wrong. The fact that the author says that these guys should break their commitment to their spouses because of a change in appearance just shows immaturity and ignorance.

  • Elzeenor

    Yeah. I agree, Beyonce is kinda gross.

  • chris

    Totally mixed up Sarah J Parker & Tori Spelling, as both have heads like ugly horses and should be in the chew yr arm off in the morning so you don’t wake them class

  • Patricia Neri

    agree the author to this article must be maginficantly stunning! what has our society come to!

  • Newmomtobe0514

    This is so mean spirited. What is wrong with people!?

  • BegoVeganEdge

    the author of this horrible article is REALLY UGLY

  • lolly58335

    I must say- these ‘beauties’ married to ‘uglies’ must know something we shallow people don’t. Wait. Most of the ‘ugly’ people have got a lot going on- philanthropy, careers, raising families, supporting their ‘beautiful’ spouses. Hmm- does this mean looks aren’t everything?

  • TMacPhD

    Not only is the author mean spirited, but he does so with poor grammar and numerous spelling errors. Maybe he doesn’t know he lives in a glass house.

  • Mahira Khan

    Apalled at the shallowness! Wow

  • JoeT2

    Salma Hayek has a look on her face like the knows what the author said and wants to kick their butt. Good for you Salma. This is a mean article.

  • Samantha Dukes

    Just because YOU think they’re ugly, doesn’t mean their spouse thinks so. Sometimes people actually take personality in consideration. Shocking, right?

  • Whatever

    I bet if he had an affair she would drop the weight like “that”.

  • Bethany Mead

    I just read the article about Mr. 007 are you kidding me .. What a nasty article and a huge insult to his wife. I could not believe how nasty this person is for writing such non-sense.

  • Matt Rowe

    whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves. Awful journalism, pandering to cheap stereotypes about beauty and demeaning people who don’t live up to the stereotype. This article lacks any thought, insight or intelligence. Just awful.

  • Simon Wright

    I think you got the SJP and Matthew Broderick one the wrong way round – she’s got a face like a foot!

  • coppersmom

    you’ll notice there is no picture of the author

  • Alfred Silva

    For chrissakes Beyoncé is nothing more nothing less than a Negro with straightened hair and blonded at that. Whats stunning about that. Her nudity would be more stunning because it will show parts of her that most people desire about her in its natural state.
    Lets be honest. Beyoncé is as attractive as Aretha Franklin in her current state. A good cosmetic surgeon would make Aretha just as attractive if allowed to. Jay Z I the Man. He is natural.
    Your ideas of stunning and ugly are really at variance to what real beauty is all about.

  • Max

    Dear Author, what made you become like this? Your mother is either ashamed of you or she didn’t raise you very well. Where is the picture of you?

  • flower

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and who are you to judge?

  • trubetold

    I don’t even see the article but I notice a lot of very naïve comments here.

    If you guys really think there is no such thing as ugly or beauty you are really just fooling yourself. There is beauty in our faces; it is literally defined in golden ratio. Look into it and you will discover that the true beauty in our faces lies pretty much exactly in between the extremes of all of our features.

    It’s not shallow or disgusting to realize this. It’s actually just the truth (and something verified all throughout nature). I know that is something that can be hard to deal with but knowing that being beautiful isn’t everything is a good step to understanding that some people really are just beautiful and some are not and it’s really something we just need to deal with.

    • andrea

      Sure, lots of people agree on what’s beautiful, to the point where ratios can explain a lot of it. But this article does express surprise at these couples staying together, which is unfortunately the opposite of what you said, that beauty isn’t everything. It’s also super-weird and reads like it was written by a teenager.

      – “It’s hard to imagine what attracts the voluminous redhead to the gangly dweeb”
      Did the author mean voluptuous? Because the author makes it clear that it’s impossible to be fat and attractive at the same time.

      – “To make this mismatched love story even more odd, she chased him.”
      HOW ODD, amitire ladies, amirite fellas?

      – “With tiny eyes so close together, is it even possible that Jaric can appreciate his wife’s good looks?”

      – “James Bond should be able to get any woman he wants, but the 60-year-old is sticking with his overweight wife.”
      A 60-year-old man is crazy for not chasing good-looking women over a stable and committed relationship?

      – “Clive Owen […] seems to get better with age. Sadly, his wife is not that kind of woman. [He says] he would never be unfaithful, but Fenton, with her dour look and expanding waistline probably isn’t helping.”
      That’s just catty. But not unexpected, since entertainment writers need to make stories out of nothing…

  • roger rythm

    Just my experience not MY opinion men marry for looks or bedroom talent sometimes for money.
    Women marry for power,money,fame,their ability to be the boss, or looks,or a combination of these qualities.
    A handful of people I know married for love,there still together but the people who married for those qualities above, only a few are still together.
    Finally if people married for real love there would be no need for a pre nup.

  • Last Hussar

    What sort of wanker thinks “People I find unattractive” is worth putting on the internet?

  • Brian Mitchell

    Disgustingly hurtful headline and comments. You must be a very sad little person.

  • MOB

    I can not believe someone actually wrote this kind of an article! Your are a despicable person and should be ashamed. You have NO idea who you are talking about. What the hell do you know about any of these people. You’re a feather weight and see people only has options of ridicule. Go away.

  • hughjorgan

    wow I never knew Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen were married she had to be drunk or stoned

  • Lori

    These people are not ugly, but I agree the person who wrote this article has an ugly soul!

  • starkid16potter

    This gives us “normal looking” people hope lol.

  • Al Bert

    I would drop my drawers on all the woman who where in this article

  • Doris Roser

    WOW! Whoever wrote this, as well as the people approving to put this up, must be out of their minds…
    They are also dumb enough not to recognize that they are actually cyber bullies!

  • Pete J. King

    1) Jay & Beyonce – Right on the money.
    2) Hugh & Deb-Lee – Both attractive.
    3) Salma & Fran-Henri – Although not attractive he’s not ugly.
    4) Kristen & Dax – Both attractive.
    5) Tori & Dean – Both butt ugly.
    6) SJP & Matt – 100% wrong. He’s good looking she’s nasty.
    7) Chris & Geoff – He’s not ugly just not attractive.
    8) Adriana & Marko – He’s not ugly but those eyes gotta go.
    9) Pierce & Keely – She’s not ugly just overweight.
    10) Felicity & William – 100% accurate.
    11) Tina & Jeff – Wouldn’t say he’s ugly just unattractive.
    12) Elizabeth & Max – He’s not ugly just unattractive.
    13) Clive & Sarah-Jane – Both attractive.
    14) Isla & Sasha – 100% correct.
    I’m wondering why Angelina & Brad aren’t on here. She’s hot & he’s so not.
    One also wonders why such a category was even created.
    Oh well….can of worms….opened.

  • Elizabeth Stone

    What a stupid feature.

  • Caroline Barker

    There is beauty in everyone except the author of this list apparently! Real life people who aren’t fake, airbrushed or made of plastic are far more beautiful than a handful of botox and crap like that.

  • Igor Izalovichski

    Tori Spelling beautiful? UGHHHHHHHHH – she looks like her dad …… another ughhhhh

  • Igor Izalovichski

    SJP – one of the ugliest women around

  • wastingtime 773

    I’ve looked through all of these pictures and the alleged “ugly” significant others are not even ugly. In fact, it seemed to me that some of the alleged “ugly” significant others were just as, if not more, attractive than their spouse. This list is so ridiculous. Here’s an example of how dumb and clueless the author is – When he writes about William H. Macy, he gives a list of movies in which Macy starred… but he doesn’t even mention this little film called, oh, I don’t know… Fargo. FARGO?!? How do you cite William H. Macy films and not mention Fargo?!? Now we know that the author is not only shallow but is also clueless as hell!

  • kowdung

    To call Sarah Jessica Parker and Tori Spelling beautiful is stretching it

  • BetsyO

    Kristin and Dax are a great couple! The most important thing is not how gorgeous a person is but how they make you feel. Obviously there spouses are good to them and they are in love. No need to be that superficial.

  • Tui Cook

    The author obviously has a chip on their shoulder..

  • milfordcitizen

    You got it backwards with Matthew Broderick and Sarah Parker! She is very homely!

  • CMK

    How dare the author characterize these people as ugly. I refuse to read further.

  • NENA

    Tory is beautiful? What is wrong with you????

  • NENA

    And Sara Parker is pretty? This woman is like a witch with broom, and everything. I will not going to say that this is a good idea for a column but if you are doing anyway be real

  • Catherine

    The title is so wrong, People have feelings. Looks are in the eyes of the beholder.

  • Catherine

    Who is suppose to be the ugly one? Tori or Dean?

  • Catherine

    Who wrote this article? I want to see what they look like….
    What you said about Peirce Brosnan & Keely Shaye Smith is inexcusable. I would say you are a bully. I tried to find who you were but I couldn’t find your name anywhere.

  • Connie Savino

    I don’t think any of them are ugly, that’s not nice to say…who ever wrote this comment.. when does all this judging stop.. and hate and jealousy, anger.. go away negative people…

  • Connie Savino

    your barking up the wrong tree negative man… I think they are all Beautiful, white, black, yellow and green,, short, tall, it doesn’t matter to me.. as long as they have a god heart and soul, that’s all that matters to me.. Bible…and end of story.

  • kc

    Tori Spelling beautiful???? Are you nuts or just cross-eyed and BLIND???

  • Robin Spires

    one day, women will FINALLY realize that if he cheated WITH you, he will cheat ON you. It’s the ultimate revenge for the original wife…to find out he’s now cheating on the skank.

  • Marna McAlexander

    Some of the most repulsive people I have ever known have been physically beautiful. And vice versa. I’ll stick with my own yardstick–appearance is not the true measure of beauty.

  • Leann Cogzell

    I agree who the hell does this person think they are and who gives a toss what they think . You are ugly inside and out . Hope you lose your job so they can get some one who is not so low .

  • Anthea Bennett

    This article is worst ever. Shows how shallow our society has become.

  • This is horrendous, ridiculous, lame, stupid and who ever wrote this has NO INTEGRITY and NO CHARACTER. What an idiot and by the way, the only UGLY thing is the person who wrote this. NOT one person was ugly by any stretch of the imagination. Someone needs to be fired and take a good long look in the mirror.

    • Sugarbush43

      No kidding! Most of these “ugly” spouses are actually quite attractive/beautiful! I’m certain the author could land a Pierce Brosnan or a Christina Hendricks. Especially with their attitude.

      And my biggest heartthrob, Clive Owen? Well, his stance on his wife just makes him more attractive and I don’t see anything physically wrong with her.

  • L Miles


  • kc

    Someone mentioned Marilyn Monroe was a size 12. The size charts then do not coincide with the charts today. They purposely changed it for female vanity. A size 12 in the 1950’s/60’s is the same as a size 8 today. A 5’6′ women weighed 120-125 pounds, and that was their size 12 in those days.

  • David Carroll

    none of the people called ugly are ugly do the world a favour STOP WRITING AND NEVER NEVER CALL YOURSELF A JOURNALIST YOU HACK.

  • Emile

    How can you call people ugly like that? This article is so mean, imagine if one of these people read this!

  • Tipperly

    WOW! this article has really annoyed me! How dare the author! Who are they to decide who is attractive and who is not.
    True love has nothing to do with looks or size – yes that comment about overweight – was the straw that broke the camels back (so to speak) .
    Why as a society do we constantly have to defend our choices and decisions? Who we date – or what size we are???
    Its becoming ridiculous! What happened to – If you don’t have anything nice to say – don’t say anything at all?
    The media need to Grow Up! Your audience has.

  • chris

    I was reading with a straight face until you referred to SJP as “beautiful” ??!!?? LMAO, really? that ugly horse faced bean pole? beautiful? thanks for the laugh on a monday morning!

  • Kelly Arndt

    Deborra-Lee Furness will turn 60 next year and I think she looks fabulous. She has that lovely, throaty voice, too, and the chemistry between her and Hugh has always been very obvious. Hugh obviously finds her extremely attractive! And I agree, what a MEAN article!

  • andrea


  • Michael Wiese

    this article sucks

  • Viktor Drago

    geez tori is one ugly J.A.P. just like that other horse faced J.A.P sarah j. parker

  • Viktor Drago

    man she has a butta face

  • jane doe

    this is work of a miscible person and I find it disguising

  • orthogoddess

    This is a very hateful and mean spirited article.The author should be ashamed. GROSS.

  • Maria

    Goooooooo Pierce even a dog wants meat on a bone.

  • Hal Walden

    The author of this article , besides being a jerk, can’t tell the attractive ones from the not so attractive. Ferris Bueller is the handsome part of his pair, SJP is always being made fun of for her ‘horse face’.

  • Bradley

    Whoever wrote this article should be ashamed of themselves.

  • CMoore

    I think this is the rudest article I have ever read in my life. Just horrible that anyone would put other human beings down this way…..YUCK!

  • Theresa Kennedy-DuPay

    I laughed out loud when I read that Tori Spelling was described as beautiful here. If that girl did not layer on the cosmetics, she would crack most mirrors on a regular basis. Of the two, McDermott is the better looking. And why are we surprised that he cheats?? Didn’t Tori Spelling steal him from his wife and two small children?? She got all hot and bothered by a married man and had an affair with him the night they met and then got him to divorce his wife, marry her and spawn four kids with her and NOW he CHEATS?? Did Tori Spelling REALLY think he’d be faithful to HER, when he was willing to cheat on his OTHER wife? I guess Tori Spelling got her KARMA handed right back at her, didn’t she? Grow up Tori Spelling, you married a cheater and I guess your private parts are as average as any other woman’s…LOL…

  • Wanda Harriman Devers

    Wow…this is a horrible topic. Let’s see the reporter of this article with their partner and I am sure the reporter would be the ugliest. You need to be a little less critical of others if you yourself live in a glass house.

  • Robert Scott

    The author wrote this article on a stupid premise and with a blind eye to good romantic chemistry.

  • Jillimy Jilikers

    Um Jaric won the Basketball World Cup in 2002 and is(was) a big time player in Europe, just because he’s not American?? Quiet a good looking man most girls say.

  • Dayna Valentine

    This author is an idiot…. They havnt heard of something called sex appeal, which even alot of so called good looking people lack… Theres also such things as personality, intelligence, and what is wrong with a curvy girl, Keely is still pretty… and Dax is as sexy as hell, I saw a pic of him with his shirt off, he’s as hot as… The person who wrote this article is going to be hard up in the not too distant future, when all they have to offer a partner is their superficial, judgemental personality..

  • termay

    What nerve the person who wrote this article has. Who are they to say who is or isn’t attractive. So shallow is right.

  • Janette Rae

    sorry, Tori Spelling……beautiful? seriously???

    • Jon Jamison

      Dean is so much better looking than her lol

  • Kelly Rumsey Winther

    I’m embarrassed to have clicked on this article. They are married to normal people who are not totally vain and shallow. . .the way they talk about these people disgusts me.

  • Ness

    I think what I hated the most about this article was that in a lot of the cases, such as Pierce Brosnan’s, the author is saying how the “prettier” person is ‘sticking with his ‘overweight’ significant other, as if he or she should be given a medal. What I can see in common with all of these couples is that they have fallen in love with an attribute of their significant other that will last. It may be quirkiness, a sense of humour, the person’s caring personality etc. It’s not a superficial one (even if it may have started that way in the early stages of their relationship) and THAT is beautiful, not ugly as this obnoxious author has labelled it. Shame on whoever wrote this article.

  • Stacey McDonald

    Whoever wrote this article is a bully..i understand reading it because you are curious but to say these mean things about people you dont even know? its so sad when someone has to belittle others to feel good about themselves..that is elementary school business. such a sorry individual.

  • Stacey McDonald

    Whoever wrote this article is a bully..i understand reading it because you are curious but to say these mean things about people you dont even
    know. its so sad when someone has to belittle others to feel good about
    themselves..that is elementary school business. such a sorry individual.

  • AiR Solaja

    yea , more importantly ()then your observation would like to point out) we saw the article and are just shocked how freacking horrific it is !

  • Tamar Stanford

    I can not believe the title of this article…….shame on you!!!!!

  • smiles062

    I only clicked on this article to see who the author deemed to be ugly. I think this is disgusting. Talk about bullying.

  • Colleen Williams-Wright

    I clicked to find out which stars had enough character to love their spouses for who they are, not what they look like.

    • GetRealOrGetLost

      Right-on, Colleen.

    • David Hague

      Best answer yet…I totally agree Colleen

  • Mary Caracciolo

    I would like to take the person who wrote this article, along with the entire housewives franchise, and knock you into tomorrow…..

  • Amelia Conway

    this is literally the most disgusting article i have ever read. Whoever wrote this is clearly very insecure

  • Martin Cooper-Langham

    The Author of this article is the Only Ugly person! It shines through the way they write! I didn’t find any of these celebritys and their partners Ugly! They all looked in love and beautiful.

  • Jon Jamison

    I’m just curious. How did Clive Owen & Sarah-Jane Fenton first meet in1998 but get married in 1995? lol ” Owen and Fenton met in 1998…” “The pair tied the knot in 1995..”

  • grant

    uh, its sarah jessica parker that looks like a horse, not broderick. but yeah. post a pic of the author, and lets see what the comment section has to say.

  • Castro Ginger

    Who decides beauty? Being fat does not make one ugly! Having a wide nose or or darker skin does not make one ugly! Ugly is how a person behaves and how they think. Hollywood must be in some weird world of its own. Welcome to the real world .People everywhere are different and beautiful .It is ones Spirit that shows beauty.” Thanks Be To God”. Posted by Annie Lupercio, mother of Ginger.

  • Luke

    This list SUCKS

  • Denise Sewick Silvagi

    Who is the author of this tasteless story? And I’m kicking myself for actually clicking through it.

  • Singerar

    Tacky, Tacky, Tacky, Tacky!

  • Kingslea

    Uh, SJP is the hideous one…

  • ProfSprout

    These folk are gorgeous. How bizarre to label them as unattractive.

  • Steve Etheredge

    who nominated this author the judge of beauty and ugliness? maybe the people that are the topic of this article have a better idea than the author. what a shallow and ignorant concept.

  • Shannon Geras

    I clicked on it thinking it may be a joke article, but it wasn’t. Who gave this author the right to dictate what people should find attractive? And people wonder what is wrong with our society….And unless I missed it, I don’t see the authors name on the article either. Convenient

  • charlietuna

    beauty is in the eye of the beholder… the only thing “ugly” here is the person saying it.

  • People have said it

    “Despite the fact that Brosnan had pledged that he would not marry again after loosing his first wife to ovarian cancer, the pair tied the knot in 2001.”

    Please people…especially writers, learn the freaking difference between ‘Loose’ and ‘Lose’…it really does make you look stupid.

  • Emma

    This ‘story’ is everything that is wrong with the world. I completely agree with Mom2Kids.

  • Sugarbush43

    Wow. You’re so right. These spouses are just hideous. Shame on them for being so unattractive and, in some cases, huge.

    Seriously though, whoever wrote this must be flawless…aside from their misuse of the word “loose”. Genius.


  • Pamela Bowers

    …And the author is……?????

  • Lexa

    Oh thank God- so relieving to find almost every comment is expressing the same horror I feel O_o. Decency might win out, after all.
    This is ridiculous; that we comment of the ‘weirdness’ of people actually loving their spouses unconditionally, and NOT on the weirdness of people discarding partners like kleenex, and the paranoia driving women (and some men) to become plastic, starved imitations of themselves, because they are afraid of being left.
    P.S. Debra Furness is a *stunning* woman- really remarkable. Extremely funny and intellectually sharp, and a knock out smile. It’s COMPLETELY believable that Hugh Jackman would worship the ground she walks on. Even if she isn’t still a size 10. (Hell- Mick Jagger was trying to get her to party with him, the very same night she and Jackman got together. Arrived on her doorstep, no less. She turned him down. Now THAT’S a legendary woman).
    I’m Australian, so just had to comment on that one:)

  • ThiaC

    I don’t think anyone of those judged to be ugly are. I find all faces fascinating. Everyone’s got something. Pretty shallow but then again so are most people these days.

  • mikjr

    STUPID ARTICLE!!! Why doesn’t someone write an article on the “most idiotic writer”. Does the writer have any idea how the people in this article might feel when they read this!! whoever you are… you are just a terrible, disgusting person!!

  • Hardd Cymru

    In the case of Tori Spelling, all I can say is that in my opinion he’s a helluva lot better looking than her !

  • Maybe they just love their partner????? Dumb list

  • Christie Kocian

    This is the most disrespectful articles I have ever read. How dare you judge the looks of other people. I’m sure you’re no prize to look at either. Evidently the people who you call ugly did something correct because they are married because unlike you their significant other doesn’t care about looks as much as you do.

  • Lori Farrell

    how arrogant of you to insult people publicly through a website with your classless ignorant view

  • Clarissabellamia

    Are you kidding me with this insulting article? Get a life please…….

  • Vartooka

    This article should be removed. It is so mean-spirited, hurtful and shallow.

  • AkaBatGirl

    I’m ashamed that I actually clicked through this article. Beauty isn’t just about looks, it’s about the heart and soul of a person. Some of the most “beautiful” people in the world are vain, self-centered and cruel. I’d rather have an average looking guy with a loyal, loving heart than a good-looking schmuck any day of the week.

  • Becky Plummer

    How Horrible of you to say that about anyone. Their spouses married them because they find them the most attractive person in the world to them.. Who ever thought up and named this article is the one that is UGLY all the way to the bone…….

  • ALU

    Wow, so Keely, Pierce Brosnan’s wife, is automatically ugly just because she’s overweight? Sigh…

  • GetRealOrGetLost

    Not sure if my detailed criticism of this author will get past the moderator, but–and this may sound weird–it makes me feel proud and happy that so many people call ‘BS” on the shallowness and ugliness of the mindset that would write, encourage, publish, or enjoy this article.

    Big exception and props go to posts by people such as Colleen Williams-Wright, who specifically wanted to enjoy seeing which “glamorous” celebs have the depth [author: you can look up the definition of “depth” on Google….try it] to love someone for who they are, regardless of where they score on the [author’s] “10 scale”.

  • GetRealOrGetLost

    Speak for yourself, Lop…..and your values.

  • MadMaxx63

    I can’t believe the superficial BS of this article. How rude, crude and socially unacceptable do you have to be to sit at a computer and call ones spouse “ugly”? Perhaps you should look into how ugly you are on the inside!

  • Bonnie

    Shit like this are the reason people have so many issues with body image. So glad that mean-spirited high school bullying is alive and well in an adult community.

  • Franny Priest

    Actually it is the spirit of the person that animates the body and makes it beautiful or ugly. The ones I know in the pictures have powerful personalities that are VERY attractive making the body hot too. There is one guy that I didn’t know in this lot of photos that clearly has a very attractive smouldering sexuality about him.

  • Pru Baker

    Wow. I guess the writer of this article needs a mirror to learn what ugly is.

  • Anton Luru

    Personally…she’s gorgeous!

  • Cheryl Lopez

    I think this is disgusting actually. I think this article is UGLY!

  • Con Sumer Wrights

    Yea this author sucks big time, sounds like a hater big time. All too often when you see who is doing the complaining has zero room to talk. Bet we can all name at least 5 bad things. Hey if Pierce Brosnans wife wanted to diet (IF SHE WANTED TO) then the author couldn’t complain because she sure is a beauty. And if they both feel fine with it GOOD cause I think she looks good right now you twitty author.

  • Con Sumer Wrights

    LOL then I read where this author idiot complains about the height of Tina Feys husband hahaha I thought this was about ugly now its short then it will be hair or bald then blah blah blah… you moron writer. Get a life you idiot ha

  • Blackfoot

    This is so dumb! If looks is what makes the world go round then here would be very few people getting married , What you may not know is most actors parents where not pretty or great looking, it is only the very few that had pretty parents…so why in the world would every actor or actress only go out with or married only pretty girls or men. Most actors hang out of normal everyday people so why would they not seek the company of people who they feel comfortable with, not some pretty thing who is only interested in themselves and how they look? Most long lasting marriages are between average normal looking people and so called pretty actors .

  • fatslaphead

    SJP is an unattractive woman.

  • Betty Bulletproof

    Salma Hayek AND Linda Evangelista?? Quite obviously BILLIONAIRE means YOU must be stunning; my looks don’t matter.

  • Canada Rules

    You shallow Bastard.

  • Joseph Christopher

    Since I am someone who while not famous probably would fall into the category of having a wife “way out of his league”.

    Since this author seems to want to play in the gutter of the worst part of American bullying society, I will play along.

    So, when people wonder, why is my wife with me? Choose any of the following.

    Do I have a huge dick?
    Am I great in bed?
    I must be rich!
    She must be sick in the head.

    OR, maybe this author has never had a real emotional connection. Either way, I can tell that they are a very ugly person inside and out.

  • Zoe Cole

    wow how offensive is the author of this article?! yes i clicked on this outta curiosity but i was expecting someone who looked like the back end of a bus not someone who is not the “american dream” of a skeleton with an eating disorder

  • Tracy Goree Was Gosling

    Is it any wonder we have a society hung on up on looks!! This is article is disgusting!!

    In answer to the comment about clicking on the article to have a look, I clicked to have a look because of the awful comment made about Pierce Brosnans wife. I wanted to see if the rest of the article was as shallow.

    The main thing here is that all these celebs have had long-lasting relationships, something rare these days, even more so in the celeb world and this is what readers should get from this article, but no doubt most people (mostly women!) will be looking at themselves and worrying that they don’t live up to expectations.

    It’s an awful, sad article that’s a simple reflection of our modern world 🙁

  • Ashley Davis

    I think this article should be re-named “Celebrities who aren’t so shallow that they’ll fall in love with someone based on something other than what’s socially accepted as ‘attractive'”

  • Jackie

    Wow really!! How can anybody put someone else down for their looks. We are all created equal, just look different. Nobody, as far as I’m concerned, should be judged based on their looks.

  • Michael Tyler

    This article is just plain mean…. Shallow, superficial and without merit.

  • tlcmom

    Apparently, only outward beauty counts, huh? What a shallow, UGLY article. Time to find a new line of work if this is the best you can do.

  • Admiral America

    Odd article. In a number of cases neither one in the couple was ugly. In other cases they were both ugly, and yet in others they identified the wrong one as being ugly. Bottom line is someday if they live long enough they’ll all be ugly from the dreaded geriatric syndrome so this article is a moot point.

  • Dawn Riffell

    This is the meanest story that I have ever seen. I looked at each couple and over half of them I could not figure out who YOU think was the “UGLY” one was. I would love to see a picture of the writer of this article to see how ugly they are on the outside. Of course, we ALL know how ugly this person is on the INSIDE.

  • Pink Banana

    Tori Spelling and Sara Jessica Parker are the attractive ones in their relationships? Someone needs their eyes checked. BTW: Pierce Brosnan’s wife is NOT ugly; she’s just heavy-set. I find THAT to be offensive.

  • Sara Worboys Hardway

    This article is disgusting….

  • gatekeeper5

    What a piece of trash article.. it may be fashionable these days for people to go around and bully and call names on facebook and other stupid media but this is just down right disrespectful and shows where we are headed as a society..which is no where…must we sink even further beyond the abyss.

  • SJP is the good looking one? Please.

  • Keely Shay Smith’s weight gain is surprising but not. She is still a beautiful woman though she has a few extra pounds. Kudos to Pierce for not being shallow like a lot of men (and women)!!!

  • lori M

    This article is so mean…I can’t imagine how it would feel to be the spouse of one of these people and see an article like this…amazing

  • Don McLaughlin

    Hah. I was about to rant about how inappropriate this article is. Guess I don’t need to add to it. Some faith has been restored in my fellow humans.

  • tuffone03

    SJP is supposedly the pretty one? Only if you like horse faces.

  • Kim

    Seriously! This is not okay. People can go on all they want about freedom of speech, but people have the RIGHT TO BE RESPECTED! This article was shallow and disrespectful and that my friend is ‘ugly’.

  • Kathleen Schaller-Tipton

    Are you kidding me> Sarah Jessica Parker has to be one of the most unattractive women I’ve ever seen! Please people! So far, none of the people you’ve portrayed in this are what anyone would call UGLY!!!!! Really???? You want to see some UGLY people? You should come to my neighborhood and see some of the “Butt Ugly” people around here. They’re not only ugly on the outside but on the inside too!

  • SUn S

    First thing that came to mind before I even saw the pics is the wording. These people are not ‘ugly’. This standard of “the beautiful people” is awful.
    And guess what Mr. Author…without their money for plastic surgery et al, these stars would be on your ugly list too. THEY know the true meaning of love and beauty.
    You need to watch Twilight Zone Season 2, Episode 6.

  • Pat Floyd

    This is ridiculous. Has the writer ever considered the fact that some people find inner beauty much more appealing?

  • Pattie

    Felicity Huffman is hardly gorgeous…

  • Pattie

    Tina Fey & Jeff Richmond look like brother and sister…LOL

  • Rebecca White

    Now, which ones are supposed to be ugly?

  • Ginger Thompson

    I suspect none of the “beautiful” halves of these couples would consider their counterparts ugly. I am far from beautiful, but my husband thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world (after Jennifer Aniston, of course). This author is a “bully”

  • Cate

    They forgot Tom Selleck and his butt-ugly wife, Jillian. Matthew Broderick is still hot, SJP =UGGLLYYY!!!

  • jurz

    SJP and that chick from 90210 are by far the ugly ones not their husbands… who the hell besides women find either of those two beautiful… not even at last call… been disgusted by SJP since way before sex and the city. couldnt look any more like a witch if she tried, and tori spelling even as a kid i was disgusted by her big googly eyes and always hated that she was on 90210 just because her dad was the exec. she did not fit in at all let alone would be one of the big love interests of all the guys. yeah right!!!

  • caydog

    I think Keely Shaye Smith is beautiful! What the hell is wrong with this evil writer? I just bet whoever he or she is, is so shallow that they have to try to pick these people apart to make themselves feel better, or maybe just to stir up a controversy! Ignorant people like this think that no one is good enough for themselves. They would themselves only be caught dead with someone they thought was gorgeous. So that they might look better. Who is this writer anyway?

  • Diane DeMarco

    As for Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, to me he is the better looking one physically. I always thought he was adorable. And Parker didn’t pass on her “good looks” to her children. They are all adopted!

  • Gladis Deleon

    totally agree. shallow culture. lets focus on whats important. LOVE and EQUALITY is much needed

  • tomasiepants

    My girlfriend’s very attractive… and I look like I ran the 40 yard dash in a 50 yard gym.
    Thank goodness I’m not famous, or else I would have wound up in this article.

  • J Breezy

    Omg these people are soooo ugly! I bet half of the people in the comments who are attacking the author for being shallow are only doing that because they are ugly too! Don’t worry ugly commenters, apparently there are dumb celebraties out there who may still marry you!

  • Michele Salvadore

    I think she is beautiful! It is great to see a celebrity with real love for his spouse rather than a shallow superficial fling with whoever catches his eye for the week.

  • pkbw

    I think Mrs. Brosnan looks delicious! I love her.

  • bigchief

    Not a big deal, they see something more important than just looks. The world is made up of all kinds of people, they don’t need to be all “beautiful people”.

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  • The Truth

    Damn a lot of Dax nut huggers here. Dude is so ugly when he goes into Starbucks they hand him a plunger.

  • R. Allen

    Pierce Branson seems like a man that is as beautiful on the inside as outside. His wife was thinner, younger etc. when they married. Through the years, having children, tragedy and constant pics showing her weight & how could he love her overweight? You should all be ashamed! When you truly love someone naturally they aren’t going to stay the same as their wedding pictures. However in loves eyes they never change. It’s hurtful to say the mean things about her weight. All of the other couples who decides who is beautiful or handsome enough? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Since until science changes this fact we ALL age. Nobody keeps the body of a 20 year old at 50. Hopefully when you all marry it isn’t for something as shallow as looks! Maybe Mr. Branson actually does love his wife at her current weight as much as when she was thinner. Give them a break. William H. Macy is a hellofa handsome man.

  • These people aren’t even ugly, they have unattractive features, but don’t we all. Like James Bond’s wife, who is simply overweight. Are you kidding she is a nice looking woman. And how dare they call out Lorde’s boyfriend because he’s asian. Lorde is pretty unattractive herself. Gosh people we are all ugly to someone!