Will It Be A Baby Girl For Will and Kate?

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

With the Duchess’s due date between April 23 and 25, the public is betting on both the sex and the name of the new royal baby.

Sources close to the couple claim the pair don’t know the sex of their second child yet but with pink paint samples recently purchased by the Duke and Duchess, it’s safe to say they too are betting on a girl.

If we remember correctly, William wanted a girl the first time around so maybe he will get his wish now.

In any case, 90% of those who are betting on the sex of the royal heir believe he will.

As far as the names go, Alice seems to be the favorite, surpassing Charlotte who was a frontrunner for months. Alice runs in the family: Queen Victoria’s second daughter and the mother of Philip, Prince George’s great-grandfather was named Alice.

Victoria and Diana have also come up, but given that Diana may not be particularly popular with the Queen, it’s unlikely Will and Kate will name their child after William’s late mother.

If, on the other hand, Prince George gets a baby brother, chances are his parents will name him James.

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