Terrence Howard In Bitter Spousal Support Battle With Ex-Wife

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Terrence Howard can’t seem to keep his private “Empire” together.

Apparently, Howard owes his ex-wife $508,000, and that’s not all. Michelle Ghent, who was married to the actor from 2010-2013 now wants a cut of his “Empire” paycheck.

Ghent accused Howard of hiding assets and undervaluating his monthly income to make his spousal support as low as possible.

According to TMZ, Howard should be paying Ghent $5,800 a month in spousal support, but in case the actor earns more than $62,500 in a quarter, his second ex-wife gets 21% of the excess.

As Howard made $125,000 an episode for Season 1 of “Empire” and the numbers can only go up from there, Ghent is gunning for a raise in spousal support as well.

Howard said he gave Ghent a “rich spousal support deal” because she was blackmailing him with photos and videos that could potentially ruin his career. According to the actor and his lawyer Brian Kramer, she got 5 years worth of spousal support, to which Ghent had no comment.

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