Riverdale’s Co-Stars Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Dating

Cole Sprouse

Photo credit: Warner Bros. Television Distribution/ The KW

Stars of the popular drama mystery TV show “ Riverdale” – Cole Sprouse (“Jughead Jones”) and the beautiful Lili Reinhart are now dating, as sources close to the two claim.

This newborn romance became known to the eye of the public during the Comic-Con weekend in San Diego where the couple has been showing signs of intimacy not noticed before.

Some even stated the new lovebirds couldn’t really keep their hands off each other.

Are Things Getting Serious For Betty And Jughead?

Despite the fact that the new celebrity couple looks like they are enjoying each other’s company to the fullest, as of yet, it is still unknown how serious their relationship is.

As we find out, Lili’s friends who were at the site of the Riverdale party at SDCC said that she did hang out with an all-female crowd that night – but also that she did exchange long looks with Cole and seemed to be more interested in him than the party itself.

However, none of their close friends, seem to be surprised by the turn of events. As it turns out, there were doubts that something was going on, or at least coming close to escalation for a while now.

Of course, whatever happens with their relationship in near future, we hope the future of Riverdale will not be affected.

With the second season nearing its debut on October 11, we hope that both the TV show and the new and beautiful power-couple will continue to grace us with their presence on our screens for years to come.

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