Ariana Grande Has A New Boyfriend!

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Even though there’s only been a couple of months after she parted ways with her ex boyfriend, rapper Big Sean, Ariana Grande has moved on as she is now apparently dating her back-up dancer, Ricky Alvarez.

The rumors that Ariana and Ricky have started going out first cropped up about a week ago when the two lovebirds were seen out and about, locking lips. TMZ later managed to get their hands on a candid video showing the new couple giving each other a quick kiss on the lips while they waited in line at the Wolfee Donuts store in Lake Elsinore, California.

Previous Hints

This actually wasn’t the first time the duo has been seen kissing.

Namely, about a month ago, while they were performing at NYC’s Pride Parade Concert, Ariana and Ricky surprised the audience by passionately kissing on stage.

However, the fans were convinced that it was not a PTA, but merely a part of the whole show. Boy, were they wrong…

The pop star has mentioned she is dating again on several occasions, but never revealed the identity of her new love interest publically. Talking to Capital FM in June, Ariana admitted she was dating someone and that “this boy” was the inspiration behind one of her songs on her new album Moonlight.

“It’s about this very cute night we had together,” said Ariana enthusiastically. “I have a playlist of 12 songs already. I plan on writing a lot more as soon as I get home. It’s the most personal music I’ve ever written.”

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