Aaron Paul’s Message To All Of His Ex’s

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Apart from being the light motive of “Breaking Bad,” Aaron Paul is also known for falling head-over-heels for his wife Lauren Parsekian.

If their occasional red carpet PDA wasn’t enough proof, the actor just sent a message to all of his ex-girlfriends that proves he’s completely in love with his wife.

After going to the premiere of “Triple 9” this week, Paul felt the need to speak out on social media regarding his wife, his marriage, and how he got there.

Here’s what he said: “Look at this angelic goddess @laurenpaul8 on my arm at the @triple9movie premier last night. I just want to give a shout out to all of my ex’s right now. Some of you were incredible women and it was just never the right fit for us, some of you were pretty crazy and I felt like I was losing my mind.”

But then Aaron Paul added: “I wish you all the best, but all of you have something incredible in common. You all led me to her. So thank you for that. Ok bye.”

It’s one thing when two celebs who are a couple gush about each other, but it’s another when their love makes you tear up! Well played, Aaron, well played.

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