Scott Speedman – Ryan Reynolds Is Going To Be A ‘Great Dad’

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Scott Speedman, Ryan’s friend and co-star in “The Captive”, has no doubts that his fellow Canadian actor is going be one awesome father.

“He’ll be a great dad. He’s just the nicest, coolest guy,” says Speedman.

On-screen Parent

Reynolds certainly had to discover his parental side for his role in “The Captive.”

The drama movie is directed by Atom Egoyan and focuses on the search for a young girl who was abducted and held captive for eight years by a pedophile played by Kevin Durand.

Ryan and Mireille Enos play Matthew and Tina, the girl’s parents, and Speedman noticed how Ryan easily managed to ‘become’ a loving and worried father.

Speedman and Rosario Dawson, on the other hand, portray the detectives looking for Ryan’s on-screen daughter.

“I saw Ryan outside the set and hugged him, said hello and then went and did these crazy scenes with him where we’re kind of going at each other the whole time,” Speedman said about some intense scenes the two actors did together.

Egoyan on Rosario Dawson – She’s Emotionally Available

Dawson is about to become a mom and the director of the movie noticed how quickly she connected with the moving story.

“She’s very attached to these issues, but I also love that fact that she’s so available emotionally. She’s so open. And that was just really important for this role because this detective becomes like a spokesperson for the cause, much like Rosario has herself for all sorts of women’s issues.”

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