Elaina Watley Playing A Hard Game: Sent Group Text To Victor’s Mistresses

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Well, that’s one way of dealing with your cheating man and his side-women. The other is dumping the guy, but, who are we to judge?

Rumors are circling the celebosphere that Victor Cruz’s fiancée, Elaina Watley, sent a group text message to several women who have been sleeping with her husband-to-be.

The sassy deed was done on October 6th, and it involved a pretty straight-forward message from Watley to Cruz’s side-girls.

In her group text message, Watley wrote: “Hello ladies, this is Elaina, Victor Cruz’s fiancée. You all know about me and I seem to be the topic of conversations with Vic. I’m sure he’s told you many of things about us and how we don’t exist but given the fact that you all meet him in hotel rooms only, we all know that’s a lie, just as he tells me you all are whores and mean nothing to him.”

If you thought that the epic sassiness stops there, boy oh boy, were you wrong! “I figured since you all know about me, then I should introduce each one of you to each other so we can all know who we have all been f****** for the past several months. So ladies meet one another and feel free to exchange notes.”

The 28-year-old NFL player (and player in other parts of life, as well) and Watley have been dating since high school, specifically speaking, since 2003. They share a 3-year-old daughter together, and they have been engaged since July last year.

Neither of them made any comments regarding this alleged text scandal.

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