Drew Barrymore Takes Baby Frankie To Her First Christmas Party

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Drew Barrymore took her two daughters to a festive holiday party last week and it was a particularly special moment for the eight-months-old Frankie, who will be experiencing the joy of Christmas for the first time ever.

Motherhood Suits Her

Drew simply couldn’t hide the excitement about spending the day out. The family met Santa Claus and took part in other seasonal activities.

The 39-years-old Drew looked fresh and radiant, wearing little make-up and she seemed as she was made to be a mom.

The Actress managed to look fabulous, but at the same time to appear casual as she focused on her children’s activities.


Drew also attended the holiday Baby2Baby party this year. This organization provides the children with essentials such as nappies and clothing, of which Drew is a supporter in the form of an official ‘Angel,’ while its founder is none other than Drew’s fellow actress, Jessica Alba.

The two fellow stars both attended the board and posed together for a photo, with the adorable little Frankie captured tentatively smiling at the camera.

Children over Career

Drew Barrymore has also recently spoken about her future plans. The blonde star apparently wants to focus more on her children, rather than on her career.

“I think I will act less and less. It’s hard to be present when you wake up before them and come home after they’ve gone to bed. That’s just not the way I want to have this journey with my kids at this point in their life. But maybe when they’re older, I will feel differently. But at this point, I think it has to be few and far between.”

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