Sofia Vergara Shares Details About Her Wedding

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

After months of announcing and preparing, the Mexican sex-bomb actress and the hunky American actor finally tied the knot in late November. Yes, we’re talking about Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, who recently got married after a little more than a year of being in a relationship.

So far, only rumors and guesses could be heard about how big and fancy their wedding was. That is, until Vergara herself appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday to share a few details about the ceremony.

When Ellen asked: “I saw some pictures and it looked beautiful. And it was big – there were like 400 people there, right?” the actress smiled and decided to open up.

Said Vergara: “Yes, there was like, you know, it was my family and closest friends…” to which the host jumped in “That’s a big family!” and both proceeded to laugh.

When the picture of her son came up, the actress said: “That’s my Manolo, yeah. He was very excited to give me away.”

Vergara finally added: “It was like a fairy tale. It came out perfectly, just how I wanted. The people that helped me make this wedding were great.”

All in all, Sofia Vergara seems very pleased with how things went, but we honestly can’t imagine anyone feeling bad after just getting married to a hunk like Joe Manganiello!

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