Here’s What The Internet Thinks Kim And Kanye’s Newborn Should’ve Been Named

Photo credit: Image Collect

Photo credit: Image Collect

Now that one of the most well-know couples in the world had their second child, it was only natural for people to try to guess just how weird and off-the-hook Kim and Kanye will get when naming their baby. The tide has calmed, as we learned that the Kardashian-West powerduo gave their son the name Saint.

However, as the internet is a place of free speech, many people gave voice to thought on Twitter.

They tried to guess the new baby’s name, so with that in mind, we single out only the strangest and most hilarious guesses.

Considering that the couple didn’t have a problem with their firstborn child being named North – and automatically placing her on everyone’s compass – some people we’re pleading for Kim & Kanye to name their son something more, well, regular.

One person wrote “I hope Kim and Kanye just name the kid something normal like Greg or Steve so everyone shuts up about it.”

In the same light, another regular visitor of the interwebs made quite a funny joke about the whole event: “If Kim and Kanye name their next kid North West again, we can comfortably refer to the two as One Direction.”

There were poetic tries: “Kim and Kanye should name their kid ‘The Sun Rises In The East But Sets in the’” as well as suggestions that would pay homage to classic movies: “I vote for Wild Wild”

All in all, the good people of the internet had some pretty interesting suggestions this time around. Perhaps if Kim and Kanye decide for a third child, they might just ask the social media for some help regarding the name.

Better luck next time, guys.

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