Kevin Federline Opens Up About His Relationship With Ex-Wife Britney Spears

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline spent a very tumultuous 3 years married to each other from 2004 to 2007. Although the marriage ended in a bitter divorce coupled with a custody battle over their two sons, K-Fed seems to think “it was a good time”.

The 36-year-old DJ recently opened up to Access Hollywood by saying, “That time, it’s like a whirlwind. You know, you’re thrown into this limelight…Everything kinda happened.”

On the other hand, the father of 6 also concluded it wasn’t all as crazy as it seemed at the time.

“We have two beautiful children. The way that everything has turned out, everybody’s happy. Co-parenting is going great. I can’t complain.”

Although Spears and Federline were at each other’s throats for a long time, they seem to have found a way to co-exist sans all the drama.

“We talk when we need to, and it’s always about the boys — mostly school stuff and making sure we stay on top of that. It’s going great. I’m in a happy place right now,” Federline said.

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