Jesse Williams Became A Father For The Second Time


Photo credit: Imagecollect

Here comes another wave of Hollywood babies! Famed Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams and his wife Aryn Drake-Lee have welcomed their second child into the world two months ago. Maceo, a beautiful bouncing baby boy, is a wonderful addition to the lovely happy family.

The couple announced that they were expecting another child back in June, but they didn’t want to announce the joyful arrival of their beloved child as soon as he came to be for personal reasons.

The 34-year-old actor and the 33-year-old real estate broker got married in September 2012.

They became parents almost two years ago, when their beloved 21-month-old daughter Sadie was born.

The hunky actor, who has been playing Dr Jackson Avery on the popular medical drama since 2009, recently spoke about fatherhood during an interview for promoting his Clearasil Teacher Truths campaign.

The celeb said that he tries to raise his kids with the greatest values he learned during his life, but times are different now: “We were at an age where we didn’t have internet or email addresses – it’s both exciting and terrifying. These things give you incredible amounts of access…and some minds are not ready for the access and can’t decipher.”

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