Cheryl Fernandez-Versini – ‘Married Life Is Great’

Photo credit: Gettyimages

Photo credit: Gettyimages

More than three months after her unexpected wedding to Jean Fernandez-Versini, Cheryl has recently revealed she is still as excited as the first day of her new life, and admitted they are still in their honeymoon phase.

Marriage Is Great & She’s Learning French

In an interview with Jonathan Ross, the ‘I Don’t Care’ singer opened up about her recent wedding and explained how “it’s great” being married.

The X Factor judge also added that it is easy to remember her anniversary because the date is “7, 7, 14.”

Another interesting thing Cheryl revealed is that she has started to learn French via her newfound love.

“I hear when he’s on the phone and stuff, that’s when I pick it up. I can understand more than I can speak to be honest, otherwise it’d be very offensive stuff that I’d be saying.”

Collaboration With Mel B?

Joining Cheryl on The Jonathan Ross Show was fellow X Factor judge Mel B, and the two hinted of a possible musical collaboration, as they became quite close since joining the X Factor’s judging panel.

“We did speak about that the other day,” said Mel, while Cheryl continued, “We want to actually do a themed weekend [of live shows] where it’s Girls Aloud versus Spice Girls, that would be fun!”

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